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Thu May 4, 2023, 05:05 PM May 2023

Farewell from Frustrated Lady [View all]

Hello friends,

This is Frustrated Lady's granddaughters. It was very important for Grandma to send a message to all of you and to let you know how much she loved this forum. Unfortunately, Frustrated Lady is in hospice care and is unable to communicate. She wanted to let you know how important it was for her to communicate with like-minded people and she truly expressed the love she had for all of you. She expressed over the weekend how important it was for her to send a final message, we wanted to make sure to fulfill that wish.

Thank you for being her dear friends and a constant support. She made us promise that we would never "switch sides and vote Republican" and we will keep that promise.

Many thanks,

Her granddaughters in Iowa

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Farewell from Frustrated Lady [View all] Frustratedlady May 2023 OP
Our best hopes for whatever may be the best for her rurallib May 2023 #1
Love to... Mike Nelson May 2023 #2
Thank you for sharing with us. jmbar2 May 2023 #3
I'm so sorry to hear . I hope she is comfortable where she is. Srkdqltr May 2023 #4
Thank you, granddaughters! Diamond_Dog May 2023 #5
Give her our love ❤️ underpants May 2023 #6
I'm so Sorry! Please tell her we💕🤷‍♀️ Cha May 2023 #7
Thank you for this. Tell your grandma that she is loved and missed. And we wish her comfort Maraya1969 May 2023 #8
I'm so sorry. Lars39 May 2023 #9
I'm so glad to hear she has loving granddaughters and other family around hlthe2b May 2023 #10
I second this emotion. HoosierDebbie May 2023 #30
I'm so sorry to hear of her decline. Thanks for telling us. sinkingfeeling May 2023 #11
Best wishes to you all. Thanks for the heads up. keithbvadu2 May 2023 #12
Thank you for keeping your promise and know we send our love Deuxcents May 2023 #13
I hope she is comfortable and at peace. brer cat May 2023 #14
Oh, my dears! This must be a hard thing for you to do. Thank you for doing it. Scrivener7 May 2023 #15
Thank you for posting this Chautauquas May 2023 #16
💗💗Frustrated Lady💗💗 blm May 2023 #17
We love you, Frustrated Lady. Coventina May 2023 #18
Thank you for this message from our fellow DU'er. Please give her a hug from all of us here. She alwaysinasnit May 2023 #19
We will miss her voice AmBlue May 2023 #20
WOW! TY for being there for Frustratedlady! bluestarone May 2023 #21
Send her our love and comfort as she passes Jerry2144 May 2023 #22
To Frustrated Lady's granddaughters: Thank you for letting us know Ocelot II May 2023 #23
Send our love back wryter2000 May 2023 #24
Thank you for this message. rwheeler31 May 2023 #25
❤️❤️❤️ I wish you peace and love. badhair77 May 2023 #26
Sending love democrank May 2023 #27
May she go gently into the night surrounded by love and the knowledge that at DU we will continue MLAA May 2023 #28
Beautiful tribute - cilla4progress May 2023 #29
This is too sad malaise May 2023 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise May 2023 #32
Love to her. WinstonSmith4740 May 2023 #33
Thanks to you and send our love. liberalmuse May 2023 #34
Love and care filled thoughts to all of you! Hope22 May 2023 #35
thnak you so much for letting us know. barbtries May 2023 #36
Thanks so much for letting us know. greatauntoftriplets May 2023 #37
Another angel is getting her wings. The sadness is just us missing her ... marble falls May 2023 #38
May she be at peace. You are good granddaughters. Thank you for posting the update. LoisB May 2023 #39
I'm so grateful that she has y'all. We send our DU live duhneece May 2023 #40
I am so sorry PatSeg May 2023 #41
Thank you for sharing.. MiHale May 2023 #42
Warm hugs to all of you. MuseRider May 2023 #43
So sorry to hear. Please give her a kiss. Thank you for reaching out. It means a lot. Take care of U Evolve Dammit May 2023 #44
Hail and Farewell, Frustrated Lady Withywindle May 2023 #45
For 18 years she was an active member of the DU family. Fla Dem May 2023 #46
My best to you and and your wonderful and beloved grandmother. AllyCat May 2023 #47
Peace and love. yobrault1 May 2023 #48
