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Erich Bloodaxe BSN

(14,733 posts)
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 12:41 PM Apr 2016

My swan song, come get your grave dancing on, if that's your thing. [View all]

So I'm leaving. The site and the party. There are some great people here, but I had probably two thirds of the site on ignore, and came to realize that if folks on here are truly representative of the modern Democratic Party, I no longer have much in common with it.

Nearly three decades of voting Democratic by default in every race, only voting third party a handful of times over the years, and now, going forward, if I ever again vote for a Democrat, it will be in spite of them being one, not because of it. I imagine I'll be leaving a lot of races unmarked from here on out. But if I want nothing to do with most of the people who post here in support of foreign wars, undeclared war drone strikes, voter suppression as long as it works in their favour, spying on all Americans, sending those who bring government misdeeds to light to jail, sacrificing the poor in 'grand bargains' or 'reforms', keeping the minimum wage lower than it has to be, fracking all over the world, pushing unlabeled GMO food into every part of the food supply, toppling left wing foreign governments through military coups, and a host of other issues that seem to have been embraced by the modern Democratic Party, well, then, it's time for me to quit 'polluting' the Democratic Party with my presence, in either primary or general elections.

So congrats to all of those who spent their time writing sneering comments about myself and others not being 'real Democrats', who were angry because I and others like me dared to support a candidate who actually believed in the ideals the Democratic Party used to believe in, who wanted to stop all injustices, not just those that won votes. You made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'm not a Democrat of any sort any more, and never again will be. Enjoy your ever-shrinking tent.

I expect this to be locked quickly, and my account PPR'ed in a flash, so gravedance fast.

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GBCW #1 sharp_stick Apr 2016 #1
K&R jonno99 Apr 2016 #2
Bye Erich MuseRider Apr 2016 #3
This thread should be PINNED as a constant reminder... AmBlue Apr 2016 #157
I'm un-joining the Democratic Party after the elections AikidoSoul Apr 2016 #332
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #4
As predicted... n/t xocet Apr 2016 #21
MADem is still chafing about not having gotten bvf Apr 2016 #156
Such a shame. I think I shall shed a tear for him/her.... oh, I do tell a lie! No I wont! Bubzer Apr 2016 #217
When one creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, one should expect it to be fulfilled... LanternWaste Apr 2016 #325
Keep this in mind, the Democratic Party has lost 12% of its base since 2008. THAT is called a self sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #345
Your reply is one reason why the poster is leaving the party and DU. LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #27
+1 narnian60 Apr 2016 #51
+1 zentrum Apr 2016 #123
It's too bad that the poster has to be so negative. R. Daneel Olivaw Apr 2016 #126
They are truly clueless. LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #148
"When Bernie's supporters find something better to do on Election Day ... KPN Apr 2016 #320
I think it's cute we chide others for negativity, then turn around and engage in the same ourselves. LanternWaste Apr 2016 #326
Two things. R. Daneel Olivaw Apr 2016 #333
That one was responsible for my first encounter with nasty on DU. malokvale77 Apr 2016 #155
Certainly doesn't do anything to LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #160
To be honest... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #180
