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Renoir. elleng Feb 29 #1
Ty elleng. Love his paintings, they are so beautiful. ty. debm55 Feb 29 #3
Farah Fawcet WVlaserguy Feb 29 #2
I swear all guys in college had that red bathing suit poster. ty debm55 Feb 29 #4
I was among them..... lastlib Feb 29 #26
I don't remember the Cheryl Tiegs one. Ty you lastlib. debm55 Mar 1 #52
She was in a pink bikini (such as it was....) lastlib Mar 1 #67
Guilty as charged. She was very cute chicoescuela Feb 29 #29
TY chicoescuela. debm55 Mar 1 #53
I'm a woman and had it too. chowder66 Feb 29 #38
Good choices chowder66. Thank you. debm55 Mar 1 #54
Troy Donohue at age 12. MOMFUDSKI Feb 29 #5
Hey MOMFUDSKI, I know who he is. debm55 Feb 29 #7
I didn't know he was gay. Not that it matters. MOMFUDSKI Mar 1 #81
Young Frankenstein bucolic_frolic Feb 29 #6
Thank you bucolic_frolic. debm55 Feb 29 #9
Loved Breughel, especially Hunters. yorkster Feb 29 #48
Yes, very homey look. TY yorkster, debm55 Mar 1 #51
Wasn't much into posters until I discovered black lights. Silent Type Feb 29 #8
What one did you have with blacklights? debm55 Feb 29 #11
Mostly psychedelic landscapes. I tried to post a few above, but had a problem. Silent Type Feb 29 #36
Thank you Silent type that sounds interesting. debm55 Mar 1 #56
I think I had that Garden of Eden blacklight poster. Ilsa Mar 1 #168
Janis Joplin in mid-scream. n/t Mister Ed Feb 29 #10
Thank you Mister Ed. debm55 Feb 29 #12
The dude abides! AKwannabe Feb 29 #45
Yes, the dude does abides. HAHAHAHAHa thank you. debm55 Mar 1 #58
Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Jim livetohike Feb 29 #13
Thank you livetohike. debm55 Feb 29 #24
Soooo many KISS posters! Later, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Sabbath, U2; and Frazetta, Valejo, Rabrrrrrr Feb 29 #14
Thank you Rabrrrrrr. You had quite a variety of collections, As we grow our tastes change. debm55 Feb 29 #28
Raquel Welch - One Million Years BC calguy Feb 29 #15
Wasn't that the last poster BOSSHOG Feb 29 #18
Not sure about that calguy Feb 29 #20
Yep - Miss "Fuzzy Britches" LOL Mad_Dem_X Mar 1 #85
Thank you calguy.Yes, I go think they wore skimpy outfits back then. debm55 Feb 29 #30
"skimpy outfits" LudwigPastorius Mar 1 #146
I guess that is the scientific way to look at it. debm55 Mar 1 #148
It was all about survival back then. calguy Mar 1 #153
Good point calguy Mar 1 #151
I had a couple of Jim Morrison posters up in my bachelor pad when I was single. Aristus Feb 29 #16
TY Aristus. Jim was a very sexy man, great writer and singer.Your post made me laugh. debm55 Feb 29 #31
I'm still a huge fan of The Doors. Aristus Mar 1 #91
TY Aristus. I still like there old stuff too. I think toward the end, Jim wasn't wearing them either. But his voice and debm55 Mar 1 #95
Common Fish of the North Atlantic Onthefly Feb 29 #17
I had a butterfly picture . loved to look at it and observe the different colors and pattern.TY Onthefly. debm55 Feb 29 #33
T.Rex (Marc Bolan) IcyPeas Feb 29 #19
The Group or the dinosaur? debm55 Feb 29 #34
That you IcyPeas. Saw them in a club in Pittsburgh. Get it on, Bang a gong Get it on. debm55 Mar 1 #60
M. C. Escher, clipped out of a calendar. Midnight Writer Feb 29 #21
Oh I thought I was the only one that did that. You could get 12 pictures and once the year started they would drop the debm55 Feb 29 #37
I think it would be completely inappropriate True Dough Feb 29 #22
Hahahahahahahhahaha, I was waiting for someone to post that!!!!!!!!! You are the WINNER! As I wrote the OP , I thought debm55 Feb 29 #39
My only question True Dough Mar 1 #72
Oops! Niagara Mar 1 #75
I did own button-fly jeans back in the day, Your Honor (I mean Niagara) True Dough Mar 1 #76
It sounds like I'm also guilty as charged, True. Niagara Mar 1 #78
I was a model True Dough Mar 1 #80
I hear ya! Many of us were. Niagara Mar 1 #82
Ypu are wearing Speedos, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa debm55 Mar 1 #87
Googles too? True Dough Mar 1 #93
And the tacs hurt. Prairie_Seagull Mar 1 #88
Sort of feels True Dough Mar 1 #92
Speedo or not - Prairie_Seagull Mar 1 #181
That's what True Dough Mar 1 #182
Had a nice one of Koko, the gorilla. bluedigger Feb 29 #23
Ty I had a poster of Koko with it's yellow kitten "Ball" That is sweet that you had it hanging on your wall. debm55 Feb 29 #41
I had an awesome silver Lamborghini Countach with a black background. Niagara Feb 29 #25