Thank you plcdude May 2023 #49
Love and hugs to you all! SunSeeker May 2023 #50
Thank you, Granddaughters. 💖 Love & blessings to our friend, Frustratedlady... Hekate May 2023 #51
Pass gently good friend. FalloutShelter May 2023 #52
My heart to her and all of you. ❤️ herding cats May 2023 #53
I'm so sorry for your impending loss. femmedem May 2023 #54
Thanks for letting us know and please give our best wishes to FrustratedLady FakeNoose May 2023 #55
... Tom Yossarian Joad May 2023 #56
Send her my love cally May 2023 #57
Thanks for taking the time for this DFW May 2023 #58
Sending love gademocrat7 May 2023 #59
May her crossing be gentle and surrounded by love. MontanaMama May 2023 #60
All the best for her. trof May 2023 #61
This is very kind of you to fulfill her wishes. BigmanPigman May 2023 #62
You are a wonderful family MOMFUDSKI May 2023 #63
Thank you for this and I agree with every one above. TreasonousBastard May 2023 #64
Your grandmother will be missed greatly on this forum louslobbs May 2023 #65
Peace be with her and your family Submariner May 2023 #66
May She Find Peace ProfessorGAC May 2023 #67
Thanks, and best wishes to all of you. Ohiya May 2023 #68
Sending all good vibes for her journey. forgotmylogin May 2023 #69
Love and Hugs to Frustratedlady and you wonderful granddaughters. littlemissmartypants May 2023 #70
May the road rise to meet her, and the wind be always at her back. And yours too, granddaughters. planetc May 2023 #71
So sorry to hear this........was honored to have here here. Sending tons of love. a kennedy May 2023 #72
Farewell, Frustrated Lady! You will be missed! raging moderate May 2023 #73
Hold her as tightly as possible ... UpInArms May 2023 #74
I'm so sorry to hear of Frustratedlady..... Upthevibe May 2023 #75
Bless her life, her spirit, and her presence on this forum. Paladin May 2023 #76
Frustrated Lady, I wish you peace and send you lots of love xoxo. fierywoman May 2023 #77
And we loved having her here.. Permanut May 2023 #78
Thank you for the message. Baked Potato May 2023 #79
Sending light & love to your family Chicagogrl1 May 2023 #80
Cross gently, dear lady. Thank you for being such a wonderful member of this niyad May 2023 #81
Thank you for writing, complying with your grandmother's wishes and letting us know elleng May 2023 #82
Sending heartfelt love and hope for her to have peace and comfort wendyb-NC May 2023 #83
Thank you for keeping her wish Tree Lady May 2023 #84
Love, comfort and peace to Frustratedlady and her family and friends. SaveOurDemocracy May 2023 #85
Prayers for your grandmother. God bless you all. Joinfortmill May 2023 #86
Thank you for posting this message. yardwork May 2023 #87
Prayers for you all JustAnotherGen May 2023 #88
I am so sorry to hear that your grandmother is in hospice care. I hope highplainsdem May 2023 #89
So sorry to hear. 70sEraVet May 2023 #90
Much love ❤️ to you and your grandmother Frances May 2023 #91
Love to all of you. Eko May 2023 #92
❤️🙏🏻 onecaliberal May 2023 #93
Please give Frustratedlady our love. Tell her we have been so happy to have her judesedit May 2023 #94
Bless her and you Maeve May 2023 #95
Ave atque vale, dear one. ChazInAz May 2023 #96
She will be sorely missed here. SleeplessinSoCal May 2023 #97
I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. COL Mustard May 2023 #98
Thank you for letting us know. How wonderful it is for to have such incredible granddaughters! Solly Mack May 2023 #99
So sorry to hear this. She will be missed. Jim__ May 2023 #100
Thank you. TdeV May 2023 #101
Send her our ❤️ we can do it May 2023 #102
Blessings to her, and to you, her family... ms liberty May 2023 #103
Very nice. Thank you. Schmice3 May 2023 #104
Thank you for letting us know ... 😪 Raine May 2023 #105
May your grandmother cross peacefully. sheshe2 May 2023 #106
Thank you for sharing this message with DU.. virgdem May 2023 #107
Holding Frustratedlady and our community in my heart. TygrBright May 2023 #108
Best wishes to every member of your family at this difficult time. grantcart May 2023 #109
Godspeed. evolves May 2023 #110
Thank you for letting us know. dchill May 2023 #111
All my best to you and Frustrated Lady NT Happy Hoosier May 2023 #112
