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Dark is much healthier for ya, but I too love milk chocolate. 😜 hlthe2b Mar 26 #1
TY hlthe2b debm55 Mar 26 #3
Milk ProfessorGAC Mar 26 #2
Thank you ProfessorGac. debm55 Mar 26 #6
Semi-sweet morsels in chocolate chip cookies... dchill Mar 26 #4
Thank you, dcill. debm55 Mar 26 #7
The Landlady prefers dark with 80-90% cocoa PJMcK Mar 26 #5
HAHAHAHAH. Ty PJMcK debm55 Mar 26 #8
I am right there with your wife! Good dark chocolate with a nice glass of red wine is very nice yellowdogintexas Mar 27 #76
Thanks PJMcK Mar 27 #88
Milk chocolate - preferably in a Cadbury Mini-egg. Probatim Mar 26 #9
Ty Probatim. I don't think I ever ate a Cadbury Creme Egg. But I did like their ads. debm55 Mar 26 #11
I'm partial to dark but I will eat any chocolate except white chocolate. CrispyQ Mar 26 #10
Ty you CrispyQ, I also do not like white chocolate. Yuk debm55 Mar 26 #12
Dark. sinkingfeeling Mar 26 #13
TY sinkingfeeling. debm55 Mar 26 #16
Dark, Vegan and Fair Trade Great list here mucifer Mar 26 #14
Ty you mucifer. I will follow your link to learn more. debm55 Mar 26 #17
I agree, milk chocolate whenever I eat chocolate (rarely). LoisB Mar 26 #15
Ty LoisB. I didn;t know that Cadbury made a fruit and nut bar. debm55 Mar 26 #18
Yes. Not AS good since it's made by Hershey's now but still good. LoisB Mar 26 #19
Just ordered dark chocolate morsels to melt and dip strawberries . lynintenn Mar 26 #20
ty lynintenn. that sounds delicious. debm55 Mar 26 #46
I used to get Bakers Chocolate electric_blue68 Mar 28 #96
True story, I was being interviewed for a chocolate company management job sanatanadharma Mar 26 #21
Ty sanatandharma. I have eaten chocolate for christmas and Easter. Maybe a candy bar. Some chocolate has a waxy taste to debm55 Mar 26 #47
That waxy taste is true of most American mass-produced chocolate. niyad Mar 26 #61
I like the solid chocolate House of Roberts Mar 26 #22
Thank you House of Roberts. I agree with that. debm55 Mar 26 #45
Hollow chocolate is just another trick to make food look bigger than it really is. nt Shermann Mar 27 #80
No contest , with me, kozar Mar 26 #23
Thank you, kozar. Milk chocolate is first, followed by dark. white tastes like wax. debm55 Mar 26 #44
yes white is not all that great but I have a cake recipe that will knock your socks off yellowdogintexas Mar 27 #77
Dark but it has to be sweet. Elessar Zappa Mar 26 #24
Oh yes, I agree with you. TY Elessar Zappa. debm55 Mar 26 #43
Milk chocolate for me. Emile Mar 26 #25
Same here, but I do eat dark chocolate on occasion. White chocolate -never. TY Emile debm55 Mar 26 #42
dark. AllaN01Bear Mar 26 #26
Ty AllaN01Bear. Dark chocolate is supposed to be healthier. debm55 Mar 26 #40
Chocolate Srkdqltr Mar 26 #27
The darker, the better, ethically sourced and harvested. niyad Mar 26 #28
Thank you, niyad.I noted that a poster on this thread said the dark chocolate was healthier. debm55 Mar 26 #39
It is indeed. Tastes better, as well, especially from good companies. niyad Mar 26 #62
It must be the chocolate chips. I go through a lot of those. A main ingredient in my cannabis treats. :) n/t brewens Mar 26 #29
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TY brewens. Double the please, double the fun. debm55 Mar 26 #38
Bordeaux enid602 Mar 26 #30
TY enid602 . It sounds delicious. debm55 Mar 26 #37
I agree with ship's counselor Deanna Troi Staph Mar 26 #31
TY Staph. I like all except for the white chocolate. debm55 Mar 26 #36
