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The moon bombing thread fishwax Nov 2014 #1
Oh shit! I forgot about that one. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #2
Like this? Initech Nov 2014 #7
This one ? A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #13
That thread encompasses the full spectrum of the bizarre. Not surprised many posters stevenleser Nov 2014 #22
OMG. That was epic off the chartness. progressoid Nov 2014 #122
An all-time classic for sure. chrisa Nov 2014 #21
That was truly hifiguy Nov 2014 #54
Yea, verily. Dr. Strange Nov 2014 #90
Nothing beats the great moon bombing! TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #92
This message was self-deleted by its author Odin2005 Nov 2014 #114
That was hysterical. Literally. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #115
That was totally Epic Marrah_G Nov 2014 #119
Moon bombing was my personal favorite. Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #120
That was the first one that came to mind for me. Renew Deal Nov 2014 #127
The one I remember most was more of a WTF thread: "I don't drink with you" arcane1 Nov 2014 #3
I don't remember that one. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #4
Someone went to a gathering of his wife's employers, and he refused drinks. arcane1 Nov 2014 #5
The one I remember the most about is The Olive Garden thread. N/T nirvana555 Nov 2014 #6
Here it is (I don't drink with you!) sharp_stick Nov 2014 #29
There it is! Good lord, my brain hurts again already arcane1 Nov 2014 #69
Reading that thread was like a philosophy test, betsuni Nov 2014 #96
Just spent twenty minutes reading that thread treestar Nov 2014 #128
Wasn't it the same poster who said he would not celebrate the holidays in any way? Phentex Nov 2014 #44
He also was proud not to wear a seat belt when driving a car. Throd Nov 2014 #68
Fat Actress! Also, to give props to a good lock, 477 posts about indoor/outdoor cats followed by: petronius Nov 2014 #8
Oh man I remember sharp_stick Nov 2014 #11
How did I ever miss that thread? Sanity Claws Nov 2014 #12
I believe kudzu had a good run. kiva Nov 2014 #9
Yes! I remember that one, wondered if anyone else did! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #10
It's going places sakabatou Nov 2014 #50
I killed that thread.. Actually CallMeWestly locked after my post. denbot Nov 2014 #61
Thank you! swag Nov 2014 #89
Chinese Gardener Sanity Claws Nov 2014 #14
asian woodcarver, I believe it was :) fishwax Nov 2014 #28
Oh yes! It was woodcarver. Sanity Claws Nov 2014 #37
you might be right on that point fishwax Nov 2014 #39
You were right! Sanity Claws Nov 2014 #40
Thanks for the link, that was great. betsuni Nov 2014 #97
Wow, that woman was... Special. BeanMusical Nov 2014 #99
I actually googled the Cream Stallion. What came up on google was not a book. LiberalLoner Nov 2014 #112
RadioLady's initial post about Olive Garden Hissyspit Nov 2014 #80
That was something else sharp_stick Nov 2014 #103
It really was. Hissyspit Nov 2014 #106
Put your shopping cart back... Phentex Nov 2014 #15
Which one? valerief Nov 2014 #34
No, this one. How many people would be booted off DU for this now? Phentex Nov 2014 #41
I remember that one now sharp_stick Nov 2014 #42
She was a mod! Phentex Nov 2014 #43
Right. The humor has been sucked out of the place by RW disruptors using valerief Nov 2014 #74
Oh my gosh! Art_from_Ark Nov 2014 #75
Also, the Clique Wars... Phentex Nov 2014 #16
I remember the "Great Purge" but that was years ago. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #47
These might bring back some memories Algernon Moncrieff Nov 2014 #70
Geez, look at some of the names in those threads. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #71
IK,R Algernon Moncrieff Nov 2014 #72
Back when we had "unrec"... A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #17
Oh yeah... pipi_k Nov 2014 #18
Ahhhh...the good old days! A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #20
I don't recall pipi_k Nov 2014 #63
Post #48 A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #64
Wasn't she the one who was shilling for North Korea? stevenleser Nov 2014 #24
i don't recall that. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #25
was it bobbolink? fishwax Nov 2014 #30
Yes. n/t A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #31
Interesting anecdote on Bobbolink. Texasgal Nov 2014 #87
i've heard several stories like that about her. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #93
Yep, I just checked, there are multiple examples stevenleser Nov 2014 #35
Yes, I remember that now. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #49
She was the DU "authority" BronxBoy Nov 2014 #73
