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19. Oh my goodness it's breathtaking! Thanks for posting photos
Wed Apr 13, 2022, 04:44 PM
Apr 2022

What's the temperature there?

I'm in Pittsburgh and it just got up to 80 degrees today - first time since last year.

It looks like there's no sand on the beach, but maybe it's the the angle of the photo. How do you wade in the water if there's no sand?

Looks like a memorable time with your family. Enjoy!

I've been following Alison Teal for awhile now Doc Sportello Apr 2022 #1
I had no idea anyone here would ever have heard of her DFW Apr 2022 #2
I cut and pasted your HI travel adventures and emailed them to my friend who is in HI on in2herbs Apr 2022 #4
All the islands here have their own "specialties" DFW Apr 2022 #6
Wow. Wish I were there too.... FM123 Apr 2022 #3
Since we have personal ties to the place, it's a little different for us from typical tourists DFW Apr 2022 #5
oh this makes me miss the islands mainer Apr 2022 #7
What a delight, DFW - cilla4progress Apr 2022 #8
"humuhumunukunukuapa'a." is easy to say, LOL KS Toronado Apr 2022 #9
It's a LOT easier to say than it is to write! n/t DFW Apr 2022 #11
What is in it? Looks like insect larvae to me? beaglelover Apr 2022 #16
Just a salad made with plants that grow there DFW Apr 2022 #17
Thank you for the clarification. beaglelover Apr 2022 #18
Aloha. Gives me so many good memories ❤️ Hekate Apr 2022 #10
Once a kama aina DFW Apr 2022 #12
If I lived there, I swear, I'd eat fish every day and end up healthier. Ligyron Apr 2022 #13
We pretty much do. DFW Apr 2022 #23
Looks like a wonderful place and very peaceful Bev54 Apr 2022 #14
Very peaceful! DFW Apr 2022 #24
Nice! hoping to retire there.. if we can afford it! honest.abe Apr 2022 #15
I hear it's wicked expensive DFW Apr 2022 #22
The Big Island is somewhat in our price range but barely. honest.abe Apr 2022 #25
Oh my goodness it's breathtaking! Thanks for posting photos FakeNoose Apr 2022 #19
There is no sand at the end of the beach where Ali's house is DFW Apr 2022 #21
Thank you so very much for sharing your adventure with us. That feast looks niyad Apr 2022 #20
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