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Another reason I like living in Maine. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 15 #1
I've also always been fascinated by maps, FoxNewsSucks Apr 15 #2
I think Colorado borders 7 states lapfog_1 Apr 15 #3
The four corners state don't exactly share a border with the other three four corner states. brush Apr 16 #4
I would like to suggest that if one can take one step and be in another State, it is, in fact, a border. NNadir Apr 17 #10
A border being a single pin point of land is one way of looking at it. brush Apr 18 #11
Little Massachusetts borders 5 states; NH, VT NY RI & CT and has 2 Islands Fla Dem Apr 16 #5
Fun Fact: From which vantage point can you see seven states? yellowdogintexas Apr 16 #6
Good one. Thank you. brush Apr 16 #7
Another fun fact: lpbk2713 Apr 16 #8
The keys are unlike anywhere else in the country. I've been to that monument at the southern-most point... brush Apr 18 #14
if me late mom was allowed to in her generation, she would have made an eggscllent cartographer. AllaN01Bear Apr 16 #9
I live in a country smaller than some states that has a land border with 9 other countries DFW Apr 18 #12
I didn't know that about Germany. Good point on being multi-lingual. brush Apr 18 #13
Not being multilingual is pretty much the exception DFW Apr 18 #15
Fascinating, and thank you. sarah palin's nevermind, if one punctuates niyad Apr 18 #16
and Reno is west of Los Angeles LNM Apr 18 #17
Wow. That's a new one on me too. brush Apr 18 #18
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