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43. I work part time at the local grocery store.
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 07:22 AM
Feb 16

I shop the orders for people to pick up or have delivered. I like helping people find their stuff.
And the stockers that come in for vendors and the ones who come in to refresh the shelves are unfailingly helpful and nice.

That was Rude [View all] BlueKota Feb 15 OP
She sure as hell should have. elleng Feb 15 #1
This is the first time I witnessed it in this store BlueKota Feb 15 #14
Glad your relations there are good, similar to mine. elleng Feb 15 #16
Holy Niagara Feb 15 #34
Imagine THAT!!! elleng Feb 15 #36
Exactly. I've had people try that with me. They're not successful and I politely explain it. Niagara Feb 15 #38
Thanks, that was very informative. SamKnause Feb 15 #40
My pleasure, SamKnause. Niagara Feb 16 #42
I never knew that. BlueKota Feb 16 #53
There ya go, BlueKota. Niagara Feb 17 #66
It happens to all of us. Laffy Kat Feb 16 #44
Nowadays that stocker might not work for the store Mosby Feb 15 #2
I think you're right. I've seen vendor stockers there, delivering the items they're contracted for, Aristus Feb 15 #12
I wish I could find stuff easily at Publix! csziggy Feb 16 #45
That's possible BlueKota Feb 15 #17
Yes, that occurred to me. soldierant Feb 16 #50
It's owned by a family who started out as a small BlueKota Feb 16 #56
You sold me on them in comment #2 ... soldierant Feb 16 #62
Folks are going through shit we know nothing about. Swede Feb 15 #3
Perhaps, but I didn't get that from reading the OP. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 15 #13
That is the way it usually is at this store. BlueKota Feb 15 #19
How hard is it to remember where the baked goods are? OAITW r.2.0 Feb 15 #31
For sure BlueKota Feb 15 #35
Mandatory, "how are you" at check-in. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 15 #39
That could be BlueKota Feb 15 #18
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 16 #48
I know where all trolls belong KS Toronado Feb 16 #49
Obviously not very good at her job BlueKota Feb 16 #54
Hello. You sound nice. GP6971 Feb 16 #55
3rd times a charm. William769 Feb 16 #57
I have done a few retail jobs in my day... rogerballard Feb 15 #4
I worked for Sears over the holidays BlueKota Feb 15 #20
you're more than correct - little or no excuse stopdiggin Feb 15 #5
She could probably benefit from both time off BlueKota Feb 15 #21
Being that rude to a customer is a good way to get fired. rsdsharp Feb 15 #6
For sure BlueKota Feb 15 #22
How does he know where to stock items Bristlecone Feb 15 #7
Good question BlueKota Feb 15 #24
That person won't be surviving long in their current job. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 15 #8
I hope the lady who she talked to that way reported her BlueKota Feb 15 #25
I think most of these stockers are not grocery store employees. Bluethroughu Feb 15 #9
I bet you're right BlueKota Feb 15 #26
The store can complain to the vendor, but it's my bet Bluethroughu Feb 16 #47
That might be BlueKota Feb 16 #58
I witnessed exactly such an interaction just yesterday stopdiggin Feb 15 #33
That's the way it should be BlueKota Feb 16 #59
If you let a response like that go right through you gab13by13 Feb 15 #10
Good point BlueKota Feb 15 #27
That stock clerk won't be working there much longer. lpbk2713 Feb 15 #11
Definitely agree on the no customer services skills BlueKota Feb 15 #28
I'd write him up. Next time, don't let the door hit you in the... brush Feb 15 #15
For sure BlueKota Feb 15 #29
Unacceptable. The correct answer is I don't know, I am a stocker but let me find someone who can help you. MLAA Feb 15 #23
I agree BlueKota Feb 15 #30
The grocery store clerk should be fired for being so rude kimbutgar Feb 15 #32
Hope it was just a bad day. If that's his usual demeanor, he'll retire an underpaid/po'd stock clerk. Silent Type Feb 15 #37
Hope so too BlueKota Feb 16 #60
At Safeway stores here Mr.Bill Feb 15 #41
That's normally what the employees do in this BlueKota Feb 16 #61
I work part time at the local grocery store. redwitch Feb 16 #43
I'm a regular at the local Giant Freddie Feb 16 #52
That sounds like a great environment to work in. BlueKota Feb 16 #63
Had I ever responded like that XanaDUer2 Feb 16 #46
Me too BlueKota Feb 16 #64
In all my years of shopping in all sorts of shops in all sorts of neighborhood, I've never heard anything like ... marble falls Feb 16 #51
It was surprising BlueKota Feb 16 #65
It's shameful, the way people have started to treat each other. One more terrible thing to lay at TFG's feet: ... marble falls Feb 17 #68
Must have been a Kroger. Rude people and still stocking shelves at 11:00am. Hotler Feb 17 #67
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