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8. Democrats are so g'damned naive.
Fri Aug 10, 2018, 11:12 AM
Aug 2018

You ever watch these repuKKKe politicians and spin meisters on the networks answer a direct question? Wake the fuck up and take a lesson.

They NEVER answer such a stupid question of party division...NEVER!!!!! They simply redirect and shoot off a few talking points. The castrated host will often come back to pose the same question, and then they sit back and watch “redirect II” as they avoid answering the question a second time, but instead they get a platform to blather off a few new talking points they haven’t spread...UNCHALLENGED EVERY FUCKING TIME!!

Get a damned clue! Why are we such an ignorant, naive bunch of losers! Grow a pair...educate yourself and fight back.

We have a few outstanding contributors...whose names I don’t have at the tip of my fingers; but they ALL need to take lessons from them. RepuKKKes don’t play the same game. They don’t play nice. They don’t play fair. When are we going to wake up and start playing the same game, or at least one that doesn’t make us look like divided fools.

STUPID response! Big..BIG mistake!

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