You are correct, sir. hifiguy Nov 2014 #57
Wow, I don't even know what a Hannah bell is. nt valerief Nov 2014 #32
Man, I miss unrec. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #46
LOL.... A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #48
Beautiful. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #51
Every poll ever done on DU..... A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #52
Pretty much the opposite of "Nuclear Ignore" then. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #53
I LOVED Nuclear Ignore. I can't remember exactly what it was but I remember one poster seaglass Nov 2014 #109
Pretty much. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #110
Ha, that makes me smile. Dr. Strange Nov 2014 #91
CALL CONGRESS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!! riderinthestorm Nov 2014 #19
That is one of my favorites. murielm99 Nov 2014 #94
Not that I recall which is why it was so hilarious. A hit and run OP riderinthestorm Nov 2014 #98
Walt Star's = Tombstone Me Now, Skinner ... not a flamewar but, epic nonetheless. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2014 #23
That still makes me laugh hifiguy Nov 2014 #58
That was 'RIGHT FUCKING NOW' LynneSin Nov 2014 #104
I remember one about broccoli stems. Kali Nov 2014 #26
That thread is HIGH ART. valerief Nov 2014 #33
woo! i posted 4 times in that thread orleans Nov 2014 #38
LOL, I missed that one thinking it really had something to do with casting asparagus Brother Buzz Nov 2014 #66
What was the Laura Brannigan one about? LeftinOH Nov 2014 #27
That was a long time ago sharp_stick Nov 2014 #36
I think I started that one by calling her a no-talent hack....right after she died. BlueJazz Nov 2014 #78
I just remembered another - Thatcher's spirit. Or something like that. Kali Nov 2014 #45
OJ trial? B Calm Nov 2014 #55
It has to be Bomb the Moon. Tommy_Carcetti Nov 2014 #56
Laura Branigan hands down! Texasgal Nov 2014 #59
OMG, is that funny! femmocrat Nov 2014 #65
As I said in another post, I was the Rat that kinda' started the uproar. My Bad. BlueJazz Nov 2014 #81
'she sang about as good as your friendly Home Depot salesgirl' lovemydog Nov 2014 #100
I STILL don't know what the cornflake chicken thing was all about Beaverhausen Nov 2014 #60
Here it is in all it's glory: Texasgal Nov 2014 #62
The chicken one was hysterical. bigwillq Nov 2014 #67
The aftermath was funny! Texasgal Nov 2014 #77
The aftermath was funny sharp_stick Nov 2014 #84
OH my god!!! The level of nastiness in that thread is stunning Beaverhausen Nov 2014 #85
Yeah.. it was hateful Texasgal Nov 2014 #88
"My recipe is too good to share with someone who ruins their chicken with breakfast cereal." BlueJazz Nov 2014 #82
Songbirds vs Cats The empressof all Nov 2014 #76
I think I remember that. The outdoor cats were eating all the songbirds and people drew deep lines.. BlueJazz Nov 2014 #83
The monkeys have taken over the cabana... by Recursion Callmecrazy Nov 2014 #79
Aww thanks. Not a flamewar, though Recursion Nov 2014 #135
None of these threads hold a candle to... Archae Nov 2014 #86
Oscar was great. murielm99 Nov 2014 #95
That thread made me extemely envious. betsuni Nov 2014 #101
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover lovemydog Nov 2014 #102
Vegetarians/Peta vs. meat eaters Tabasco_Dave Nov 2014 #105
There have been some brilliantly classic ones as mentioned already. kentauros Nov 2014 #107
Showing a receipt at the door is an indicator of a fascist nation. LanternWaste Nov 2014 #108
Oh my God! I forgot about that one. LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #111
IIRC the OP himself was cool at the Circuit City Recursion Nov 2014 #134
What was the name of that forum replaced by ATA? JonLP24 Nov 2014 #113
Meta Discussion lovemydog Nov 2014 #130
it would be hard to top Olive Garden DrDan Nov 2014 #116
The Moon Bombing threads. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #117
Do you remember Dreamer Tatum's "Coca Cola Corp Mission Statement? A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #121
Bomb The Moon. Iggo Nov 2014 #118
How is it that nobody has mentioned the pubic hair wars? Iris Nov 2014 #123
Wow! LostInAnomie Nov 2014 #124
Right? n/t Iris Nov 2014 #125
No such thing Renew Deal Nov 2014 #126
How could anyone forget Asher Heimerman? Conference call in 15 minutes! Tommy_Carcetti Nov 2014 #129
Ahhhhh, good ol' Asher. Here's someone who doesn't think too much of him; A HERETIC I AM Nov 2014 #131
ANY of the circumcision threads....and there were several Rowdyboy Nov 2014 #132
The Ross Ice Shelf is collapsing! Tom Kitten Nov 2014 #133
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