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I live in Delaware, I don't hate New Jersey but it's drivers are the rudest in the world and ours are the most polite Walleye Jun 23 #1
Florida hates Florida, LOL. malthaussen Jun 23 #2
Now wait just a doggone minute... SARose Jun 23 #5
Oh Yeah? Wonder Why Jun 23 #16
Lol SARose Jun 23 #17
Nah! Tie. Wonder Why Jun 23 #22
You got it. Timeflyer Jun 23 #20
Saw that! 2naSalit Jun 23 #11
Same with S. Carolina! 2naSalit Jun 23 #13
Well, I do have a dim view of Ohio, lol, but a lot of that has to do with the Michigan/Ohio State catbyte Jun 23 #3
I'm in NY and think TX might be NY's most hated state Sanity Claws Jun 23 #4
Although many of us do dislike NJ drivers EverHopeful Jun 23 #34
Who does SC hate? unc70 Jun 23 #6
Nebraska, no it's Ohio dweller Jun 23 #9
Looks like they hate Ohio for some strange reason. paleotn Jun 23 #10
A lot of Ohioans vacation in SC Marthe48 Jun 23 #23
Ohioans keep their economy going. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #41
That and New Yorkers buying guns from SC. marble falls Jun 24 #54
People in Ohio love Myrtle Beach SC and say how friendly people are there yet they hate doc03 Jun 23 #7
Nobody hates Pennsylvania!? Freddie Jun 23 #8
Northern New England and Mass. Can't argue with that. paleotn Jun 23 #12
I live in NC... bless your heart! MyMission Jun 23 #14
You must not live near any of the borders. OldBaldy1701E Jun 25 #62
I'm actually not far from SC or TN. MyMission Jun 25 #63
Yep! Know that one well! (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Jun 25 #64
Nope. WestMichRad Jun 23 #15
I've driven around a lot of this country, everywhere except the far north east. lark Jun 23 #18
We don't hate Illinois here in Wisconsin... Archae Jun 23 #19
Ha I just made the same kind of comment. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #42
No one realizes Wy is actually a state... Hikerchick57 Jun 23 #21
Talked to a few people in Colorado Marthe48 Jun 23 #24
I'm a Texan who hates Colorado. Paladin Jun 23 #33
My younger brother moved there right after h.s. Marthe48 Jun 23 #36
None of your family had to work for the same prick that I did in Colorado. Paladin Jun 24 #52
Glad you got away Marthe48 Jun 24 #53
That's a damn good step to take. Paladin Jun 24 #57
When I lived in Colorado we hated Texans. BluesRunTheGame Jun 24 #55
Don't really hate Texas up here in the north country Arthur_Frain Jun 23 #25
Some hates seem sports-related. Yes, LSU country hates Alabama. Croney Jun 23 #26
Yes Ohio/Michigan rivalry is about football. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #29
Indiana and Tennessee both hate Kentucky over basketball. It has been that way for years yellowdogintexas Jun 23 #35
In Ohio we don't even say the word Michigan. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #37
I saw a show a few years ago about a border dispute between Oh and Mi Marthe48 Jun 23 #43
Oh yes. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #44
If it was sports based, CA, TX, FL, and NY would all be tri-colored. Iggo Jun 23 #45
TOO SILLY!!! elleng Jun 23 #27
Iowa hates Nebraska? Hell, the western third of the state IS Nebraska. rsdsharp Jun 23 #28
There's a pattern. Jeebo Jun 23 #30
Well the hate for CA is because people move with more money Tree Lady Jun 24 #47
I've lived in KY my whole life and never heard 1 person say they hate TN. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #31
I suspect at least some of the "hate" is college sports rivalries, which often lead people to trash nearby states. highplainsdem Jun 23 #32
New Jersey hates everyone. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #38
Why does SC hate Ohio? Irish_Dem Jun 23 #39
Wisconsin hates Illinois. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #40
FIB Skittles Jun 23 #46
Yep this is exactly what the farmers hate. Irish_Dem Jun 24 #50
heh - well it wasn't so much flashing Skittles Jun 24 #56
We probably don't want to talk about drinking in Wisconsin. :( Irish_Dem Jun 24 #58
LOL Skittles Jun 24 #59
California, LOL! JoseBalow Jun 24 #48
I've had a liberal friend in Texas for 4 decades, and transplanted liberalish Texan friend for about 20 electric_blue68 Jun 24 #49
The Dakota's hate each other. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 24 #51
Glad I found this again. I want to comment on Iowa rurallib Jun 24 #60
Hawai'i: DFW Jun 24 #61
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