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'Been here since Inaugural Day, 2001. We've never come close to running out of vigorous discussion. hlthe2b Nov 2020 #1
Exactly nt intrepidity Nov 2020 #22
Only if McConnell is gone, too. Big Blue Marble Nov 2020 #2
There's always Screwy Loiue Gohmert nd Qanon Karen! 634-5789 Nov 2020 #3
I could stand watching more cute animal videos 🙂 MLAA Nov 2020 #4
And hanging out in the Lounge! DoBotherMe Nov 2020 #20
Chilling out sounds good after all we've been through 🤪 MLAA Nov 2020 #21
I've been reading this board since the beginning PJMcK Nov 2020 #5
There's still Moscow Mitch. muntrv Nov 2020 #6
"I'm not a member of any organized political party. sarge43 Nov 2020 #7
Not to worry...there's enough tRump material to last for decades. Totally Tunsie Nov 2020 #8
No no no this is when it gets fun. We begin eating our own. underpants Nov 2020 #9
I first came here when Dean was running in the primaries. Binkie The Clown Nov 2020 #12
All the traitors' trials! SheltieLover Nov 2020 #10
And that new fella -- "Tuberman" is his name? Blue Owl Nov 2020 #11
A potato is a tuber. Suppose we call him "Mr. Potato Head"? nt Binkie The Clown Nov 2020 #14
Bwaha -- works for me!!! Blue Owl Nov 2020 #15
Nope. He isn't going anywhere. He is going to make more noise than he ever did before. SummerSnow Nov 2020 #13
Well it certainly would be nice to find out... elias7 Nov 2020 #16
This progressive says we will have a lot to talk about. Lunabell Nov 2020 #17
we did fine before Trump Skittles Nov 2020 #18
We can turn our attention to our mission randr Nov 2020 #19
Maybe a little more time for TOONS and kiities! 2naSalit Nov 2020 #23
It will be the Reign of Terror of the nannies, gatekeepers, holiers/thou, inquisitors!1 UTUSN Nov 2020 #24
Trump isn' going to be gone, maybe not center stage but he'll be playing out his drama for his cult. Fla Dem Nov 2020 #25
He won't last long given his age, health and diet. He'll be gone soon enough. nt Binkie The Clown Nov 2020 #26
From your lips........ Fla Dem Nov 2020 #27
Get Moscow Mitch. roamer65 Nov 2020 #28
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