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3 and 6. TexasTowelie Jan 2017 #1
6. But you don 't have 'cheer' as an option. sinkingfeeling Jan 2017 #2
LOL! I was thinking the same thing. eom fleur-de-lisa Jan 2017 #4
Didn't think of that... Rollo Jan 2017 #9
Is your DU name an relation to Charles Ives' imaginary character - Rollo?" pangaia Jan 2017 #3
Had to look that one up... Rollo Jan 2017 #8
I was just pulling you leg. Lol 😎 pangaia Jan 2017 #10
The avante-garde were awesome... Rollo Jan 2017 #11
When I was in college we put on a *complete* performance The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2017 #16
Number 6 sarge43 Jan 2017 #5
my head would just finish spinning off eShirl Jan 2017 #6
Cheering might be premature True Dough Jan 2017 #7
How much US help would there be? jack69 Jan 2017 #12
Considering there is no way to get an UN army to America hack89 Jan 2017 #13
Is there a Canadian border wall? Rollo Jan 2017 #14
How do you get an UN army to Canada? Nt hack89 Jan 2017 #15
Through Quebec, of course! Rollo Jan 2017 #19
Of course. hack89 Jan 2017 #20
Not per se, but I recall the Korean War was carried out after the UN approved it. Rollo Jan 2017 #21
Yes - but it was the US military that fought that war hack89 Jan 2017 #23
This: OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #17
It always seemed like hyperbole was actually hyperbole before. NewDealProgressive Jan 2017 #18
Considering that Russia would have to be on board of UN action MosheFeingold Jan 2017 #22
What UN army? sarisataka Jan 2017 #24
I had the same question. braddy Jan 2017 #26
The gaslit alternative fact army of course. Afromania Jan 2017 #30
Even if the UN had an army sarisataka Jan 2017 #31
6 of course! nt avebury Jan 2017 #25
6 get the red out Jan 2017 #27
3 and 6 gopiscrap Jan 2017 #28
7 none of the above Afromania Jan 2017 #29
the UN peacekeeping force is mostly comprised of US soldiers La Lioness Priyanka Jan 2017 #32
7) keep my options open and be prepared to move quickly rurallib Jan 2017 #33
3,4,5,6 and dance in the street irisblue Jan 2017 #34
Six Jhall5 Feb 2017 #35
6 samnsara Feb 2017 #36
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