There are no decent arguments for her. I've posted a number LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #273
You get it... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #276
Gee... What does it mean when really rich friends aim to run against the other... MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #294
I know Sanders supporters are big on conspiracy theories SCantiGOP Apr 2016 #324
No, Sanders' supporters, there are millions of them btw, are not 'big on CTs, that old Sunstein sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #346
This is what I was responding to: SCantiGOP Apr 2016 #355
Their arrogance is over the top. The very reason progressives are leaving here. rhett o rick Apr 2016 #182
Huge +1! Enthusiast Apr 2016 #240
It's always "them." Never "us." Bias forces the mentally lazy to perceive as such. LanternWaste Apr 2016 #327
So, do you agree with the Dem Party position that the 'ideas' of Progressives 'are retarded'? sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #347
Actually they don't matter, speaking for myself. Much bigger issues are the reason why progressives sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #349
All his/her posts are like that.. What must that kind of life be like? pangaia Apr 2016 #194
+1 840high Apr 2016 #198
I wonder passiveporcupine Apr 2016 #237
I'm just befuddled nolawarlock Apr 2016 #282
Can't tell you how many times I've been harassed by Clinton supporters on here. liberalnarb Apr 2016 #308
alerted and bullied myself Sheepshank Apr 2016 #316
Well, that may be so, but as far as who has the majority power here ... nolawarlock Apr 2016 #337
You got 37 votes on a website with thousands of users. liberalnarb Apr 2016 #338
Another +1. A very disgusted +1 sammythecat Apr 2016 #289
Quite the pile-on. pintobean Apr 2016 #221
That was a well deserved hide. The post was rude, arrogant, LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #269
I have seen Sanders supports say so, so much worse nolawarlock Apr 2016 #284
You call this statement knowledgeable? mdbl Apr 2016 #293
Really? nolawarlock Apr 2016 #334
Well, then therein lies the problem mdbl Apr 2016 #364
If you say so. n/t nolawarlock Apr 2016 #365
Singing with your biased broad brush again! Silver_Witch Apr 2016 #312
I said this elsewhere, but ... nolawarlock Apr 2016 #335
Never really known poverty. Mother Of Four Apr 2016 #321
Did you not read my post? nolawarlock Apr 2016 #336
I'm sorry Erich. riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #5
Don't fool yourself..our fate was sealed skepticscott Apr 2016 #145
Yep, they sold the next generations out. Shame on all of them. nt Live and Learn Apr 2016 #265
Two thirds of the site pintobean Apr 2016 #6
Please re-consider NJCher Apr 2016 #7
Hear, hear. forest444 Apr 2016 #26
Referring to people who support Hillary as "Hillistines" does not help and it's just cstanleytech Apr 2016 #107
You've been objecting to names like "Bernie Bros" and "BSers" all along for the same reasons? merrily Apr 2016 #171
Yes. Of course few for either side are able to put their partisanship aside and listen cstanleytech Apr 2016 #191
I agree with Cher Worried senior Apr 2016 #137
+1000 nt Mojorabbit Apr 2016 #267
I am sorry to see you go and I understand completely. redwitch Apr 2016 #8
Best of luck to you dreamnightwind Apr 2016 #9
Ok. Hope you're back in Nov. Politicub Apr 2016 #10
I actually don't think the OP votes in U.S. elections.... LisaM Apr 2016 #19
Or......................... HeartoftheMidwest Apr 2016 #30
Yes, that's true. LisaM Apr 2016 #33
Didn't notice that Politicub Apr 2016 #53
I am a born and raised US citizen GeoWilliam750 Apr 2016 #125
Same. I spell it both ways. Dual citizen. R. Daneel Olivaw Apr 2016 #127
Without getting into a shouting match, please can you tell me.. phazed0 Apr 2016 #93
I voted for Hillary in my state's primary already Politicub Apr 2016 #106
