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I think we had a complete collection of Mitch Miller - we used to sing along with them, still remember the songs Rhiannon12866 Dec 2023 #1
my wife's parents had Mitch Miller Christmas albums! NewHendoLib Dec 2023 #2
We not only had his Christmas albums, we had them all! Rhiannon12866 Dec 2023 #5
Gene Autry ebbie15644 Dec 2023 #3
This is the one I remeber, born 1952 likesmountains 52 Dec 2023 #4
The Andy Williams Christmas Album Loryn Dec 2023 #6
We yust go kacekwl Dec 2023 #7
And, an album with different songs, but this one I remeber loving so much likesmountains 52 Dec 2023 #8
My favorite version of that piece! Beartracks Dec 2023 #13
Christmas with the Chipmunks bluedigger Dec 2023 #9
we ended up with that one too! NewHendoLib Dec 2023 #10
IIRC That was the album I got with my first record player! Beartracks Dec 2023 #14
Deleted. Freethinker65 Dec 2023 #11
Another 56er! 2naSalit Dec 2023 #12
We had albums madamesilverspurs Dec 2023 #15
my dad used to take me along to thrift type shops and he bought some of those thick LPs! NewHendoLib Dec 2023 #16
Boston Pops "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" was one Beartracks Dec 2023 #17
perry como....much warmer than bing nt msongs Dec 2023 #18
Ray Coniff, We Wish You A Merry Christmas Laffy Kat Dec 2023 #19
The Sing Along with Mitch Christmas album, which included lyrics sheets, and the Andy Williams album Mousetoescamper Dec 2023 #20
Yeah, Mitch was in the house at Xmas time. no_hypocrisy Dec 2023 #23
The Firestone albums. Archae Dec 2023 #21
We had 2 of the Firestone but the main album was Bing Crosby rurallib Dec 2023 #32
Eight Trak bpj62 Dec 2023 #22
My bil hated that BS sang on it. efhmc Dec 2023 #33
The Temptations ggma Dec 2023 #24
Burl Ives. Holly Jolly Christmas, Rudolph, Frosty. It was always Burl Ives at our house. Midnight Writer Dec 2023 #25
Morman Tabernacle Choir......... MyOwnPeace Dec 2023 #26
Love Jingle Bells by the Tabernacle Choir rogerballard Dec 2023 #28
Jackie Gleason... rogerballard Dec 2023 #27
The smoothies Tiny Tabby Dec 2023 #29
1950 Chipper Chat Dec 2023 #30
My parents did not play albums. rzemanfl Dec 2023 #31
I don't remember ever hearing xmas music in our house growing up unless it was on the tv in a program beaglelover Dec 2023 #34
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