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16. Do "Millennials" understand ....
Sat May 18, 2024, 08:44 AM
May 18

Old German Gothic type font? Sometimes known also as Old English?

Or are we right royally screwed?

In my experience, it's not just cursive EYESORE 9001 May 18 #1
Boomer here COL Mustard May 18 #2
I'm a boomer too, and in some ways I'm an insufferable, anal-retentive nightmare EYESORE 9001 May 18 #3
I chide physicians and other HCWs who have horrible handwriting and frequently slow down myself to hlthe2b May 18 #15
I used to joke that my handwriting wasn't bad enough COL Mustard May 18 #28
I hated penmanship class. Siwsan May 18 #4
There's no shortage of folks with poor penmanship amongst my cohort as well EYESORE 9001 May 18 #13
My daughter is Gen X radical noodle May 18 #29
The joy of a Big Chief writing tablet with the blue lines & making ovals & loops that fit & were the same size. CrispyQ May 18 #33
GenX learned cursive Tree-Hugger May 18 #35
Nope moose65 May 18 #40
I have unreadable penmanship. multigraincracker May 18 #12
"message is conveyed" is narrow binary thinking; it's closed minded Bernardo de La Paz May 18 #18
Einstein was a terrible speller. multigraincracker May 18 #23
All good points. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 18 #24
I read and understood what you wrote, even though you did more than just mess up spelling. Kind of seems you are shaming Zipgun May 18 #25
Not shaming, but my apologies regardless. I wrote: " reasonable varies with writer and situation of course" Bernardo de La Paz May 18 #38
I recently found a note that my father had written to me. Siwsan May 18 #5
Feels like a connection NJCher May 18 #7
Many of them can't read an analog clock either. CrispyQ May 18 #31
The oldest millennials are in their early 40s moose65 May 18 #6
See her post 4 NJCher May 18 #8
That says GenX Tree-Hugger May 18 #32
My handwriting was always horrible... MiHale May 18 #9
I am LXXXIII bobnicewander May 18 #10
Roman numerals are apparently a subject of increased Google searches prior to each Super Bowl or hlthe2b May 18 #17
I was ordering new house numbers & my husband said "Let's put it in Roman numerals." -nt CrispyQ May 18 #34
Great post kozar May 18 #11
Admittedly... hlthe2b May 18 #14
Do "Millennials" understand .... mwooldri May 18 #16
That brought a smile, so thank you. I had only heard about younger people not niyad May 18 #19
I read long ago that learning cursive early on helps develop language skills. paleotn May 18 #20
I'm stealing this! jmbar2 May 18 #21
Start without me. I don't do ANY "attacking" till after 9:a.m.... and coffee... FailureToCommunicate May 18 #22
Cursive is a font Orrex May 18 #26
Not sure that's true about cursive. ShazzieB May 18 #39
I was explicitly not talking about you Orrex May 18 #41
Old school punishment bobnicewander May 18 #27
I know cursive but I will write myself a note or make a shopping list and doc03 May 18 #30
im 66 born in 1957, had a battle with cursive since i was a child. now i cant read it much unless it is very clear. AllaN01Bear May 18 #36
I haven't used cursive since like, 1980 RazorbackExpat May 18 #37
Millenials can read? miyazaki May 18 #42
Thank you for reminding me of old Willy Brown Hermit-The-Prog May 22 #43
That is so cute! raccoon May 22 #44
Those who replied that they've always had trouble with cursive, are you left-handed? raccoon May 22 #45
My mother was left handed until the nuns got ahold of her Siwsan May 22 #46
My Grandmother RobinA May 22 #47
One of my favorite cartoons: Coventina May 22 #48
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