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Keep Us Up With Your Results ProfessorGAC May 18 #1
Well, in the old days, I was a peptide/medicinal chemist. NNadir May 18 #4
Makes Sense ProfessorGAC May 18 #5
Well, these days, lots of people are suing one another over lipids, priority and patents. NNadir May 18 #6
I use Trulicity AZSkiffyGeek May 18 #2
Hopefully minimal side effects True Dough May 18 #3
The only thing I remember reading was some MOMFUDSKI May 18 #7
Good luck. multigraincracker May 18 #8
I cringe at a one person study, but good luck... getagrip_already May 18 #9
I agree my results will not be definitive, but the drug has been through clinical trials, on that basis, approved. NNadir May 18 #10
I wish I could take Ozempic again. babylonsister May 18 #11
I took wegovy for several months dsc May 18 #12
Keep us posted, cilla4progress May 18 #13
I read that some people feel nausea BigmanPigman May 18 #14
Injection site? Katcat May 18 #15
I thought it was pills too. greatauntoftriplets May 19 #26
New dada out in the last couple of weeks Warpy May 18 #16
Semiglutides slow the digestive system down. That can be serious live love laugh May 18 #17
Ozempic works for me. Grumpy Old Guy May 18 #18
My experience with Ozempic Gymbo May 18 #19
TY for all the info. Just 2 comments because I live w acid reflux & serious constipation regardless Hekate May 19 #21
In the GLP-1 lecture I saw, terzepatide was discussed, but I was a little more concerned about some other features. NNadir May 19 #22
Been on it for a few months... Wounded Bear May 19 #20
I did Ozempic for about 3 months Squidly May 19 #23
As I indicated above, in the lectures on GLP-1 inhibitors I attended tirzepatide (Monjaro) was discussed. NNadir May 19 #24
I have been on Trulicity for a year now LetMyPeopleVote May 19 #25
Best of luck to you. greatauntoftriplets May 19 #27
Good Luck! Deep State Witch May 19 #28
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