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Sun Apr 30, 2023, 05:01 PM Apr 2023

Who is your favorite artistic painter? [View all]

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you can include your favorite if it is not listed. I could have gone on to include others but I didn't want to make to long

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Van Gogh
6 (21%)
1 (4%)
3 (11%)
18 (64%)
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Emily Carr, British Columbia applegrove Apr 2023 #1
I was introduced to her paintings a couple of years ago. isn't she from Alberta? Love the folkiness debm55 Apr 2023 #29
She grew up in Victoria on Vancouver Island, province of British applegrove Apr 2023 #36
Thank you. I have a friend from Prince Edward's Island that introduced me to her work. Knew she was debm55 Apr 2023 #37
The greatest Canadian folk artist, who has recently become world famous, is Maude Lewis applegrove Apr 2023 #38
Maude Lewis , my friend mentioned her also. I will have to check out the movie, "Maudie" debm55 Apr 2023 #42
She had such a tough life but was loved and respected by the time applegrove Apr 2023 #43
Monet... 3catwoman3 Apr 2023 #2
I am going to see Monet's gardens at Giverny in September. And I broke down in tears before a CTyankee May 2023 #57
I've been to l'Orangerie twice, and the oval room... 3catwoman3 May 2023 #61
The l"orangerie is interesting. When I was there several years ago they played what sounded like CTyankee May 2023 #68
This message was self-deleted by its author Cartoonist Apr 2023 #3
So many others could be added. brush Apr 2023 #4
Yes, I should have. I have a degree in Art Ed, but I just wanted to include artists that were most debm55 Apr 2023 #6
Yep, if you listed all worthy painters we'd have to scroll down to see them all. brush Apr 2023 #8
In the 60's in art school, Dr Kooning was my favorite womanofthehills May 2023 #67
I'm a big fan of de Kooning's too. His brush strokes and... brush May 2023 #74
Renoir LakeArenal Apr 2023 #5
Love his work debm55 Apr 2023 #30
Rubens. gibraltar72 Apr 2023 #7
Agree, very realistic. debm55 Apr 2023 #32
Caravaggio; Artemisia Gentileschi; Sargent; Van Eyck Ocelot II Apr 2023 #9
I never really cared for his violent themes, but did admire him for his use of light. debm55 Apr 2023 #31
Gentileschi's "Judith Beheading Holofernes" in my post is even more violent Ocelot II Apr 2023 #33
I admire the use of light, but here again the violent theme is a turn off. debm55 Apr 2023 #34
Art isn't just for pleasant things - it reflects people's experiences. Ocelot II Apr 2023 #35
But for my own prefences, I do tend to move toward the soothing and calming. I appreciate the debm55 Apr 2023 #40
Know for his mastery of chiaroscuro. Sometime said to be the inspiration... brush May 2023 #77
I have written about all of these. The story of Artemisia Gentileschi is troubling. CTyankee May 2023 #59
Yes, all of them. brush May 2023 #75
I like Van Eyck as well. Different Drummer May 2023 #82
Always thought of this as wonderful use of color and light. thank you for posting this. debm55 May 2023 #86
Kehinde Wiley The Blue Flower Apr 2023 #10
He is a magnificent painter. His works are beautifully crafted and very moving. CTyankee May 2023 #55
Absolutely. brush May 2023 #78
JMW Turner elleng Apr 2023 #11
I especially love this one: Ocelot II Apr 2023 #13
Beautiful, love the shimmers of light. Do you have a copy? Very relaxing to view debm55 Apr 2023 #23
I wish! Ocelot II Apr 2023 #44
That's a Whistler "Harmony in Gold and Black" subtitled "The Falling Rocket" Coventina May 2023 #50
We must be kindred souls. I always liked and admired the Whistler falling rocket. CTyankee May 2023 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Apr 2023 #25
Love the mist on his land and seascapes. Do you have any copies? debm55 Apr 2023 #27
I have no copies, just my memories! elleng Apr 2023 #28
Bierstadt elleng Apr 2023 #12
Beautiful landscapes. Over a two year period, we visted all the National Parks from Mexico to Canada debm55 Apr 2023 #22
