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red dog 1

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33. Thanks once again, SCE for the smiles & laughs
Sun Nov 1, 2015, 02:32 PM
Nov 2015

My Favorites this week include:

Baby elephant
Black Kitten eyes
Cat asleep on little bed
Big cat with cubs
Black kitten at the Vet clinic
Gorgeous fox
De-flated kitty
"Boy, that got out of hand quickly" (Boycott "Brawny" Paper Towels...owned by Koch brothers)
Bob's Big Boy at the beach

Best of the bunch (IMO)

Lion in wheelbarrow (You don't see THAT everyday)
cockatiel hour (hilarious!)

YAY! A HERETIC I AM Nov 2015 #1
Whoaaaaa! I'm #2. Never thought this would happen, and it wouldn't japple Nov 2015 #2
Great job as usual Sanity Claws Nov 2015 #3
Always a labour of love from you SalmonChantedEvening. Thank you so much for these. auntAgonist Nov 2015 #4
I knew there was a "murder button" TexasProgresive Nov 2015 #5
Salmonchanted Sundays is always's purrific waldo.c Nov 2015 #6
WOW. Are hedgehogs really that cute? K&R, nt. druidity33 Nov 2015 #7
Yes hedgehog Nov 2015 #19
Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! One size fits all!!! Scuba Nov 2015 #8
That's such a cat thing to do. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2015 #23
If I fits, I sits! BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2015 #27
Waiting for his chauffeur. ChazInAz Nov 2015 #30
heeeeeee! BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2015 #47
Thank you Scarsdale Nov 2015 #9
Thank you, SCE! MarianJack Nov 2015 #10
Happy Candy Coma Day, SCE! blogslut Nov 2015 #11
Not for nothing but, I believe that Lion could jump that fence in the back corner. Hiraeth Nov 2015 #12
I would be very startled to find a lion The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2015 #22
OCTOBER 29TH IS NATIONAL CAT DAY! Demeter Nov 2015 #13
murder button, out of hand LOVE it Riverman100 Nov 2015 #14
thanks for the smiles SCE bench scientist Nov 2015 #15
Aaahhhhh the Shoney and cartoons! Great collection today! Refreshing! Thank you! ancianita Nov 2015 #16
Thanks SCE. Excellent collection. Cassiopeia Nov 2015 #17
We have a murder cat! hedgehog Nov 2015 #18
Kitty in bed--adorable. asjr Nov 2015 #20
You can get those beds at IKEA in the kids' department. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2015 #21
Thanks. I will tell my daughter. She has two cats asjr Nov 2015 #35
KnR. nt tblue37 Nov 2015 #24
One of your best. Thank you. DamnYankeeInHouston Nov 2015 #25
Thanks SCE! GoddessOfGuinness Nov 2015 #26
I love you, SCE! Mnemosyne Nov 2015 #28
Yay! shenmue Nov 2015 #29
My dear SalmonChantedEvening! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2015 #31
Once again, you gave us Duval Nov 2015 #32
Thanks once again, SCE for the smiles & laughs red dog 1 Nov 2015 #33
The lion!!! KT2000 Nov 2015 #34
Of course they do. They're cats. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2015 #36
That's great! Thanks nt KT2000 Nov 2015 #37
I love the lion in the wheelbarrow, murielm99 Nov 2015 #38
these pictures are Sooooooooo good!! Thanks Salmon. trueblue2007 Nov 2015 #39
Will U look at dat! Teh toilet paper rolls haz bin fighting agin!!! n/t eridani Nov 2015 #40
Stop her before she knits again... Ron Obvious Nov 2015 #41
Love & thanks SCE! nt tblue Nov 2015 #42
I just love these little beds passiveporcupine Nov 2015 #43
Aaaahhh... MrMickeysMom Nov 2015 #44
Lots of big cats today. Love them all question everything Nov 2015 #45
good morning, sce. as usual, you have completely outdone yourself with the awwww and niyad Nov 2015 #46
Faves: nuxvomica Nov 2015 #48
kick Angry Dragon Nov 2015 #49
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