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32. I am very proud of my kids.
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 01:46 PM
Apr 2014

Sometimes I ask my husband how we ended up with such great kids.
Getting used to the fact that they are adults now but still "the kids."

Oldest will be 24 this month. Married with two super great sons, buying a home (2 miles away!) and moving up in the senior living community where she started as a receptionist (now a business office assistant). She had her first son in the middle of her senior year in high school.

My son will be graduating next month with a BA. Then he is off to Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. Hard to let him go, but wow, what experience! He is supposed to give a speech at the graduation. He was in marching band in high school. Don't know where he got the guts for public performance, not me or his dad. He is very smart (has been smarter than I since he was in grade school).

Youngest daughter is still at home and still borrowing my socks. But she has a job in the dining room where her sister works and she is finishing her first year at the community college where I got my AA over the course of 27 years!

I worry about them, and my grandsons, so much, but really shouldn't because they are starting out their own lives in a good place and I am pretty sure they are happy (that was all I ever wanted them to have...happiness!)

Could not let a chance to brag pass me by!

My daughter is a great mom of 3 boys peacefreak Mar 2014 #1
What a happy anniversary! MissB Mar 2014 #7
congrats to her ! nt steve2470 Mar 2014 #9
That's so good. Blue_In_AK Apr 2014 #34
Well, they haven't robbed any banks (yet) LiberalEsto Mar 2014 #2
no banks ? steve2470 Mar 2014 #3
at 6 my son can play minecraft on the ipad, xbox and pc tk2kewl Mar 2014 #4
I'm very proud PasadenaTrudy Mar 2014 #5
My oldest got in trouble last week. MissB Mar 2014 #6
I'd say luck and a lot of love, hard work, blood, sweat and tears.... steve2470 Mar 2014 #8
I am extremely proud of my daughter. RebelOne Mar 2014 #10
You asked for it! mnhtnbb Mar 2014 #11
Wow, I remember when you wrote about the second son coming back to the U.S. marzipanni Apr 2014 #25
wow!! Duppers Apr 2014 #28
I love my son greatly, Broken_Hero Mar 2014 #12
Of course I'm proud! femmocrat Mar 2014 #13
really proud Kali Mar 2014 #14
timely... handmade34 Mar 2014 #15
Oh, I remember that. Blue_In_AK Apr 2014 #35
too expensive for me handmade34 Apr 2014 #40
I am proud of my son and my daughter. Ptah Mar 2014 #16
2 daughters who I love to pieces. riderinthestorm Mar 2014 #17
Oh, only completely DFW Mar 2014 #18
OK, let me amend that DFW Apr 2014 #24
2 daughters 36 and 34. Plus a mentee we are quite proud of rurallib Mar 2014 #19
My daughter will be a college senior after one year of college Generic Brad Mar 2014 #20
My first son..... sendero Mar 2014 #21
very cool ! law school is very difficult, been there done that nt steve2470 Mar 2014 #22
Button-busting proud antiquie Apr 2014 #23
I am so proud of my girls! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2014 #26
you're very welcome, CaliforniaPeggy ! steve2470 Apr 2014 #27
today's my son's 27th birthday Duppers Apr 2014 #29
My daughter is awesome at Minecraft Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #30
Great thread! And my hope is every parent will tell their children what they said here. DebJ Apr 2014 #31
I agree with you about the proud thing steve2470 Apr 2014 #36
I am very proud of my kids. logosoco Apr 2014 #32
My three daughters are awesome. Blue_In_AK Apr 2014 #33
I have three kids... a 16 year old Son and two Daughters 13 and 7. Burma Jones Apr 2014 #37
Here goes... av8rdave Apr 2014 #38
I will tell you KamaAina Apr 2014 #39
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