Oh my, I'm so sorry... I wish her & you all the best. CaptainTruth May 2023 #113
This is so touching JudyM May 2023 #114
you girls are the best Skittles May 2023 #115
Rest in Power! gopiscrap May 2023 #116
Send her our heartfelt love. I hope Ilsa May 2023 #117
Peace to our dear FrustratedLady. She will be missed. ((((hugs)))) sueh May 2023 #118
on august 12, 2020 frustratedlady posted orleans May 2023 #119
So sorry to hear this, please accept all my condolences to you, her, and the rest of the family Celerity May 2023 #120
The very best to Frustrated Lady and all of you! Tarheel_Dem May 2023 #121
Farewell Frustrated Lady RussBLib May 2023 #122
May everyone find peace. nolabear May 2023 #123
I am glad our friend is murielm99 May 2023 #124
Much love to you and your grandma. She's so lucky to have family with her. LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 2023 #125
So sorry to hear this. Good luck to her and to you. GoneOffShore May 2023 #126
Awwww... very sweet and thoughtful of you to let us know. calimary May 2023 #127
Thank you so very much for letting us know and tell her that we're sending love and strength Rhiannon12866 May 2023 #128
Thank you I hope your grandma is comfortable mountain grammy May 2023 #129
Sending her love, and I'll see her on the other side... Goddessartist May 2023 #130
Gentle passage MissB May 2023 #131
A lovely sentiment. kentuck May 2023 #132
I'm so sorry vercetti2021 May 2023 #133
Very sad to hear this news. dalton99a May 2023 #134
She is blessed to have you. sellitman May 2023 #135
That's a huge KnR for DU LittleGirl May 2023 #136
So sorry to see another great DU person leaving us. Operaweeble May 2023 #137
Love and Best Wishes BadGimp May 2023 #138
I will never "switch sides and vote Republican"! pandr32 May 2023 #139
Cheers from Wisconsin. I enjoyed my deliveries to Iowa Tetrachloride May 2023 #140
🌸 Until we meet again someday Donkees May 2023 #141
Thanks for this BeyondGeography May 2023 #142
Sad to read this....very best to you Frustratedlady. OAITW r.2.0 May 2023 #143
Thank you and take care IbogaProject May 2023 #144
My love to her! colorado_ufo May 2023 #145
Much love to Frustrated Lady Alliepoo May 2023 #146
May your crossing be peaceful,, Frustratedlady. debm55 May 2023 #147
Please tell your dear Grammy she has prayers from my family and I'm sure from alot of DU'ers The_REAL_Ecumenist May 2023 #148
I'm on the newer side so I'm not sure I ever saw a post but I wish her a gentle passing, strength... electric_blue68 May 2023 #149
Thank you ALL for your kindness... Frustratedlady May 2023 #150
Much love and appreciation to you both. femmedem May 2023 #152
💗Peaceful Lady💗 blm May 2023 #153
Peace to you and all Frustratedlady's family. Fla Dem May 2023 #154
So sorry for your loss. applegrove May 2023 #155
Thank you for the updates Jarqui May 2023 #156
Sorry and happy IbogaProject May 2023 #157
She was a great member of DU, and I'm sure a great grandma. likesmountains 52 May 2023 #159
We are all saddened by her passing Leith May 2023 #160
My deepest condolences. Mad_Dem_X May 2023 #162
RIP Frustrated Lady mzmolly May 2023 #163
I am so sorry for your loss and hope you will treasure the good memories and hold them dear. Evolve Dammit May 2023 #165
She must have been so proud of her granddaughters malaise May 2023 #166
So, so sorry for your loss. Tammie May 2023 #167
So sorry to hear wendyb-NC May 2023 #168
So sorry to hear wendyb-NC May 2023 #169
Deepest condolences AmBlue May 2023 #170
God bless you, sweet granddaughters for following through on your dear No Vested Interest May 2023 #171
Thank you for letting us know. murielm99 May 2023 #172
+1. My deepest condolences dalton99a May 2023 #173
Rest well, FrustratedLady UpInArms May 2023 #174
So sorry for your loss. She left positive motivation to spur you forward. pandr32 May 2023 #175
sending her good vibes BlueWaveNeverEnd May 2023 #151
Farewell... CaptainTruth May 2023 #158
R.I.P. Marthe48 May 2023 #161
Thank you for sharing. yonder May 2023 #164
May her love surround you blogslug May 2023 #176
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #177
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