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13. Marvelous miracles are but observations of the "what-it-is".
Tue Oct 17, 2023, 04:16 PM
Oct 2023

Marvelous miracles are but observations of the "what-it-is".
Congratulations on being deeply welcomed in the community.

We never know the roots of the vine that delivers the fruit (phala) of our previous life choices and actions (karmas).

Grace can be as hard to see and acknowledge as is the pain of a life of hard knocks.
The "what it is" is a miraculous menagerie of the marvels of life unfolding from us and also into us.

Yeah!!!!! MLAA Oct 2023 #1
So thrilled for you! Diamond_Dog Oct 2023 #2
Congratulations on your good fortune, my dear LakeArenal! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2023 #3
We took such a leap of faith to move here. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #19
Congrats! 2naSalit Oct 2023 #4
We are renters. So landlord will rent it. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #11
How lovely for you. blm Oct 2023 #5
How wonderful Alliepoo Oct 2023 #6
Wow, LakeArenal! Congratulations. debm55 Oct 2023 #7
Pinch me. We have been married nearly 50 years. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #12
What terrific news! Bayard Oct 2023 #8
Actually just the beginning. Leveling the area. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #10
Sounds lovely..... Bayard Oct 2023 #15
What a trusting soul. You are fortunate. How many would do this with people they just met?..nt mitch96 Oct 2023 #9
Marvelous miracles are but observations of the "what-it-is". sanatanadharma Oct 2023 #13
♥️❣️♥️ LakeArenal Oct 2023 #14
That's great news! Mr.Bill Oct 2023 #16
Thanks Mr Bill. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #17
Wow! That's wonderful! Solly Mack Oct 2023 #18
Wow, what a deal! Emile Oct 2023 #20
Wow! How wonderful. Callalily Oct 2023 #21
Wow! Sometimes it rains and then sometimes it just pours Good Things! Fla Dem Oct 2023 #22
Thank you. Sorta like lottery winning. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #23
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