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14. I used to for the pledge of allegiance as a kid
Tue Jul 4, 2023, 10:58 PM
Jul 2023

and also stood and sang for the national anthem. After learning in college about the dangers of how nationalisn can be weaponized in a sense, like Hitler did in Germany, however, I now feel very uncomfortable participating in even minor forms of it.

Also it seems the Magats who love to brag about how "patriotic," they are care more about the symbolic piece of cloth, than they actually do about the core values that flag is supposed to represent.

I do still love the Constitution, and feel loyalty to that, I just wish there were a larger number of people willing to stand up for it, more than the flag or a song Why isn't there as big an outcry that it's being trampled over by a bunch of brain dead zombie elephants, as there is over people kneeling during the anthem or burning the flag? That's what out rages me.

I also believe in a higher power and in my opinion and in my heart and soul I think it's important to stay true to what they tell me is the moral thing to do, than a country that is moving farther and farther away from the values I hold.

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