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9. You Talk About Electronic Hacking of the Voting Machines, Stevepol,
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 09:04 AM
Jun 2016

But from all the videos I've seen about the big election steal in California, the main mechanism for stealing the primary was to hand out provisional ballots to all those independents who registered NPP (No Party Preference). And, as many black voters know, provisional ballots are usually thrown out and not counted. Hillary's allies at the DNC knew that Bernie was favored by huge margins among independents - so they trained and instructed the poll workers to hand out provisional ballots to independents - which were thrown out, as usual. There were other mechanisms of voter fraud afoot in the California primary, but this was the main one. This is not to belittle or deny that the hacking and flipping of electronic voting machines doesn't also go on, and is a serious problem that must also be addressed.

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