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17. petronius,,,,,
Sun Feb 11, 2024, 12:13 AM
Feb 2024

I sooooooooooooo hear you!

I'm rooting for the Niners because they've been my team for most of my life. They haven't won a super bowl since 1995! They were playing the (then) San Diego Chargers, and I was thrilled that Steve Young was finally able to be the quarterback to win after Joe Montana's fantastic reign.

Having said all of that, I've also rooted for the Chiefs (one of my besties) has been a Chiefs fan for years.

I'll be a little disappointed if the Niners lose but I would enjoy seeing Magat's melt down because of Taylor (who I very much admire).

the owners niyad Feb 2024 #1
The Montreal Expos NoRethugFriends Feb 2024 #2
Taylor Swift? bamagal62 Feb 2024 #3
+1....... by four points...nt mitch96 Feb 2024 #7
Advertisers (n/t) PJMcK Feb 2024 #4
Lions. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #5
I'll take that action ZonkerHarris Feb 2024 #8
You know they're the real winners ... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #10
The Chefs. GreenWave Feb 2024 #6
Great Googly Moogly ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #14
As a Californian I'll be cheering for the Niners, but my gut says the Chiefs will take it petronius Feb 2024 #9
it will be hilarious ZonkerHarris Feb 2024 #11
petronius,,,,, Upthevibe Feb 2024 #17
Note... Different Drummer Feb 2024 #12
noted for the record. ZonkerHarris Feb 2024 #15
I Have To Pass ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #13
Funny thing about Super Bowls. Whenever you expect a good game, a blowout shows up ZonkerHarris Feb 2024 #16
Quarterbacks and coaching are what will make the difference in this close game. LudwigPastorius Feb 2024 #18
Who's on first. lpbk2713 Feb 2024 #19
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