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Who let the dogs out..😵‍💫 Deuxcents Feb 26 #1
Wolf, wolf wolf. ty Deuxcents. debm55 Feb 26 #4
Yeah not many worse than that. GoodRaisin Mar 1 #293
Anything by Pat Benatar or "Suddenly Last Summer" by The Motels underpants Feb 26 #2
Thank you underpants. I don't remember the Motels. debm55 Feb 26 #6
I also despise the Motels. Coventina Feb 26 #28
Yeah hated that one too. underpants Feb 26 #35
Centerfold by the J. Geils band. Lunabell Feb 26 #3
Agree with you Lunabell TY debm55 Feb 26 #8
I don't think the song pushes any sort of narrative Shermann Feb 26 #134
On that you are most incorrect! Lunabell Feb 26 #164
"She was pure like snowflakes no one could ever stain" Shermann Feb 26 #174
nope. Lunabell Feb 26 #215
You are committing an argument by repetition fallacy Shermann Feb 27 #266
Google it. Lunabell Feb 27 #273
Question posed to Copilot: Is Centerfold by the J. Geils Band misogynistic? Shermann Feb 27 #276
seriously. Lunabell Feb 28 #286
You redirected me to go search for evidence to support your claims for you and I did. Shermann Feb 28 #288
"Having my Baby" (Paul Anka) hlthe2b Feb 26 #5
I was going to put that. It was neck and neck with Muskrat Love. debm55 Feb 26 #10
I liked America and though I didn't know the meaning of that song, I think I'd rather "love" a muskrat hlthe2b Feb 26 #13
Did America do that song???? I had their first album. debm55 Feb 26 #18
Isn't that Captain and Tennille?.....nt wolfie001 Feb 26 #110
I thought it was Captain and Tennille, Maybe America did a version. debm55 Feb 26 #114
Nope. Muskrat Love: America. Here you go. hlthe2b Feb 26 #169
The Captain and Tenille's version was forgettable but.... wolfie001 Feb 26 #171
I wonder if Muskrats smoke a cig after Muskrat Love, I never checked. Does anyone know? debm55 Feb 26 #195
I was in radio when that was a hit. The station owner, a Catholic with six kids, loved that song. rsdsharp Feb 26 #61
That's funny. Thank you rsdsharp. debm55 Feb 26 #62
Sexist too. He changed the lyrics when singibg it live to "having OUR baby" Demovictory9 Feb 26 #209
Yes. That is a big part of why it was so creepy originally. hlthe2b Feb 27 #226
Good choice. I felt sorry for Toni Tenille. SarahD Feb 26 #7
Oh I didn't know that. Thanks for the information. SarahD debm55 Feb 26 #12
They were kind of bullied into getting married by their label TexasBushwhacker Feb 27 #224
The 'Pina Colada' song. rubbersole Feb 26 #9
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thank you rubbersole. debm55 Feb 26 #14
Waaaaaay overplayed. SarahD Feb 26 #22
I used to hate it until I rewrote it as the Sobpoena Colada Song Ritabert Feb 26 #89
Joni Mitchell 2!! rubbersole Feb 26 #120
Thanks. There are more stanzas but I remembered these Ritabert Feb 26 #143
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I like it . Thank you. Ritabert. debm55 Feb 26 #122
You're welcome. Ritabert Feb 26 #144
thanks for my first laugh out loud of the day FemDemERA Feb 26 #123
You're welcome Ritabert Feb 26 #145
Exquisite! So well done. . . Judi Lynn Feb 26 #139
Thanks! Ritabert Feb 26 #146
Only one? bucolic_frolic Feb 26 #11
I will edit the OP debm55 Feb 26 #15
If you google Muskrat Love, you get a list of similar songs. SarahD Feb 26 #16
SarahD, You mean there are more then one? debm55 Feb 26 #23
"Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man from Galilee" malthaussen Feb 26 #17
I remember the Hand song. I agree with you. debm55 Feb 26 #21
Macarena yankee87 Feb 26 #19
