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Mc Mike

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25. But you said you might recognize that annexation. --Stephanopolous, to tRump.
Tue Aug 27, 2019, 05:47 PM
Aug 2019

But you know, the people of Crimea, from what I heard, would rather be with Russia. -- tRump, to Stephanopolous.

Nobody's been tougher on Russia than tRump. -- tRump.

End the sanctions and bring Russia back to the G-8. -- tRump.

No collusion. -- tRump.

Can we just get him to shut up for about a week? Initech Aug 2019 #1
why stop at a week? Forever would be my choice rurallib Aug 2019 #8
Since it's pathological, the only solution maxsolomon Aug 2019 #13
He is redefining... N_E_1 for Tennis Aug 2019 #2
Trump, "They took Crimea during his term." Botany Aug 2019 #3
I didn't know Obama had Crimea in his back pocket? NewJeffCT Aug 2019 #4
With the right...whatever. Such a genius, why didn't Obama think of that? captain queeg Aug 2019 #5
Too bad a reporter didn't ask for a definition of "whatever". mahannah Aug 2019 #6
Spanky would have put out the welcome mat for Putin. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2019 #7
Donald, you can convince Putin to give it back... Right? keithbvadu2 Aug 2019 #9
In addition to this stupefying clip there was another of him bragging about Enoki33 Aug 2019 #10
I will have to tell you.... yuiyoshida Aug 2019 #11
Ooh! A two-fer! Pandering groveling to Putin and..well... underpants Aug 2019 #12
The Firehose of Falsity. maxsolomon Aug 2019 #14
Nice. klook Aug 2019 #15
It's actually the name of a Russian propaganda technique. maxsolomon Aug 2019 #17
Ah, ok -- that's exactly what we're seeing on a daily basis. klook Aug 2019 #20
And start doing what Yamiche did. calimary Aug 2019 #16
Except she did it in a roundabout way, with "respect for the office". maxsolomon Aug 2019 #18
TRAITOR rickyhall Aug 2019 #19
Saw that last night matt819 Aug 2019 #21
And we are supposed to overlook this traitorous behavior ? kentuck Aug 2019 #22
Either that or, well, RVN VET71 Aug 2019 #23
Empty drums make the most noise Aussie105 Aug 2019 #24
But you said you might recognize that annexation. --Stephanopolous, to tRump. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #25
K&R Gothmog Aug 2019 #26
Shut the fuck up Donny Blue Owl Aug 2019 #27
Seriously Certifiable yuiyoshida Aug 2019 #28
Please stop putting that orange man's face on my DU. MasonDreams Aug 2019 #29
I really hate this motherfucker with a passion. smirkymonkey Aug 2019 #30
What about the 2016 GOP Platform? Shoonra Aug 2019 #31
Despicable evil buffoon. gademocrat7 Aug 2019 #32
So fucking clueless. And the Republican party covers for him. n/t Beartracks Aug 2019 #33
Yeah, a real "honor" student there. calimary Aug 2019 #34
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