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4. I think a good part of humanity is depressed.
Sun Mar 29, 2015, 08:14 PM
Mar 2015

Whether they know it or not.

And he says exactly that...he got a reset, but I am not sure it was brain chemistry sense DMT is in our brain already.
The reset in psychedelics is in consciousness...and that is hard to explain unless you have experienced it.
But not all people can take that experience well, but for most it is a real revelation.

My turn to imagine Cirque du So-What Mar 2015 #1
I like that idea. zeemike Mar 2015 #2
Sounds to me like the speaker may have been depressed. Scrabbleddie Mar 2015 #3
I think a good part of humanity is depressed. zeemike Mar 2015 #4
The active components of psilocybin mushrooms have also been found to treat alcoholism Scrabbleddie Mar 2015 #5
welcome to du niyad Mar 2015 #10
Tks, cheers, n/t Scrabbleddie Mar 2015 #11
K&R DeSwiss Mar 2015 #6
Yep, culture is not your friend. zeemike Mar 2015 #7
"squirrelly religions" trusty elf Mar 2015 #8
this was banned??? navarth Mar 2015 #9
I wonder what "banned Ted talk" means, exactly? Quantess Apr 2015 #12
- see below. DeSwiss Apr 2015 #14
.... DeSwiss Apr 2015 #13
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