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Congratulations - enjoy the journey that lies ahead. waterwatcher123 Nov 2023 #1
I guess that Congrats are in order, if this is what you wish to do. You didn't mention that this was a SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #2
I start my new job on Monday. No rest for the wicked. Aristus Nov 2023 #5
Ahhh, just as good, better pay, and you're looking forward to the new job, how nice and best wishes to you!! SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #12
Thank you. Aristus Nov 2023 #30
Way to go. That's how it's done. brush Nov 2023 #28
Congrats. MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #3
An emotional day, for sure. Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #4
Thank you. Aristus Nov 2023 #7
GMTA. Was just about to ask how this day is going. niyad Nov 2023 #6
It's quiet. Getting the final stuff done. Surfing the net a little. Aristus Nov 2023 #9
hit the turbos and get outa there . AllaN01Bear Nov 2023 #11
Do hope your new position is all you want it to be. chillfactor Nov 2023 #8
I made sure my contract doesn't require all the things I don't want it to be. Aristus Nov 2023 #10
Veterans Day - the place I work is closed so we can't serve meals erronis Nov 2023 #34
The end of an era PJMcK Nov 2023 #13
The Dude wanted me to tell you ... Medical_Mom Nov 2023 #14
As long as He Abides, he is welcome any time. Aristus Nov 2023 #17
A job well done Bundbuster Nov 2023 #15
Hope you are still staying in the Evergreen State montanacowboy Nov 2023 #16
I'm changing organizations, but I'm only moving a few blocks away from my current clinic. Aristus Nov 2023 #18
You are a good person. ZonkerHarris Nov 2023 #38
That's very nice of you to say. Aristus Nov 2023 #43
Congrats... S/V Loner Nov 2023 #19
I will be raising a toast tonight Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #20
Thank you. Aristus Nov 2023 #21
On to the next phase! BumRushDaShow Nov 2023 #27
Aristus,? Enjoy yourself tonight.and congratulations for all you have done. debm55 Nov 2023 #22
Jut leaving the clinic. Joining a similar organization nearby. Aristus Nov 2023 #24
Congratulations! nt Trueblue Texan Nov 2023 #23
Can't drink, but will a commiserating piece of loaded chocolate do? Warpy Nov 2023 #25
Our cleaning staff is a guy named Heraclio. Aristus Nov 2023 #26
go get yourself a taste of downscale NJCher Nov 2023 #31
Two words.. Permanut Nov 2023 #29
Good for you. badhair77 Nov 2023 #32
A standing ovation for you Aristus. For a solid good job no doubt well done and George McGovern Nov 2023 #33
Thank you very much. Aristus Nov 2023 #35
I just turned in my badge. Aristus Nov 2023 #36
A warm congratulations! I'm two years away from being able to retire, primarily because of PatrickforB Nov 2023 #37
Glad you are getting out Old Crank Nov 2023 #39
Oh, I've still got years to go before I retire. Aristus Nov 2023 #44
If you come near Munich Old Crank Nov 2023 #48
I attended Oktoberfest in Munich in 1990. Aristus Nov 2023 #54
Glad you got to do that BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #40
Congrats!!! 2naSalit Nov 2023 #41
Congrats on moving on to better things! 70sEraVet Nov 2023 #42
Happy trails to you; may you earn lots of money as well as lots of free time. Ziggysmom Nov 2023 #45
Contgrats! May your next chapter in life be full of adventures. honest.abe Nov 2023 #46
Maybe think of it as "redeployment" rather than "retirement". There is other work to FailureToCommunicate Nov 2023 #47
Did you find a petrified egg salad sandwich yet? n/t malthaussen Nov 2023 #49
I'm chuckling at your comment about fictional... 3catwoman3 Nov 2023 #50
Good luck Aristus! people Nov 2023 #51
Congratulations to this new life chapter! pandr32 Nov 2023 #52
Congrats! Bayard Nov 2023 #53
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