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4. In the same state but you seem to be a week or so ahead of us.
Fri Mar 19, 2021, 05:01 PM
Mar 2021

We have snow drops and the little yellow flowers that I can never remember the name of. No signs of crocuses yet, but they do seem to suddenly pop up with no warning which may be why they are so much fun in the spring.

Let me recall my Botany classes ... Hugh_Lebowski Mar 2021 #1
I just call it a Crocus! Siwsan Mar 2021 #2
Ah ... Iris family ... Hugh_Lebowski Mar 2021 #3
Japanese Iris, I believe. luvtheGWN Mar 2021 #19
That's correct. Iris reticulata, I believe. Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #24
All my bulbs are coming up. Daffodils were first, then some crocuses, no sign of my tulips yet. Treefrog Mar 2021 #6
My tulips are poking up through the earth. Hyacinth is finally showing, too. Siwsan Mar 2021 #7
I love spring when all the bulbs come up again. Truly nature's magic. Something we can count on. Treefrog Mar 2021 #9
'Iris reticulata' - a spring bulb plant. (reticulated iris, netted iris) Donkees Mar 2021 #11
Thanks! Siwsan Mar 2021 #12
Ah, I should have read the thread before posting (above.) Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #26
In the same state but you seem to be a week or so ahead of us. Biophilic Mar 2021 #4
Hi! Love meeting folks from the same state... MiHale Mar 2021 #8
Oh, you are way north from me. I'm in Washtenaw county. Biophilic Mar 2021 #23
bush flowers? Forsythia? nt. druidity33 Mar 2021 #21
The forsythia are still tightly budded. They've had a couple of Spring surprises before this. Biophilic Mar 2021 #22
Winter Aconite? Donkees Mar 2021 #25
Oh, yes, I love these little guys to death, but I can never remember what they're called. Biophilic Mar 2021 #27
My favorite flower! That's gorgeous!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2021 #5
Hi! love the pics of your first up... MiHale Mar 2021 #10
I've had zero after/side effects from the 2nd Pfizer jab Siwsan Mar 2021 #14
After having a not-uncommon early start to Spring, the season seemed to crawl back under the covers. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #13
Ah, crocusus first-to-come-up-us. Winter finally gives into longer days. jaxexpat Mar 2021 #15
We have those but they won't be up for weeks yet... 2naSalit Mar 2021 #16
Beautiful! George McGovern Mar 2021 #17
What a beautifully saturated purple! CrispyQ Mar 2021 #18
Its Dutch Iris dem in texas Mar 2021 #20
The wisteria may surprise you with new shoots from the old root system. Be patient :) Donkees Mar 2021 #28
They look similar, however the OP shows Iris Reticulata, not Iris hollandica (Dutch Iris) Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #29
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