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11. I take magnesium every day.
Mon Nov 27, 2023, 09:59 PM
Nov 2023

If I don't, I get terrible muscle cramps if I've exercised. If I take too much I have the trots! 😳

I am so sorry for you. Did they finally figure out what was wrong? What actually made you sick? I hope all goes well you debm55 Nov 2023 #1
I think it was just the diarrhea getting my blood chemistry out of whack cyclonefence Nov 2023 #6
Sorry to hear your life took a bit of a turn, but look at it this way, Fla Dem Nov 2023 #2
Horrifying! cilla4progress Nov 2023 #3
I kinda do cyclonefence Nov 2023 #7
I do hope you feel better. Never heard of diarrhea being sinkingfeeling Nov 2023 #4
Do you remember Karen Carpenter? cyclonefence Nov 2023 #8
I take magnesium every day. cilla4progress Nov 2023 #11
Woke up morning feeling tired. multigraincracker Nov 2023 #5
Oh what a wonderful story! n/t cyclonefence Nov 2023 #9
Is your diarrhea cleared up? Hope you feel better. BoomaofBandM Nov 2023 #10
Yup cyclonefence Nov 2023 #19
Holy cow! 2naSalit Nov 2023 #12
Oh my glob cyclonefence Nov 2023 #20
Don't know... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #21
same here. I went AGAIN to the ER. They examined and tested. Got sent home. filled prescription they sent pharm. CTyankee Nov 2023 #25
I have a defibrillator/pacemaker installed MiniMe Nov 2023 #13
I asked my husband catchnrelease Nov 2023 #16
I got mine in 2020 MiniMe Nov 2023 #17
Defibrillator / pacemaker CloudWatcher Nov 2023 #14
Here's what my manufacturer's user's guide says cyclonefence Nov 2023 #22
Is the underlying diarrhea being treated? n/t BaronChocula Nov 2023 #15
It went away (slowly) without treatment cyclonefence Nov 2023 #23
low potassium in spite of the bananas? BWdem4life Nov 2023 #18
I thought they would help cyclonefence Nov 2023 #24
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