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No words ailsagirl Dec 4 #1
The cover s less photoshoppd: tblue37 Dec 4 #8
If I turned around and saw THAT behind me on a dark night, I'd go immediately into self-defense mode... hlthe2b Dec 4 #30
Jesus Jumpin' Christ on a Pogo stick. 3Hotdogs Dec 4 #2
oye! elleng Dec 4 #3
Takes a mighty fart to make that material stiffen out like that Blue Owl Dec 4 #4
Yikey Tom Kitten Dec 4 #5
The lengths you go to own the libs. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 4 #6
Yikes. That's scary. Ocelot II Dec 4 #7
The 'Uncanny Valley', Ma'am, Can Be Approached From Either Direction.... The Magistrate Dec 4 #10
Actually, she used to be stunning. Unfortunately, too many women go way overboard tblue37 Dec 4 #11
G-a-a-a-a-h! No taste. And I thought Melania trump's bad taste couldn't be beaten. brush Dec 4 #9
This is way beyond mere bad taste. Ocelot II Dec 4 #14
Ahhh...Cruella. Agreed. And what is with that abysmal high neck collar? brush Dec 4 #15
The high collar is to cover her saggy, crepey neck. Ocelot II Dec 4 #16
with a little airbrush here and there eShirl Dec 4 #21
'Meth Addled Vampire'! FTW! GoneOffShore Dec 4 #22
She was pretty when she was married to Gavin Newsom. madaboutharry Dec 4 #12
Same face..with more eyeliner and less smlies Demovictory9 Dec 4 #24
Anger destroys beauty. She married into anger & victimhood. It hasn't helped her. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 4 #36
melania clone...scary how they look alike nt msongs Dec 4 #13
Mysterious! diva77 Dec 4 #17
The lion looks like Ron Perlman in Beauty and the Beast. mahatmakanejeeves Dec 4 #18
Beauty is as beauty does, as the saying goes Deuxcents Dec 4 #19
lol eShirl Dec 4 #20
There is a well recognized term for this in Latin. SalamanderSleeps Dec 4 #23
It doesn't say ego to me. It says sad desperation. And wtf is with this magazine or whatever it is? bullimiami Dec 4 #29
I was thinking the same. bamagal62 Dec 4 #33
I think we can imagine the demographic that mag caters to. Boomerproud Dec 4 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Dec 4 #25
Absolutely hideous! calimary Dec 4 #26
and these people complain about drag queens? Skittles Dec 4 #27
It was very economical for her to recycle the curtains into a dress. IcyPeas Dec 4 #28
"She just saw it in a window......" lastlib Dec 4 #35
Wonder what Jr. wakes up to in the morning? jmbar2 Dec 4 #31
I dislike these kind of posts peasant one Dec 4 #32
Gavin, what were you thinking? Zambero Dec 4 #37
Oh! I just love what she's done with her mouth! Nice set of pipefitter lips! LOL brewens Dec 4 #38
First thought: Bizarro from the old Superman comics rurallib Dec 4 #39
All that's missing from that photo is... LudwigPastorius Dec 4 #40
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