I hated that song. Then they started playing it at wedding receptions. debm55 Feb 26 #24
Weddings yankee87 Feb 26 #29
That and the Chicken Dance. debm55 Feb 26 #47
I went to a couple of quinceanaras when the Macarena was at its height of popularity EYESORE 9001 Feb 26 #52
Funny EYESORE9001 , TY debm55 Feb 26 #55
A little of that one goes a long way! Wow! Judi Lynn Feb 26 #148
I learned to dance the Macarena Demobrat Feb 26 #97
Thank you , Demobrat. We all have our different likes and dislikes. debm55 Feb 26 #124
And memories associated with a song change everything. Demobrat Feb 26 #147
Afternoon Delight Aviation Pro Feb 26 #20
Agree. overplayed, annoying song. debm55 Feb 26 #25
It's such a quintessential piece of early-70s feelgood pop... malthaussen Feb 26 #30
Agree with you . Thanks. debm55 Feb 26 #36
Feelgood pop...I see what you did there! nt Shermann Feb 26 #137
God awful. relayerbob Feb 26 #109
We Built This City - Starship Coventina Feb 26 #26
We have the same dislikes underpants Feb 26 #37
Agree, Agree,Agree. pompous song. debm55 Feb 26 #39
Coventina.......... Upthevibe Feb 26 #155
"Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro Diamond_Dog Feb 26 #27
Agree with you Diamond_Dog. Terrible song. Turned it off as soon as it came on. debm55 Feb 26 #40
The official worst song is "We Built This City." SarahD Feb 26 #31
GMTA!!! Coventina Feb 26 #45
My Sharona- the Knack; What's Goin' On- 5 non blondes; Honey- Bobby Goldsboro; anything by Foreigner or Michael Bolton NBachers Feb 26 #32
Agree. Ty debm55 Feb 26 #54
I am reccing this specifically for "anything by Foreigner" n/t ms liberty Feb 26 #87
HAHAhAhAHAHAHAHAH TY debm55 Feb 26 #128
Zappa! AltairIV Feb 26 #184
TY AltairIV debm55 Feb 26 #197
Not sure these count but Jamesm9164 Feb 26 #33
Jamesm9164 , we will count it this time, debm55 Feb 26 #50
Most Christmas songs. SarahD Feb 26 #88
Agree. SarahD. ty debm55 Feb 26 #130
Thong song consider_this Feb 26 #34
TY consider_this annoying terrible song. debm55 Feb 26 #43
"I Want It that Way." Aristus Feb 26 #38
Agree with you Aristus. It is crappy. Ty. debm55 Feb 26 #41
But, it did birth an awesome Weird Al version!!! Coventina Feb 26 #48
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Thanks Coventina. debm55 Feb 26 #73
Loved muskrat Dear_Prudence Feb 26 #42
Ty Dear_Prudence. It was crappy and annoying . Glad you changed your mind. debm55 Feb 26 #44
I love the parity version played on Dr Demento revmclaren Feb 26 #65
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. That is great, Ty revmclaren. debm55 Feb 26 #74
"Danny's (Dumb) Song" --Anne Murray, but esp. Loggins/Messina! lastlib Feb 26 #46
My parents loved Ann Murray. SarahD Feb 26 #51
I kinda like Ann Murray myself (though not at the top of my list......), but--- lastlib Feb 26 #172
I agree with you and my son's name is Danny. Once or twice those songs were good , but they were terribly overplayed. debm55 Feb 26 #57
UB40's Red, Red Wine TlalocW Feb 26 #49
HAHAHAHAHAH Agree here. and Ty. debm55 Feb 26 #58
danke schoen, Wayne Newton RoadRunner Feb 26 #53
You got that right! Overplayed, way overplayed. I always wondered if he knew how to play any other song. debm55 Feb 26 #60
Yes! The pronunciation makes me grind my teeth. SarahD Feb 26 #91
Almost forgot. Debbie Boone did "You Light Up My Life." SarahD Feb 26 #56
THAT'S IT!!!!! I hated that damn song. TY debm55 Feb 26 #59
Hooked enid602 Feb 26 #63
That was a very annoying song. I hated it. and really overplayed. TY enid602 debm55 Feb 26 #72
