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16. I saw messages on Twitter recently where AI artists were taunting a real artist who sells
Mon Feb 19, 2024, 10:46 PM
Feb 2024

her real paintings. One mocked her for not being able to generate an image in seconds, and the other said he'd gone through her Twitter posts and uploaded her art to Midjourney to make it easier to steal.

How are you using AI? [View all] bucolic_frolic Feb 2024 OP
Not using it. AI is the devil. Scrivener7 Feb 2024 #1
Best Answer IA8IT Feb 2024 #6
I'm not, I don't even know how. Ocelot II Feb 2024 #2
NOPE FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #3
I agree vishnura Feb 2024 #5
A photographer friend of mine FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #8
I saw messages on Twitter recently where AI artists were taunting a real artist who sells highplainsdem Feb 2024 #16
I believe it. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #17
I agree that soul will be missing. So will real talent, when generative AI is used. I don't know if you saw highplainsdem Feb 2024 #26
Thanks Highplains FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #27
No XanaDUer2 Feb 2024 #4
IMHO, there is no such thing as 'true' AI. The 'AI' that I seem to see is basically a long-winded series of SWBTATTReg Feb 2024 #7
It's not an opinion, you are correct Polybius Feb 2024 #12
I'm guessing that by true AI you mean AGI. And as you said, we're not there yet, and there's a lot highplainsdem Feb 2024 #15
This is a little embarrassing, but I found it funny TlalocW Feb 2024 #9
I've been using AI for years. Niagara Feb 2024 #10
The OP is talking about generative AI, the type currently being hyped. Very little of what you highplainsdem Feb 2024 #13
In general, AI refers to systems that are self-learning. You are conflating the terms "algorithmic" with "AI." Earth-shine Feb 2024 #19
My new dryer in fact contains AI. Niagara Feb 2024 #24
You are "confused" by marketing hype. Your dryer is not actually not self-learning on how to dry clothes. Earth-shine Feb 2024 #25
Avoiding it as much as possible, snot Feb 2024 #11
Which of the generative AI chatbots have you been using? highplainsdem Feb 2024 #14
I recently put together a website where I needed certain images so I generated them with AI. Earth-shine Feb 2024 #18
There's enough risk of copyright issues with AI-generated images that some of the companies highplainsdem Feb 2024 #20
I did just fine with it. No one will sue me or even want to. Earth-shine Feb 2024 #21
Artists still hate AI art generators. highplainsdem Feb 2024 #22
Of course they do. It's competition. If I wasn't already retired as a Tech Writer, I'd be quite concerned about Earth-shine Feb 2024 #23
It's so weird that it cannot draw hands correctly bc animators had the same problem with Yavin4 Feb 2024 #32
AI makes pictures by comparing to previous pictures. It has trouble seeing two fingers close together as Earth-shine Feb 2024 #33
Don't use it, but my one task would be to ask AI maxrandb Feb 2024 #28
I asked it to draw a diagram of a subduction zone Oilfieldtrash Feb 2024 #29
And when AI grows up... Yavin4 Feb 2024 #31
I'm studying it rigorously. Yavin4 Feb 2024 #30
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