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9. I'm not going to try to count them, but ...
Tue Nov 14, 2023, 12:46 AM
Nov 2023

... I wish all the web sites/banks/e-mails/etc. would get together and standardize the rules for which characters and how many are required for passwords. Every time I have to come up with a password, I try to use the same one I have for other accounts, but quickly find out that is impossible because the rules for one password are different for the next one. The number of characters, whether they have to be alphanumeric or upper/lower case, whether they require special characters and which special characters are included in their list, etc. So every password I have to come up with has to be different, which means I have a gazillion different passwords I have to remember, which means every time I try to get into that web site or e-mail account or bank account or whatever, I can't remember the password and then I have to hit the "Forgot password?" button and open up that e-mail they send you to reset your password and make up a new one. And then they won't accept my new password because it is the same one or a recent one and one of their rules is that it can't be the same as one of your last 10, or because it doesn't follow their rules and I have a hard time figuring out why, or because my new password is one character too few and I have to add one character that's going to make it impossible for me to remember that password later, or because ... well, whatever. The result of all this is that sometimes I scream and pull my hair out by the roots and there have even been times when I was not able to get logged in and finally just gave up.

These exasperating problems could be solved if they would all get together and standardize the rules for making up your password. Then people could have the same password for everything and nobody would have to go nuts trying to get past password walls.

I could go on venting my spleen about this, but I think I've made my point.

-- Ron

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