Oh, there are so many. rsdsharp Feb 26 #64
TY rsdsharp, I guess Wayne Newton knows 2 songs. Your other picks are spot on. debm55 Feb 26 #75
Somebody liked it. The didn't give out gold records unless it sold a million copies. rsdsharp Feb 26 #78
Walking on Broken Glass Chipper Chat Feb 26 #66
great annoying choices. Chipper Chat. ty debm55 Feb 26 #77
Anything by MOMFUDSKI Feb 26 #67
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Try driving from Pittsburgh to Huston during the height of the song. It was on every darn channel. debm55 Feb 26 #81
Agree MOMFUDSKI hate Captain and Tennille and Carpenters. Diamond_Dog Feb 26 #152
Absolutely. I could not stand Captain & Tennile... hlthe2b Feb 26 #170
Copa Cabana by Barry Manilow. 3catwoman3 Feb 26 #68
Ty, it was from his Disco Collection. If you stay up late you will see these songs in collectible form. Puts me right to debm55 Feb 26 #84
I'll go even further: nocoincidences Feb 26 #162
Yeah, pretty much. 3catwoman3 Feb 26 #165
One post short of 22,000 debm55!!!!!!!!! Fla Dem Feb 26 #69
Thank you Fla Dem. All these posts that I forgot about are popping up and I like to answer each of the posters for debm55 Feb 26 #85
My Dingaling thucythucy Feb 26 #70
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. there was a song called My Dingaling. ?????? debm55 Feb 26 #76
Yes. LoisB Feb 27 #221
That's funny. TY LoisB. debm55 Feb 27 #231
Never liked "Spill the Wine," "Honey", "Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be" (Last Kiss), or "Harper Valley PTA".... Backseat Driver Feb 26 #71
Coming to ban that song. SarahD Feb 26 #95
It was a terrible song with a terrible message. debm55 Feb 26 #102
Those would be on my list too. Ty Backseat Driver. debm55 Feb 26 #100
You were a bad kid. TY you BackseatDriver. debm55 Feb 26 #198
There are lots of them, and I usually like Jimmy Buffett, but "Come Monday "gets stuck in my head Walleye Feb 26 #79
Sorry Walleye, I liked American Woman. debm55 Feb 26 #103
That's OK I know a lot of people do. To me it's too frenetic. Makes me nervous Walleye Feb 26 #113
Yes, I hope you weren't offended I liked it. TY . debm55 Feb 26 #115
Not at all, never. Musical tastes belong to you. Nobody can tell you what to like Walleye Feb 27 #228
Band on the Run CCExile Feb 26 #80
Agree. CCExile. debm55 Feb 26 #107
Hey Jude Jeebo Feb 26 #82
I thought all of the Wings songs were annoying. debm55 Feb 26 #104
I cannot stand Maybe I'm Amazed. Demobrat Feb 26 #149
I had the album RAM and I liked it. Wings stunk. debm55 Feb 26 #199
Yup Demobrat Feb 26 #202
Surely not "Mull of Kintyre!" Glorfindel Feb 27 #253
I am annoyed at anything done by Wings. He was better on his own. I felt the group was riding on his shirt tails.JMO debm55 Feb 27 #254
I can take it or leave it. It is not my favorite Beatle song. I like :Let it Be" Thank you Jeebo. debm55 Feb 26 #111
Ever see McCartney in concert? Freddie Feb 26 #142
That was the only Beatles song I liked. LoisB Feb 27 #222
Never Gonna Give You Up sdfernando Feb 26 #83
Annoying is the point Shermann Feb 26 #116
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH Good one. TY sdfernando debm55 Feb 26 #119
Anything by Bread. LakeArenal Feb 26 #86
They call it "soft rock" around here. The songs all sound the same. Ty LakeArenal debm55 Feb 26 #121
So many excellent examples, all of them would be on my list! ms liberty Feb 26 #90
Ding Dong the witch is dead. WestMichRad Feb 26 #92
WestMichRad. I agree with the second sound, but I take issue with the first. I makes me want to get up and dance and debm55 Feb 26 #93
