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I get the concern... Some locales offer close-in reserved spots for these parents of young kids... Of course hlthe2b Jun 4 #1
Exactly! SarahD Jun 5 #31
On the fence about this. Arne Jun 4 #2
This ExciteBike66 Jun 4 #4
i did all that and i was ecpected to as well. AllaN01Bear Jun 4 #18
My husband started giving our cart rounder upper $20.00 every timed we shopped..... a kennedy Jun 4 #13
The largest grocery chain here will not allow tipping Arne Jun 4 #15
Well, isn't she special? 3catwoman3 Jun 4 #3
Ok but orange jar Jun 4 #5
Good point orange jar maspaha Jun 4 #16
Or maybe a proctologist, to help get her head out of her ass. FoxNewsSucks Jun 4 #27
Aldi's has the quarter cart clip system. Arne Jun 4 #6
Some young folks offer me a dollar bill for a quarter there. GreenWave Jun 4 #8
Republicans live love laugh Jun 4 #7
I can't disagree with her, although she could lock the doors. Fla Dem Jun 4 #9
I bring the cart back crim son Jun 4 #10
She is hostile and attention seeking. Irish_Dem Jun 4 #11
Worse IMO: no_hypocrisy Jun 4 #12
I return carts whenever I can Wicked Blue Jun 4 #14
I'm a conscientious cart returner maspaha Jun 4 #17
I'll bet you're not one of those people that drive around and around .. chouchou Jun 4 #20
You've seen me! maspaha Jun 4 #22
Oh, I do the same thing but, here in Florida, I've seen people drive back in forth .. chouchou Jun 4 #24
I've seen those morons at the Y also. FoxNewsSucks Jun 4 #28
Ah..Lady, you know how you got to the car? ...with your children? Ok..then get your children.. chouchou Jun 4 #19
"Social media creator" creates "backlash" gets "11 million views." Almost like it's a formula or something. n/t flvegan Jun 4 #21
Whiskey whoop weedlee woop. THAT'S not where the cart goes! uppityperson Jun 4 #23
Send your freeloading kids to return the cart JoseBalow Jun 4 #25
At Publix in Ft Lauderdale Turbineguy Jun 4 #26
Is it a compact car or a land yacht that has room for multiple bodies? Lars39 Jun 5 #33
I understand where she is coming from. Lunabell Jun 4 #29
I Don't ProfessorGAC Jun 5 #32
Yep, and often when people just dump a cart any old place in the lot Xavier Breath Jun 5 #34
She reminds me of one of those people who refuse to tip because they're 'protesting petronius Jun 5 #30
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