Milk chocolate covered in peanut butter Duncanpup Mar 26 #32
Ty Duncanpup, That sounds different debm55 Mar 26 #35
Hershey's candy bars or kisses. SamKnause Mar 26 #33
TYSamKnause,. Yes dark chocolate is a little bitter, debm55 Mar 26 #34
Milk Chocolate. Mr.Bill Mar 26 #41
Ty Mr. Bill, White Chocolate in cookies isn't bad. debm55 Mar 26 #49
Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate has been at the top of ny list for decades Brother Buzz Mar 26 #48
Ty Brother Buzz. That sounds so good. debm55 Mar 26 #50
By the time I decided to try it Trader's seemed to no longer carry it electric_blue68 Mar 28 #97
I see Ritter Sport in other places, but the dark chocolate disappears first Brother Buzz Mar 28 #98
Even though dark chocolate is healthier dai13sy Mar 26 #51
Ty dai13sy. I like milk chocolate and then dark is a close second, debm55 Mar 26 #58
Dark: 60-72% cocoa range DinahMoeHum Mar 26 #52
Thank you DinahMoeHum. That sounds very interesting. debm55 Mar 26 #60
Milk riversedge Mar 26 #53
Thank you riversedge. Milk is my favorite. debm55 Mar 26 #59
Dark, definitely. If I eat milk chocolate on an empty stomach it can give me nasty heartburn yellowdogintexas Mar 26 #54
TY yellowdogintexas. I forget who makes it but it is dark chocolate with a type of raspberry jam inside. The baking debm55 Mar 26 #57
Ghiraradelli I think. They have a very wide selection of little squares. yellowdogintexas Mar 27 #81
No contest: dark for me WestMichRad Mar 26 #55
TY WestMichRad. I like milk and dark chocolate. White taste likes wax. debm55 Mar 26 #56
no longer drink milk but as a kid.. Nestle had a strawberry flavor that was my fav BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 26 #63
TY BlueWaveNeverEnd debm55 Mar 26 #64
Dark. area51 Mar 27 #65
Thank you area51. debm55 Mar 27 #66
I like Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Premium Baking Chips. Niagara Mar 27 #67
Thank you Niagara. Hate white chocolate, Love GHIRRARDELLI dark chocolate bars with raspberry inside/ debm55 Mar 27 #70
Dark chocolate. The older I get, the less Luciferous Mar 27 #68
thank you Luciferous. I agree debm55 Mar 27 #71
It's good to know I'm not the only one whose taste for super sweet has lessened with age. Different Drummer Mar 27 #79
milk chocolate malthaussen Mar 27 #69
I agree totally.TY Mal debm55 Mar 27 #72
Dark chocolate, definitely! Mad_Dem_X Mar 27 #73
Thank you Mad_Dem_X. Good choice. debm55 Mar 27 #74
Chocolat Bonnat's milk chocolates are truly amazing. And ludicrously expensive. sir pball Mar 27 #75
TY, sir pball. It sounds very good and might be worth the price to just try it. but you are right it is expensive. debm55 Mar 27 #82
It is totally worth it. sir pball Mar 27 #86
I like dark chocolate. And sorry, white chocolate is not chocolate. It's something else. brush Mar 27 #78
TY brush. I swear it is wax and not chocolalate. debm55 Mar 27 #84
Yes, wax. I'll go with that. brush Mar 27 #85
I have a strong preference for dark chocolate. Different Drummer Mar 27 #83
Thank you Different Drummer. I agree with your post. debm55 Mar 27 #87
Dark. Golden Raisin Mar 27 #89
TY Golden Raisen debm55 Mar 27 #92
70% dark chocolate nt doc03 Mar 27 #90
TY doc03 debm55 Mar 27 #93
Dark, especially high quality Freddie Mar 27 #91
TY Freddie, I am from western PA. I will be on the lookout for it. debm55 Mar 27 #94
I live for Dark Chocolate! ... electric_blue68 Mar 28 #95
TY electric_blue68 Wonderful post. debm55 Mar 28 #99
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