couldn't stop singing "Ding Dong" after Margaret Thatcher crapped out rurallib Feb 26 #179
Agree, Thank you rurallib. debm55 Feb 26 #201
Lots Of Good Choices On This Thread ProfessorGAC Feb 26 #94
Got that right Professor on Yummy yummy yummy and sugar sugar. Were they both done by the Archies? debm55 Feb 26 #135
YYY Was Done By The Ohio Express ProfessorGAC Feb 26 #150
Thanks ProfessorGAC. That's what I thought the Archies were---a put together band. debm55 Feb 26 #193
Springsteen's cover of "Santa Claus Coming To Town" BluesRunTheGame Feb 26 #96
Agree. Sorry Bruce, I love you, but that version was annoying. Ty BluesRunThe Game debm55 Feb 26 #138
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Cartoonist Feb 26 #98
Said that one, also relayerbob Feb 26 #112
Oh DEFINITELY the Lion Sleeps one!! You just can't get it out of your head! Diamond_Dog Feb 26 #161
I like to hear it--once every decade... hlthe2b Feb 26 #175
Agree. Thank you Cartoonist. debm55 Feb 26 #203
My Sharona yankee87 Feb 26 #99
Juxtaposition, I love Weird Al Yankovic's cover Brother Buzz Feb 26 #126
Weren't they one hit wonders? Never heard of them after that song.That was good because the song was annoying. debm55 Feb 27 #275
You... Light up my life calguy Feb 26 #101
So annoying yankee87 Feb 26 #132
That "Oh Mickey" song. Ear worm of that when I was hunting nearly caused me to turn the gun on myself. rzemanfl Feb 26 #105
Oh Mickey, with the chearleaders video. ANNOYING. Ty, rzemanfl. debm55 Feb 27 #234
A Lion Sleeps Tonight relayerbob Feb 26 #106
Sugar Sugar by the Archies. Chainfire Feb 26 #108
Bubblegum music. SarahD Feb 26 #177
It was so annoying , Played all the time. . thank you, SarahD debm55 Feb 27 #241
This stupid ass song was #1 Song of the Year when I graduated... 3catwoman3 Feb 27 #219
Agree with you 3catwoman3. TY debm55 Feb 27 #235
Ace Of Base - The Sign Shermann Feb 26 #117
HAHAhAhAHAHAHH, Agree. TY Shermann. debm55 Feb 26 #118
The Debbie Boone song is "You Light Up My Liiiiife." She strained so hard it seemed you could see her tonsils. Judi Lynn Feb 26 #125
Thank you , Judi Lynn. debm55 Feb 27 #232
My annoying choice was the NUMBER ONE SONG in 1969... Thunderbeast Feb 26 #127
Where they even a group? I always thought that is was just a promo for the show. PS Horrible song debm55 Feb 26 #133
Sadly... They were... Thunderbeast Feb 26 #140
TY for that info, Thunderbeast debm55 Feb 27 #274
The Pina Colada Song nt GenThePerservering Feb 26 #129
Very annoying . Man cheats on his girlfriend with his girlfriend. I would have told him to hit the road. Annoying and debm55 Feb 27 #240
his girlfriend was doing the same thing. jg10003 Feb 28 #287
TY, I didn't get that from the song but maybe I missed something. debm55 Feb 29 #290
On reconsideration perhaps The Tennessee Birdwalk. Chainfire Feb 26 #131
TY, Chainfire. I can see where that would really annoying. So sorry, was it popular? debm55 Feb 27 #257
Hotel California mobeau69 Feb 26 #136
I liked it when it first came out but it was so overplayed. that it annoyed me. TY mobeau69 debm55 Feb 26 #141
With you on that! Easterncedar Feb 26 #156
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da snpsmom Feb 26 #151
I used to like their stuff. Then they were everywhere and started to be annoying, TY snpsmom debm55 Feb 27 #271
The Night Chocago Died CanonRay Feb 26 #153
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Ty, CanonRay. debm55 Feb 27 #242
Yes, Chicago Really Has an East Side Celerity Feb 29 #292