TY Niagara. Excellent choices. What? No Rich Spingfield.? debm55 Feb 29 #42
Sadly I abandoned Rick Springfield during my teen years. Niagara Mar 1 #74
I saw him 4 times in concert and even got my picture BlueKota Mar 1 #176
Paul Anka, Ricky Nelson, Dion, Bobby Rydell yellowdogintexas Feb 29 #27
thank you yellowdogintexas. Very good choices. debm55 Feb 29 #46
W. C. Fields from "My Little Chickadee" Glorfindel Feb 29 #32
Bought that one for my father. yorkster Feb 29 #43
TY yorkster, That was very nice of you. debm55 Mar 1 #97
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Feb 29 #50
I had that one too Easterncedar Mar 1 #68
Ty you Easstercedar. Sorry about your childhood. Same here. debm55 Mar 1 #99
Adrienne Barbeau in a purple corset edbermac Feb 29 #35
I had to google it..here it is Demovictory9 Mar 1 #70
Someone was playing with Photoshop on that top pic edbermac Mar 1 #71
Are those real???? I think it is photoshopped too, debm55 Mar 1 #119
TY edbermac. I haven't heard her name in a long time.Do you still have the poster? debm55 Mar 1 #104
No, she's long gone edbermac Mar 1 #139
Sorry, edbermac. debm55 Mar 1 #141
On my wall I had a copy of the petition... WestMichRad Feb 29 #40
We had a bottle return of glass soda containers. 2 cents for the small bottles and 5 cents for the larger bottles. --- debm55 Mar 1 #120
Shawn Cassidy at around 10 AKwannabe Feb 29 #44
Ty Akwannabe. As we age our musical tastes change. I see that in your posts. debm55 Mar 1 #121
Middle thru high school my room was wallpapered with U2 happybird Feb 29 #47
ty happypird. I love that poster by the Grateful Dead You have such a great collection Thank you for sharing with us. debm55 Mar 1 #122
I had a poster hanging in my garage and it was the last thing I saw as I moved out.. Deuxcents Feb 29 #49
TY very much Deuxcents. I agree with you. Love ya debm55 Mar 1 #123
A large BigMin28 Mar 1 #55
TY BigMin28. You had quite a collection of posters. Thank you for sharing with us. debm55 Mar 1 #124
I had a nice chart of some metabolic pathways. A "friend" borrowed it and I never saw it again. n/t. NNadir Mar 1 #57
Don't you hate when that happens.? Thank you sharing with us. debm55 Mar 1 #62
Fabian madamesilverspurs Mar 1 #59
Ty madamesliverspurs. I remember Fabian. debm55 Mar 1 #61
Notice In Case Of Nuclear Attack DinahMoeHum Mar 1 #63
Ty DinahMoeHom. Yes, go to the last step directly. I have never seen this before. debm55 Mar 1 #113
Marx brothers smoking a hookah Easterncedar Mar 1 #64
Ty you Easterncedar. Funny memories can take away the not so funny memories. debm55 Mar 1 #117
Bobby -- 1968 Tarzanrock Mar 1 #65
Ty Tarzanrock. I will always remember Bobby.and what he could of done for this country. debm55 Mar 1 #118
In high school, it was Bruce Lee from "Fists of Fury" LudwigPastorius Mar 1 #66
Ty LudwigPastorius. You had quite a varied collection. Is that the real Adriene or the photoshopped version? debm55 Mar 1 #127
No Photoshop in 1978. You'd have to ask her just how "real" it was. LudwigPastorius Mar 1 #143
Up With People Chipper Chat Mar 1 #69
Thank you Chipper Chat. debm55 Mar 1 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Mar 1 #129
Bob Dylan zanana1 Mar 1 #73
Thank You very much. zanana1. Any special one? debm55 Mar 1 #130
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Mar 1 #131
Neil Young, Danny Whitten 303squadron Mar 1 #77
Thank you 303squadron. Keep your hands on that one. and TY for sharing. debm55 Mar 1 #135
Bobby Kennedy MaryMagdaline Mar 1 #79
Thank you MaryMadlaline for sharing with us. What he could have done for this country. debm55 Mar 1 #136
Yes! MaryMagdaline Mar 1 #170
Racquel Welch....1 million BC poster vishnura Mar 1 #83
Ty, vishnura. Alot of posters seem to like that one. debm55 Mar 1 #144
Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, Wham! Mad_Dem_X Mar 1 #84
Ty Mad_Dem_X You must have had some collection. debm55 Mar 1 #147
I had posters all over! LOL Mad_Dem_X Mar 2 #186
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. TY, Mad_Dem_X debm55 Mar 2 #187
In high school, I had Chicago and Miles Davis PJMcK Mar 1 #86
PJMcK, I was an Art Ed major. Loved Pecasso and Monet. Thank you for sharing. debm55 Mar 1 #149
I thought they made me look sophisticated! PJMcK Mar 1 #160
Thank you PJMcK. Oh you could. I loved creating. and music is a different form of creating. There were "times" I woud debm55 Mar 1 #165