Gee wiz.. phazed0 Apr 2016 #108
I've never seen people as touchy as HRC supporters. Beartracks Apr 2016 #193
I noticed the same zentrum Apr 2016 #299
That's bothered me from the start. Beartracks Apr 2016 #373
What I can't figure out is most Hillary supporters praise her pragmatism for anything A Simple Game Apr 2016 #301
Interesting point. They've used Bernie's pragmatic stance... Beartracks Apr 2016 #374
Well, she's just…. zentrum Apr 2016 #375
Clinton and her supporters winning hearts and minds of voters.. ladyfinger Apr 2016 #254
Majority of my fellow gays are avid Clinton supporters dbackjon Apr 2016 #152
So when you read an article like this.. phazed0 Apr 2016 #159
You don't read dbackjon Apr 2016 #272
By voting for DOMA and advocating marriage as between a man and a woman? n/t eridani Apr 2016 #281
I have a gay relative and know more than a few of his friends. Thor_MN Apr 2016 #173
Don't admit to Politicub that you have gay friends, otherwise: phazed0 Apr 2016 #178
You sold out the future generations and you want us to vote for your continued Live and Learn Apr 2016 #266
Living in a bubble can be preferable to getting things done in the real world anigbrowl Apr 2016 #11
I'm confused. Are you implying that Hillary can, or has truebluegreen Apr 2016 #246
If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Kittycat Apr 2016 #275
Yup. truebluegreen Apr 2016 #311
Oh, you're right. She's never done anything ever. anigbrowl Apr 2016 #339
That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming it. truebluegreen Apr 2016 #368
I will miss you. Liberal Jesus Freak Apr 2016 #12
I understand. Iggo Apr 2016 #13
hope to see you at JPR at least. nt retrowire Apr 2016 #14
Me too. Divernan Apr 2016 #17
There are already many DUers over at JPR. It's a breath of LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #28
What is JPR? sus453 Apr 2016 #44
JPR SandersDem Apr 2016 #48
Thanks. sus453 Apr 2016 #97
Here's a direct link! Bubzer Apr 2016 #115
some jerk actually alerted on this post. navarth Apr 2016 #101
LOL SandersDem Apr 2016 #102
Most of the juries I've been on LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #165
Same here for the juries I've been on... phazed0 Apr 2016 #166
For a while I was getting called to juries Blue_In_AK Apr 2016 #197
That would explain why you don't get called for jury duty for those you've rhett o rick Apr 2016 #350
Mine is still 100%, Blue_In_AK Apr 2016 #352
It looks fishy to me. rhett o rick Apr 2016 #353
No jury duty for a month you say? pintobean Apr 2016 #358
Guilty, I am a strong supporter of Sanders. That makes me a target to the Jr High antics here. rhett o rick Apr 2016 #359
You're not a target. pintobean Apr 2016 #367
That's typical projection. Just because that's one of your tactics doesn't mean it would be rhett o rick Apr 2016 #369
Not me, rick pintobean Apr 2016 #370
Me, too! Duval Apr 2016 #57
Jackpine is an excellent save haven, but Flying Shoe Apr 2016 #244
+1!! /nt RiverLover Apr 2016 #371
If Trump gets in Turbineguy Apr 2016 #15
And we will have earned it. nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #23
So what? One phony or another? broiles Apr 2016 #103
You are not alone. n/t AirmensMom Apr 2016 #16
I suspect the only ones that would dance on your grave are those who you have on ignore liberal N proud Apr 2016 #18
Right behind you. Maedhros Apr 2016 #20
Well please wait until convention at least. Take care. Maybe we will find you silvershadow Apr 2016 #22
Fringy extreme irrelevance is one choice. yallerdawg Apr 2016 #24
I understand. Duppers Apr 2016 #25
I'm starting to wonder if DU has enough bandwidth for my Ignore list. LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #29
Ha, yep. I've no tolerance for them left. Duppers Apr 2016 #40
When the election season started I said that if everyone jwirr Apr 2016 #47
Duppers! My good friend! 20score Apr 2016 #98
