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It sucks. Florida should be there, they have the record.............................. Lovie777 Dec 2023 #1
Sounds like Medicare Advantage, gab13by13 Dec 2023 #3
Until insurance company decides something is too expensive & denies coverage EYESORE 9001 Dec 2023 #4
Ron DeSantis' fantasy meatball league Blue Owl Dec 2023 #35
Yeah, going by the rules gab13by13 Dec 2023 #2
College football is an entertainment business. Financially, it makes more sense to put in the teams that will draw more Ferrets are Cool Dec 2023 #5
Exactly this Docreed2003 Dec 2023 #7
It doesn't matter now to anyone but the FSU and Alabama football players. NCIndie Dec 2023 #10
It matters a LOT to the advertisers. Ferrets are Cool Dec 2023 #22
You misinterpreted my post. NCIndie Dec 2023 #24
They are punishing the whole team Emile Dec 2023 #6
Injuries are part of the game. calguy Dec 2023 #9
Really??? Just imagine... Geezoh Dec 2023 #17
That's not how it works in professional sports. calguy Dec 2023 #20
They need to expand that 12-team bracket to a 16-team bracket jmowreader Dec 2023 #38
You cannot not logically compare pro vs amateur. They are run by different organizations and interests. Ferrets are Cool Dec 2023 #23
Not just any player. NCIndie Dec 2023 #25
Each player on the team are important. The Emile Dec 2023 #30
They aren't going. NCIndie Dec 2023 #31
Seriously? I point out injustice and you are Emile Dec 2023 #33
Sorry. That was pretty offensive on my part. NCIndie Dec 2023 #36
The selection committee used Samuel Alito's definition of precedent 303squadron Dec 2023 #8
Unlike the Supreme Court, the NCAA is in the entertainment business. NCIndie Dec 2023 #11
The committees decision was wrong 303squadron Dec 2023 #21
Strength of schedule had something to do with it as well... Wounded Bear Dec 2023 #12
The committee's decision is 100% correct. They executed their charge to the letter. NCIndie Dec 2023 #13
The selection committee had to make a tough call. House of Roberts Dec 2023 #14
Next year, number of teams in CFP increases. That will help avoid this. But Fla State and Georgia playing in Silent Type Dec 2023 #15
I was running errands yesterday and was listening to a sports call in show for a bit rurallib Dec 2023 #16
Defense still wins championships... Geezoh Dec 2023 #18
I quit watching football a few years ago gratuitous Dec 2023 #19
I have no quarrel with Michigan. Washington, and Texas being 3/4 of the CFP bracket. Different Drummer Dec 2023 #26
Of all the problems that the nation and world is facing today, whether FSU goes to the playoffs is Chainfire Dec 2023 #27
I say they ruined New Years Day for this shit. That was for me the greatest sports day of the year. I never cared if brewens Dec 2023 #28
Ohio State in 2014 Tom Kitten Dec 2023 #29
+1 Emile Dec 2023 #34
You can't do better than winning ALL your games. Jeebo Dec 2023 #32
At least we will be spared seeing that tomahawk chop and the hohoho crap. retread Dec 2023 #37
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