Seconded, along with most other Hudson River School artists NullTuples May 2023 #80
So many..... Bayard Apr 2023 #14
How did I forget O' Keefe, Love her paintings of flowers up close and the NM landscapes. The Navaho debm55 Apr 2023 #21
💕 These last two. Duppers Apr 2023 #46
Loved the Grand Canyon and also stayed there. Love the painting. I wanted to get some photos of the debm55 May 2023 #56
I'm going to assume Cassius Marcellus Coolidge does not count jmowreader Apr 2023 #15
Wanted to limit my list, should have included more, Poker playing dogs don't count, neither does debm55 Apr 2023 #19
Earl Scheib. Sneederbunk Apr 2023 #16
I guess if you want him to be,,Long ago had my Rambler done. They did a very poor job on it but debm55 Apr 2023 #20
Klimt ironflange Apr 2023 #17
love this painting debm55 Apr 2023 #18
Charles Nahl Brother Buzz Apr 2023 #24
You must like realism. Do you have any copies of his work or a book of his work? debm55 Apr 2023 #26
No, but Sunday Morning in the Mines was in my go-to California history book by Bean Brother Buzz Apr 2023 #39
Franz Marc consider_this Apr 2023 #41
Yes, I enjoy Franz Marc's work and the Faves. debm55 Apr 2023 #45
I adore Franz Marc. I have a large print of his in my bedroom. Coventina May 2023 #51
Charles Russell Ptah Apr 2023 #47
Thank you, debm55! Bayard Apr 2023 #48
You're welcome. Everyone has their own likes and dilikes. I ony wish I had put debm55 Apr 2023 #49
I'm an art historian, so I could never pick a favorite. Coventina May 2023 #52
I remember that he includes himself in all of his paintings. I think that is him --upper left with a debm55 May 2023 #62
Lautrec is one of my favorites too. brush May 2023 #76
That's funny. debm55 May 2023 #79
Too many to choose from. GoneOffShore May 2023 #53
I know thinking back, I should have included more choices in the poll before I put other.This is debm55 May 2023 #64
Monet, generally. malthaussen May 2023 #54
Roberto Matta Chakaconcarne May 2023 #58
Where do I start? Niagara May 2023 #60
I have my kitchen decorated with Wysocki's wallpaper border. I used to always by his calendars. At debm55 May 2023 #63
Monet ProfessorGAC May 2023 #65
I would always get Matisse and Monet confused. Love both of their works. debm55 May 2023 #69
William Adolphe Bouguereau Glorfindel May 2023 #66
Beautiful. Do you have a copy of the print? debm55 May 2023 #70
I do not have a copy of the print. Wish I did! Glorfindel May 2023 #73
Georgia O'Keefe. yardwork May 2023 #71
Simply love her closeups of flowers. debm55 May 2023 #72
Picasso is a favorite of mine, but... Different Drummer May 2023 #81
Rembrandt and Dali --two different styles, two different times, but both excellent artists debm55 May 2023 #87
A have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt with prints of... Different Drummer May 2023 #83
His style was very different.. This is one of my very favorite from Dali. debm55 May 2023 #91
Piet Mondrian Different Drummer May 2023 #84
Yes, I remember when they had dresses based on his artwork. debm55 May 2023 #92
Can't forget about Rene Magritte! Different Drummer May 2023 #85
I liked that period of art--very different and unique. debm55 May 2023 #93
Others. Namely Marcel Duchamp and my good friend Jaime "Germs" Zacarias... GReedDiamond May 2023 #89
Very different and unique. Do you have prints of any of the three? debm55 May 2023 #94
I have around 100 Germs originals... GReedDiamond May 2023 #96
I like Klee's work. Tikki May 2023 #90
I like his work too, Do you have any prints? debm55 May 2023 #95
Yes, a large print of The Red and White Domes. Tikki May 2023 #102
Artist Pierre Bonnard❤️ lucca18 May 2023 #97
I believe he was a printmaker also. His work is very colorful --a mix of post impressionism and debm55 May 2023 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 May 2023 #99
Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Ivan Aivazovsky are the three I think of first petronius May 2023 #100
I love Edward Hopper's paintings. Different Drummer May 2023 #103
Hamil Ma AnnaLee May 2023 #101
Von Dutch Mopar151 May 2023 #104
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