Hi, my friend! So that's where you've been! Duppers Apr 2016 #129
Best wishes. onyourleft Apr 2016 #31
Going to miss you, Erich, but understand completely. sarge43 Apr 2016 #32
If you are concerned about all the DUers that support war hughee99 Apr 2016 #34
Shouldn't have to wait long to see PDittie Apr 2016 #70
But she'll definitely have her defenders here. If Trump starts the same war for the same reason, hughee99 Apr 2016 #90
Um - I think Hillary already has the blueprint written for Syria. Or did you miss that part? jillan Apr 2016 #251
If Clinton becomes president, she will find some defenders here no matter what she does. hughee99 Apr 2016 #268
Godspeed XemaSab Apr 2016 #35
I don't see the issue fbc Apr 2016 #36
I agree LiberalLovinLug Apr 2016 #66
I will say this about the "Discuss politics" part of DU. Dustlawyer Apr 2016 #99
I have served on more juries in the last 6 months than the previous 6 years... Moostache Apr 2016 #130
^+1 zentrum Apr 2016 #300
We just had one of the "hosts" of our Bernie Group... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #164
THAT's what she meant? eom LiberalElite Apr 2016 #232
That's what the title of the OP suggests. malokvale77 Apr 2016 #236
At first, I thought you must have been referring to bvf Apr 2016 #259
Yes... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #261
I believe she is. bvf Apr 2016 #264
I hope so. malokvale77 Apr 2016 #271
Thank you. I have no idea why any Sanders supporters here whine about anything given that they stevenleser Apr 2016 #377
hey - don't feel too bad, I only voted ish of the hammer Apr 2016 #37
I dont blame you tularetom Apr 2016 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author dinkytron Apr 2016 #39
Well, I won't miss you, cause I know where you are hanging out, wouldsman Apr 2016 #41
Sorry to hear it. Adrahil Apr 2016 #42
Ahhhh self-deportation. Maybe DU will get back to what it was in 2000? Jitter65 Apr 2016 #43
And you know this how? hobbit709 Apr 2016 #46
I doubt it. DU peaked in 2001. Losing actual progressives will make the site decline further. nt Gore1FL Apr 2016 #56
There's nothing like a classy goodbye Orrex Apr 2016 #45
This. nt msanthrope Apr 2016 #50
Yet your post makes it look classy in context Gore1FL Apr 2016 #58
Meh Orrex Apr 2016 #64
Speaking of ignore PDittie Apr 2016 #72
Thanks for saving me the trouble. Orrex Apr 2016 #76
+1 Ed Suspicious Apr 2016 #77
+2 Bubzer Apr 2016 #118
+3 840high Apr 2016 #205
+4 FlatBaroque Apr 2016 #219
+5 Enthusiast Apr 2016 #242
+6 nt ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2016 #329
+7 Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #379
There's nothig classy about 840high Apr 2016 #203
My candidate is the Democrat on the ballot in November Orrex Apr 2016 #224
This is the truth of this election trc Apr 2016 #255
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #340
So you'll be voting for Clinton, then? Orrex Apr 2016 #344
understand oldandhappy Apr 2016 #49
I don't get how giving up makes things better for you and the country?? DCBob Apr 2016 #52
Everyone has a right to their feelings. Everyone. Duval Apr 2016 #63
Going to miss you, but I so understand! Duval Apr 2016 #54
Logged in to say goodbye. F4lconF16 Apr 2016 #55
Friend, liberalnarb Apr 2016 #59
Thanks so much for your classy goodbye MissDeeds Apr 2016 #60
Mine did, too. Duval Apr 2016 #65
That's where I went. 20score Apr 2016 #69
Sad to say that it sometimes appears that... afertal Apr 2016 #61
Time to join the Gravedancer's Union! marcopolo63 Apr 2016 #62
+1 glinda Apr 2016 #83
More interested in joining the mob rpannier Apr 2016 #150
There are so many other forums you can participate in. DawgHouse Apr 2016 #67
Excellent! Couldn't agree more. And some toxic douchebags 20score Apr 2016 #68
AMF! MarianJack Apr 2016 #71
don't forget to form a new party. We need one. n/t SleeplessinSoCal Apr 2016 #73
Bye. Indydem Apr 2016 #74