If I were a carpenter... Easterncedar Feb 26 #154
Ty Eastercedar. I sort of liked it but it was overplayed and lost it's touch. My boyfriend was a carpenter and when he debm55 Feb 27 #263
Sorry to have stepped on the painful memory Easterncedar Feb 27 #267
That's okay ---too young. He married the blond cheerleader/ homecomeing queen and I put myself through college and met debm55 Feb 27 #269
I would answer this but first I have to go get that damn cake out of the rain! dameatball Feb 26 #157
And it took so long to bake it , and you'll never have that recipe againnnnnnn, oh no. Ty demeatball, annoying and LONG debm55 Feb 26 #208
Sweet Home Alabama. Shut up already puveyor of ignorance! GreenWave Feb 26 #158
Leningrad Cowboys Red Army Choir SWEET HOME ALABAMA (best version LOL!) Goonch Feb 26 #166
Looks like it was a Special Military Operation. lpbk2713 Feb 26 #178
They were all killed in an AIr Plane Crash. Ty you Gooch, I forget about them, Funny but sad too. debm55 Feb 26 #183
The Red Army Choir sang backup to a cover of "Sweet Home Alabama" done by the Leningrad Cowboys a Finnish rock band Goonch Feb 27 #230
Neil and Ronnie VanZandt were good friends MichMan Feb 26 #206
Thank you MichMan, I think I read that somewhere but forgot about it. debm55 Feb 26 #213
debm55........ Upthevibe Feb 26 #159
TY Upthevibe. I thought both were annoying especially Disco Duck. debm55 Feb 26 #204
Fire - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown OAITW r.2.0 Feb 26 #160
Yep , both songs were annoying . InnaGoddaDavida way too long. TY debm55 Feb 27 #233
Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyaki Goonch Feb 26 #163
I agree with almost ever song posted here solara Feb 26 #167
She won a Grammy for You Light Up My Life. Ty for the information., solara Great choices. debm55 Feb 26 #200
Lovin' You by Minnie Ripperton MichMan Feb 26 #168
Ty MichMan. The shrilling high voice. debm55 Feb 26 #188
Nothing comes close to justaprogressive Feb 26 #173
good gawd yes - just horrible rurallib Feb 26 #180
Agree, rurallib. Was that for the film John Wayne made? Like he would know about fighting in a war. coward that he was. debm55 Feb 26 #192
OH that is so true! TY justaprogressive and they played it ALL the time. debm55 Feb 26 #191
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson Glorfindel Feb 26 #176
TY Glorifingel. Yes. Man refusing to take responsibility for child. Lets all dance. debm55 Feb 26 #187
My vague memory says most of the stuff before the Beatles was very weak rurallib Feb 26 #181
Young Elvis, was sexy, I guess, I just remember the bloated years.TY ruralib. debm55 Feb 26 #186
From the Reagan era, Lee Greenwood's... GReedDiamond Feb 26 #182
That song goes that far back? Wow,that song sucks,.TY GReed Diamond. I fixed sticks to sucks. Not used to using bad debm55 Feb 26 #185
Did you mean "sucks"? But yeah... GReedDiamond Feb 26 #189
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. so sorry debm55 Feb 26 #190
Sucks, stinks - it's all good (bad)! - nt GReedDiamond Feb 26 #194
Anything by Andy Kim. GP6971 Feb 26 #196
Ty GP6971 Agree. debm55 Feb 26 #205
Mike Douglas "The Men in My Little Girl's Life" mockmonkey Feb 26 #207
He had a show out of Cleveland and then moved to Philadelphia. Used to have a guest on for the whole week. He had John. debm55 Feb 27 #237
I used to watch Mike Douglas when I was a kid. mockmonkey Feb 27 #245
Thank you mockmonkey. I remember it was on at 4:00 PM after the soaps. He had some very interesting weekly guests. debm55 Feb 27 #246