Phi Zappa Krappa RainCaster Mar 1 #89
Thank you RainCaster. That is so funny. debm55 Mar 1 #150
I was changing fast and so did my posters. Prairie_Seagull Mar 1 #90
Same here. But it gave us relaxation and pleasure. TY Prairie_Seagull. debm55 Mar 1 #155
Snoopy and some Beatles malthaussen Mar 1 #94
TY mal. that sounds great. and "far out, man" debm55 Mar 1 #98
I had this one and a black light..LOL LeftInTX Mar 1 #96
Do ypu still have? It would be easy to paint one yourself. I think it is beautiful. Ty for sharing. debm55 Mar 1 #126
Long gone. Disappeared around 1975 LeftInTX Mar 1 #174
Matisse - Icarus I also had a long roll of thick white art paper Lucinda Mar 1 #100
Lucinda, what a great idea. You are so creative. TY debm55 Mar 1 #158
The calendar from Alice Cooper "Killer" album louis-t Mar 1 #101
TY louis-t. Yes, I could see his point. Were there any others in the calendar that were appropriate? debm55 Mar 1 #103
I think it was just the one. louis-t Mar 3 #192
Just saw one. It was kind of a 3 color print louis-t Mar 3 #193
I had these three: LakeArenal Mar 1 #102
Thank you, Lake Arenel. The Beatles one I have never seen before. The other two, I have seen in frequently in different debm55 Mar 1 #106
The one poster I was allowed to hang while still in HS and living at home ... marble falls Mar 1 #105
Ty marble falls. Do you have any idea who created it? It is very unique. debm55 Mar 1 #110
I vaguely remember the story. I decided I wanted one and figured no more than $100. More like $750 ... marble falls Mar 1 #171
TY.I I really like it. I don't know if I would pay 750 for it. But it is very unique. I still like it. debm55 Mar 1 #177
Jonathan Frid: tblue37 Mar 1 #107
Ty, Tblue37 I remember that came on right after General Hospital. debm55 Mar 1 #108
Kenny Loggins - Keep The Fire. MontanaMama Mar 1 #109
Ty, MontanaMama. I loved Kenny's voice and songs. And it didn't hurt that he was eye candy too. debm55 Mar 1 #111
Travel posters and art posters Jilly_in_VA Mar 1 #112
TY Jilly_in_VA. I really like Renoir.s Child in White. Love all of Renoir;s work. debm55 Mar 1 #115
Black Light Posters yankee87 Mar 1 #114
Loved those. TY yankee 87 for sharing the memories with us. debm55 Mar 1 #134
I am 77 and I still have a queen poster on my wall. tavernier Mar 1 #116
Thank you Tavernier. You post is great. Thank you for sharing. debm55 Mar 1 #133
I had a 30 dollar dorm fridge coprolite Mar 1 #125
Thank you coprolite. That is funny. debm55 Mar 1 #132
David Cassidy, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Randy Mantooth, Edward Mulhare (The Ghost) and .... woodsprite Mar 1 #137
Woodsprite, were the "Big Eye" the cats or the girls. Thank you for sharing with us. debm55 Mar 1 #157
Granny Joint enid602 Mar 1 #138
Thank You , enid602.for sharing your memory with us. Do you still have it? debm55 Mar 1 #162
Granny joint enid602 Mar 1 #178
Thank you enid602. debm55 Mar 1 #180
Does a roadmap count? Brother Buzz Mar 1 #140
How wonderful, Brother Buzz. You were smart behond your years. debm55 Mar 1 #161
Smart was the dude who invented the map folding machine Brother Buzz Mar 1 #167
Bella Lugosi as Dracula wryter2000 Mar 1 #142
That would be scary. Ty for sharing with us. debm55 Mar 1 #152
Jimi Hendrix, Farrah Fawcett, Professor Longhair. n/t CousinIT Mar 1 #154
TY Cousin IT, You had a nice selection there. TY for sharing your memories with us. debm55 Mar 1 #156
RATT Shermann Mar 1 #159
TY Shermann. So you had two cool posters for the price of one. Ty for sharing. debm55 Mar 1 #163
I had this Rush poster Bristlecone Mar 1 #164
Thank you Bristlecone. they look like Oriental robes. TY for sharing with us. debm55 Mar 1 #166
Where are the Che Gueveras? Sneederbunk Mar 1 #169
I never heard of him until I was old LeftInTX Mar 1 #175
Che enid602 Mar 1 #179
David Cassidy, Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch, BlueKota Mar 1 #172
Thank you, BlueKota. debm55 Mar 1 #173
A seri graph by Sister Mary Coritta eyewall Mar 1 #183
Thank You, eyewall. debm55 Mar 2 #188
The Clash - Sandinista! JenniferJuniper Mar 1 #184
TY, Jennifer Juniper. debm55 Mar 2 #189
Big one of Winston Churchill making his V for Victory sign, that we adopted as a Peace sign... Hekate Mar 2 #185
Thank you Hekate. debm55 Mar 2 #190
Alas, None ProfessorGAC Mar 2 #191
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