It's not about you BainsBane Apr 2016 #75
I Would Agree With You, But... chwaliszewski Apr 2016 #79
ok, i dont disagree with you, but let's not pretend that these rules were just invented to La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2016 #84
Apples & Oranges... chwaliszewski Apr 2016 #113
no apples to apples. the fact that he switched parties, doesn't make the system unfair La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2016 #114
Hillary deserves the Democratic nomination... chwaliszewski Apr 2016 #119
Switched "parties"? There's an Independent Party? Who knew? truebluegreen Apr 2016 #250
I disagree on a national primary BainsBane Apr 2016 #343
so so so true. nt La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2016 #81
Wow. Orrex Apr 2016 #86
Bravo! NastyRiffraff Apr 2016 #139
Yep, and that doesn't include complaining about the existence of super-delegates after hiring the stevenleser Apr 2016 #310
It's not aboput him, but it is about how terribly far right the party has drifted The Green Manalishi Apr 2016 #328
I don't think you have a clear sense of the party's history BainsBane Apr 2016 #341
Those are some good points, thanks. The Green Manalishi Apr 2016 #351
I didn't always agree with you but I genuinely liked you. Codeine Apr 2016 #78
He would never get anything passed. WinkyDink Apr 2016 #80
Neither will she. zentrum Apr 2016 #132
This is the best analysis of what's LibDemAlways Apr 2016 #153
And with that you are absolutely correct................................. turbinetree Apr 2016 #186
As Dems zentrum Apr 2016 #199
And her tenure zentrum Apr 2016 #195
but she won't sign a bill repealing the ACA treestar Apr 2016 #214
We've never had something like the TPP in the balance before. Bubzer Apr 2016 #223
Eyeroll. darkwing Apr 2016 #330
Pro TPP AND pro fracking? Your totally belong over in freeperville... not here on DU. Bubzer Apr 2016 #331
Those issues are not the clear as to liberal/conservative treestar Apr 2016 #363
Maybe not. But absolutely a corporatist, which, quite frankly, is far worse. Bubzer Apr 2016 #366
I don't agree with that treestar Apr 2016 #361
United Healthcare....................... turbinetree Apr 2016 #248
thinking of not using the ACA? treestar Apr 2016 #362
Brother Erich - TBF Apr 2016 #82
Thanks for your dedication Trajan Apr 2016 #85
I understand exactly where you are coming from... urbuddha Apr 2016 #89
.... nt grasswire Apr 2016 #215
Oh, come on! Hillary isn't in favor of those things you list... HomerRamone Apr 2016 #87
Oh, I hope you will come back. sofa king Apr 2016 #88
Yep. I grok. The diaspora has begun. bbgrunt Apr 2016 #91
I, for one, will miss your posts Depaysement Apr 2016 #92
Not locked yet, and... R. Daneel Olivaw Apr 2016 #94
Hope you like it when the true fascists are in charge because people like you wouldn't vote lark Apr 2016 #95
Honestly it is because of Wall St shareholders. raouldukelives Apr 2016 #313
I will miss your voice here. Half-Century Man Apr 2016 #96
Not voting for the Democratic candidate......... WcoastO Apr 2016 #100
Agreed. snort Apr 2016 #104
If you leave... Helen Borg Apr 2016 #105
I joined the grave dancers' union, I had to file... KamaAina Apr 2016 #109
K&R + 1000s (n/t) bread_and_roses Apr 2016 #110
Oh, Erich! chervilant Apr 2016 #111
A Clinton got me into politics, and a Clinton got me out. liberalmuse Apr 2016 #112
The fight is not over....... WcoastO Apr 2016 #124
You Should Start Your Own Site And Call It... chwaliszewski Apr 2016 #116
Recing before the lock. blackspade Apr 2016 #117
See you in September. nt Chichiri Apr 2016 #120
Green for Me! kadaholo Apr 2016 #121
I came across zentrum Apr 2016 #122
This is a really great article and well worth a read. nt emsimon33 Apr 2016 #163
Taught me a lot. zentrum Apr 2016 #207
I agree emsimon33 Apr 2016 #218
OK! johnp3907 Apr 2016 #128
