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Maybe I should send Cruz or his speech writer a dictionary..... sinkingfeeling Mar 2015 #1
The GOP is a master of newspeak. Every word they use valerief Mar 2015 #6
Right, campaigning Reps have actually been quoted saying: dougolat Mar 2015 #16
They also want liberty only for the rich. AngryDem001 Mar 2015 #24
Hitler and Ted have many similarities NoJusticeNoPeace Mar 2015 #2
There is that nazi meme. Try Orwell, or Westmoreland, or Rumsfeld/Chinney instead. erronis Mar 2015 #7
I know the nazi meme is used a lot pennylane100 Mar 2015 #18
I second this .....HE DISGUSTS me also. onecent Mar 2015 #61
Freedom? Those kids aren't free. CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2015 #3
Hey, liberty doesn't come free. It's ten bucks a pop some mornings. valerief Mar 2015 #5
And a Reprimand point or two recorded in the Great Book of Liberty U ledgers for later use. Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #14
Actually, it's Saudi Arabia IN America. n/t RoccoR5955 Mar 2015 #35
Having lived within 100 miles of Lynchburg (DC) erronis Mar 2015 #8
Shhhhhhhhh....you are not allowed to rebroadcast that! Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #4
Even His Own Party Hates Him libodem Mar 2015 #9
OWWW! My eyes!!! calimary Mar 2015 #20
His face, IMO. red dog 1 Mar 2015 #21
His ideas libodem Mar 2015 #38
This one is for you, calimary.. lol Cha Mar 2015 #48
Literally LOLing ProfessorPlum Mar 2015 #58
You're Welcome.. I'm feelin' that guy's pain. Cha Mar 2015 #66
LOLOLOL libodem Mar 2015 #64
No, we need to show those pics exposing what he's done to our country but we Cha Mar 2015 #67
Thanks for that link red dog 1 Mar 2015 #29
Most welcome libodem Mar 2015 #39
Mahalo for the link and the graphic, libodem. It's perfect! This needs to be reminded.. ad infinitum Cha Mar 2015 #49
Anytime friend libodem Mar 2015 #60
Mahalo, L Cha Mar 2015 #65
I'm not so sure... I hate liars Mar 2015 #62
Correct libodem Mar 2015 #63
"You are required to attend, because . . . liberty!" tclambert Mar 2015 #10
Check out just how much "liberty" the students have there. No dancing, kissing, hugging, or blue je Botany Mar 2015 #11
only thing I know for a fact heaven05 Mar 2015 #12
why don't baptists make love standing up? awoke_in_2003 Mar 2015 #27
yep, I laughed heaven05 Mar 2015 #43
The Mullahs of Saudi would shed a tear of joy and brotherhood in solidarity. Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #13
Is it OK to play Ted Nugent cds on Liberty U Campus? muntrv Mar 2015 #22
Sounds like some North Korea stuff there d_legendary1 Mar 2015 #15
Ahhhh, "Forced Fun!!" Way to emphasize a culture of "Liberty!" MADem Mar 2015 #17
"Imagine" if you will a world without Cha Mar 2015 #50
Heh heh! nt MADem Mar 2015 #51
Rafael had to tie a pork chop around his neck bearssoapbox Mar 2015 #19
Ted Cruz - Rube Extrodinaire! Plucketeer Mar 2015 #23
MR. HANEY goes to Washington yuiyoshida Mar 2015 #25
From the photo on the right, it looks like Ted has eaten one too many rutabagas! red dog 1 Mar 2015 #30
OMG!! That's him!!! I knew I had seen him somewhere before!! Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #55
ReRuns on Nick at Nite... yuiyoshida Mar 2015 #56
That's it! They clone them. That's where they're coming from. Arrggh! n/t freshwest Mar 2015 #57
Mandatory attendance. Like North Korea. Kim J. Cruz. n/t jtuck004 Mar 2015 #26
More like Ted Jong Ill! RoccoR5955 Mar 2015 #32
doesn't sound like freedom samsingh Mar 2015 #28
When it costs money, it's called Feedom. RoccoR5955 Mar 2015 #33
Well freedom ain't free! progressoid Mar 2015 #36
If it ain't free, than it ain't FREEdom... It's FEEdom! RoccoR5955 Mar 2015 #44
K&R...Thanks for posting, EarlG red dog 1 Mar 2015 #31
Rumor has it that they were monitoring the people applauding. RoccoR5955 Mar 2015 #34
Jon Stewart nailed the hypocrisy yesterday. Initech Mar 2015 #37
"Give me liberty or give me.... never mind WHEN CRABS ROAR Mar 2015 #40
Hate to be the devil's advocate, but... bobclark86 Mar 2015 #41
From the very limited SamKnause Mar 2015 #54
Freedumb Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2015 #42
We've become tonedeaf to wouldbe war-criminals. Scrabbleddie Mar 2015 #45
Were a lot of Rand Paul sweaters in the audience rpannier Mar 2015 #46
It's the only way cruz could start.. such "Freedom".. you get fined $10 if you don't come to my Cha Mar 2015 #47
What is it about pigliCONs and their love for captive audiences. And if students can't pay the lonestarnot Mar 2015 #52
Huh, so the packed house Bartlet Mar 2015 #53
Imagine mandatory attendance to listen to a dunce like Cruz. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #59
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