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thanks for the transcript EarlG irisblue Aug 2015 #1
The funny thing about Jamaal510 Aug 2015 #2
Yeah Christie, lark Aug 2015 #8
Huckabee is just mouthing off the latest meme from the Anti-Planned Parenthood trash. YOHABLO Aug 2015 #22
What christie means is he'd like to get in and steal our Social Security. Cha Aug 2015 #28
What they did not say... AlbertCat Aug 2015 #3
Well said. It waas torture to listen to these goobers. bjobotts Aug 2015 #14
MSM loves the extreme Marthe48 Aug 2015 #20
If you can't dazzle them with brillance ... nt TBF Aug 2015 #4
This compilation of quotes amounts Hayduke Bomgarte Aug 2015 #5
"The Best and the Brightest?" Cyrano Aug 2015 #6
In disbelief the world says"Look what has happpened to America.Carnival barkers" bjobotts Aug 2015 #16
Oi...that TSUNAMI of DRUGS!!! yuiyoshida Aug 2015 #7
Yeah, I'm going to hit the xanax hard if one these clowns gets elected. YOHABLO Aug 2015 #23
Wow the most pessimistic group of people on the planet? Initech Aug 2015 #9
Earl G....yay for the transcript... dixiegrrrrl Aug 2015 #10
We don't have to wait for ISIS to come into the USA. Its already here in the form of the Republican rladdi Aug 2015 #11
For the people like EarlG who watched that circus d_legendary1 Aug 2015 #12
The people who will vote for one of these guys are very low information voters. EEO Aug 2015 #13
Barf...they make me sick to my stomach, SoapBox Aug 2015 #15
They're MOURNING Again in America! Fritz Walter Aug 2015 #17
Dear Rubio drmeow Aug 2015 #18
Absolutely.......... MyOwnPeace Aug 2015 #19
Thanks! drmeow Aug 2015 #30
Let's not forget what we did to Native Americans YOHABLO Aug 2015 #24
Yes, that too drmeow Aug 2015 #31
Chris Christie tartan2 Aug 2015 #21
Yes, they have been perpetuating this lie forever. And yes, Wall Street would love to get hold of it YOHABLO Aug 2015 #25
thanks - couldn't bear to watch it KT2000 Aug 2015 #26
Great graphic, thanks. oldandhappy Aug 2015 #27
I couldn't watch more than an hour of these assholes. They turned my stomach. nt valerief Aug 2015 #29
I did like the backdrop for the children's table debate - no one in the audience wordpix Aug 2015 #36
I found this gem of a Cruz quote in the transcript... pacalo Aug 2015 #32
oh that's funny! wordpix Aug 2015 #35
Never. lonestarnot Aug 2015 #33
"We have been lied to." Hey Christie, you don't have to tell us about being lied to: C Moon Aug 2015 #34
. libodem Aug 2015 #37
lying hugger christie captainarizona Aug 2015 #38
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