that's a shame- always is when liberals opt out of the process. always easier if you don't have any bettyellen Apr 2016 #131
Sorry your leaving DI Freighter Watcher Apr 2016 #133
Sorry to hear it, but I understand. closeupready Apr 2016 #134
Many of us will be right behind you. basselope Apr 2016 #135
what's interesting is that i can think of several thousand maxsolomon Apr 2016 #140
Sorry, I am not sure that is true. basselope Apr 2016 #142
Really? Name ONE republican pol maxsolomon Apr 2016 #149
Pretty much any of them. basselope Apr 2016 #185
Are you on the right website, then? maxsolomon Apr 2016 #354
Yes. basselope Apr 2016 #356
you're not right, either. you BELIEVE your prediction will be correct maxsolomon Apr 2016 #357
Well.. I know it is correct. basselope Apr 2016 #360
One of the zentrum Apr 2016 #303
Frankly, today's so-called "Democrats" wouldn't know a REAL Democrat Triana Apr 2016 #136
True! nt Duppers Apr 2016 #141
Dead on perfect. nt malokvale77 Apr 2016 #169
true 840high Apr 2016 #208
+1,000,000 ... BUT ... Trajan Apr 2016 #226
Huge +1! Enthusiast Apr 2016 #243
+10 The heart of the matter. appalachiablue Apr 2016 #322
Awesome pity party! Cary Apr 2016 #138
Don't get your way, you take your ball and go home. Loki Apr 2016 #144
Typical libodem Apr 2016 #146
To which you invited yourself eom LiberalElite Apr 2016 #234
Did the doctor take you off verbs? bvf Apr 2016 #283
Yes, it is awesome to see so many supporters here still for the truth. No pity here, just pragmatic sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #348
I agree with pretty much everything you said Not Sure Apr 2016 #143
I can certainly relate stupidicus Apr 2016 #147
Bye. I am sure the GOP will welcome you with open arms. dbackjon Apr 2016 #151
Good riddance to bad rubbish and a sore loser who won't go with a majority The Second Stone Apr 2016 #154
Congratulations malokvale77 Apr 2016 #172
Thank you. Now keep your promise The Second Stone Apr 2016 #179
Your post makes no sense in reply to my post. malokvale77 Apr 2016 #183
I am no fan of Skinner, who banned my good friend Bartcop The Second Stone Apr 2016 #190
I'll lead, thank you very much. retrowire Apr 2016 #184
Demonstrate some leadership and I will The Second Stone Apr 2016 #188
;) No whining has been done on my part. nt retrowire Apr 2016 #206
Yeah... the New Democrats and a new name added to my ignore list Bubzer Apr 2016 #227
Dear Bubzer malokvale77 Apr 2016 #233
Oh goodness no! I was refering to the person antagonizing you!!! Bubzer Apr 2016 #238
Thank you... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #249
Majority is dead wrong. 840high Apr 2016 #209
That's what a communist says when they reject the majority The Second Stone Apr 2016 #247
I'm not a lemming - used to be. 840high Apr 2016 #252
You are entitled to vote anyway you want The Second Stone Apr 2016 #257
Stick around, if only for the juries. n/t bvf Apr 2016 #158
Thanks for the laugh in this thread. n/t AnotherDreamWeaver Apr 2016 #279
I fear there will be a mass exodus from the un-Democratic Party emsimon33 Apr 2016 #161
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz' record as DNC head is miserable. closeupready Apr 2016 #230
Yes, in their hubris they fail to see the abyss--the end of the Democratic Party emsimon33 Apr 2016 #231
Long ago, I had a friend - he was fond of saying, closeupready Apr 2016 #256
It will be the end of the un-Democratic Party if Hillary is the nominee emsimon33 Apr 2016 #378
You realize elections are more often than 4 years? darkwing Apr 2016 #314
Come on over to Jackpineradicals.com emsimon33 Apr 2016 #162
I get it. I'm having similar thoughts. Arugula Latte Apr 2016 #167
one only has to look at the 1956 Republican Platform to see how far we have fallen Angry Dragon Apr 2016 #168
A big +1 Flying Shoe Apr 2016 #245
+ a brazillion truebluegreen Apr 2016 #253
Toodles philosslayer Apr 2016 #170
See ya. Paladin Apr 2016 #174
Results... Major Nikon Apr 2016 #216