Yummy Yummy Yummy - Ohio Express. patphil Feb 26 #210
Dont worry be happy Demovictory9 Feb 26 #211
Thank you Demovictory9. What started up as a nice song got the heck beaten out of it by overplaying. debm55 Feb 27 #282
That trucker song from the 70s "convoy"? Demovictory9 Feb 26 #212
I just heard that again a few weeks ago MichMan Feb 26 #214
Arrrrrrgggg! Demovictory9 Feb 27 #217
For real? I found it so annoying, Car Radio went off everytime it was on. I think it was called "convoy"Ty MichMan. debm55 Feb 27 #218
Bobby Goldsborough - Honey. woodsprite Feb 27 #216
Ty woodsprite. Agree, Very annoying. In fact all his songs were annoying. debm55 Feb 27 #272
Nancy Sinatra - These Boots are Made for Walking. LoisB Feb 27 #220
I was young and everyone wanted white go go boots. The song was like an ad for boots. Annoying and constantly playes. TY debm55 Feb 27 #262
OMG, debm55, I had totally forgotten about "Go-Go". LoisB Feb 27 #264
Hollapalew or something like that. Maybe some one can help us out Ty LoisB debm55 Feb 27 #265
Got it! Hullabaloo was one and Shindig! LoisB Feb 27 #268
So sorry LoisB , Boy did I mess that up. Shindig, i watched too, debm55 Feb 27 #270
Nah, you were close. I couldn't remember at all. LoisB Feb 27 #281
"Sugar Sugar" Grins Feb 27 #223
Yes two popular but very, very annoying songs. TY , Grins. debm55 Feb 27 #261
Sweet Home Alabama: news flash - the sky is blue everywhere jg10003 Feb 27 #225
HAHAHAHAHAHaha. that's funny. Ty you jg10003, debm55 Feb 27 #236
ALL "hits" sung by Pat Boone. Especially April Love, Speedy Gonzales, etc. retread Feb 27 #227
Agree. retread. and add his daughter Debbie Boone's You Light Up My Life a Grammy Winner, Ty, retread. debm55 Feb 27 #229
Pat's rendition of "Tutti Fruity" is a classic.... OAITW r.2.0 Feb 27 #239
HAHAHAHAHAHA I bet it was. and annoying. debm55 Feb 27 #243
Couldn't have all those white kids dancing to "jungle music". retread Mar 1 #294
Earworms all Doc_Technical Feb 27 #238
Agree with you, Doc_Technical. TY debm55 Feb 27 #248
"Brand New Key", "Midnight at the Oasis"... Harker Feb 27 #244
Hahahahahhaha. Yes those are annoying songs. TY Harker. I left my cake out in the rain and I don't think I can remake it debm55 Feb 27 #247
OMG, yes - "Midnight at the Oasis"! Terrible song. Mad_Dem_X Feb 27 #249
So bad that I regret having mentioned it. Harker Feb 27 #250
Agree. debm55 Feb 27 #259
Saw Maria Muldaur in a bar about 1995 or so. SarahD Feb 27 #277
We Built This City on Rock n Roll Bristlecone Feb 27 #251
Gee, just by the titles they sound annoying. TY you Bristlecone. debm55 Feb 27 #256
fox marble falls Feb 27 #252
HAHAHHAHAH. is that for real??? TY marble falls. And yes it is annoying. debm55 Feb 27 #255
Yep. And it was a novelty hit here in the states. marble falls Feb 27 #258
Thank you. marble falls. debm55 Feb 27 #260
Country versions of many, many, many rock n roll songs. SarahD Feb 27 #278
TY SarahD, How could anyone do a remake of Janis Joplin's song. How could it not be annoying and worthless piece of crap debm55 Feb 27 #283
Let's see... Charlie Chapulin Feb 27 #279
Bingo! annoying, annoying, annoying. TY Charlie Chapulin. debm55 Feb 27 #284
I liked... Mike Nelson Feb 27 #280
Ty Mike Nelson, Muskrat Love is very annoying and never made sense to me. PS We all have our own taste in music. You are debm55 Feb 27 #285
Oh darn! Forgot "Ballad of the Green Beret." SarahD Feb 28 #289
Yes, that was a stinker song. TY SarahD. debm55 Feb 29 #291
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