Another one of the most intelligent, thoughtful posters on the board. Fare well, Erich. merrily Apr 2016 #175
Yes he is. nt malokvale77 Apr 2016 #181
It's been an honor Hydra Apr 2016 #176
Goodbye, gelatinous cube Apr 2016 #177
I feel your pain, my friend. Hell Hath No Fury Apr 2016 #187
Can't say I blame you. Chef Eric Apr 2016 #189
Hi Erich TracieLynn Apr 2016 #192
I will miss you. 840high Apr 2016 #196
I'll miss you. I'm pretty much addicted Ilsa Apr 2016 #200
Good luck Erich. I imagine they'll be many joining you in the near future. EndElectoral Apr 2016 #201
Best wishes to you, dear. sister_rosa_refried Apr 2016 #202
Hope to see you at JPR! peacebird Apr 2016 #204
Try out zomgitsjesus Apr 2016 #210
The trolls win! Good luck on a new site until the trolls win enough here and go there instead. eom Festivito Apr 2016 #211
Cya workinclasszero Apr 2016 #212
Hey, Erich... You know the irony here sometimes slaps me right in the friggin face... MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #213
Oh good grief! What ever! leftofcool Apr 2016 #220
I don't know why this is in the Lounge, but as long as it is, rug Apr 2016 #222
Take it easy. ronnykmarshall Apr 2016 #225
I'll miss you. Be well, and do good things, and enjoy life. DeadLetterOffice Apr 2016 #228
I want to thank all the hillarians who were kind enough to volunteer to be added to my ignore list! Bubzer Apr 2016 #229
voter suppression as long as it works in their favour, passiveporcupine Apr 2016 #235
Peace my friend. Phlem Apr 2016 #239
I'm sure glad most Bernie Sanders followers are not so selfishly entitled.... Moonwalk Apr 2016 #241
Hey gardening friend.... NRaleighLiberal Apr 2016 #258
i get it, and probably getting there myself restorefreedom Apr 2016 #260
Please come back... Califonz Apr 2016 #262
Sorry to see you go, Erich Jack Rabbit Apr 2016 #263
Well, that sucks. OnyxCollie Apr 2016 #270
Another drinking thread I missed. mackerel Apr 2016 #274
Hey, you're still listed as active! JimDandy Apr 2016 #277
The public hasn't had enough of being ruled by the rich. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2016 #278
I will never understand the way some folks flounce as they leave message boards. nolawarlock Apr 2016 #280
Colorado Dems just kicked 3 Clinton superdelegates out of the state party eridani Apr 2016 #285
This bit of news warms my heart. There's a mighty storm coming. / FlatBaroque Apr 2016 #302
If you have two thirds of the site on ignore.... JohnnyRingo Apr 2016 #286
I disagree with you about the party, there's a good article here PBass Apr 2016 #287
Thank you for this. Amimnoch Apr 2016 #298
See—but that's the problem zentrum Apr 2016 #306
Thanks for everything, I hope you'll mention where you go if you post elsewhere. AnotherDreamWeaver Apr 2016 #288
Take care, Erich. nt MrScorpio Apr 2016 #290
I'm done, too. AngryOldDem Apr 2016 #291
Here's to us, AOD... MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #292
Bye ! Setsuna1972 Apr 2016 #295
I always found cross-dragging the most annoying JNelson6563 Apr 2016 #296
We'll be seeing a lot of people pintobean Apr 2016 #304
Best of wishes to you mate. Amimnoch Apr 2016 #297
Can't blame you hellofromreddit Apr 2016 #305
Damn! bullsnarfle Apr 2016 #307
Sorry to see you go, Erich. Most of us here still support Democratic values. AllyCat Apr 2016 #309
Not liking the "No We Can't" modern day agenda. Cobalt Violet Apr 2016 #315
Sad state of affairs laserhaas Apr 2016 #317
Sorry to see you go! denvine Apr 2016 #318
When you think about it, if this that you said is true ... KPN Apr 2016 #319
Well, Bye. MyNameGoesHere Apr 2016 #323
I identify completely. I fear it is an irreversible condition. King_Klonopin Apr 2016 #342
I'll miss reading you LWolf Apr 2016 #372
Your voice will be missed. May the road rise with you. myrna minx Apr 2016 #376
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