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#@$% shenmue Apr 2014 #1
What shenmue said +1000 nt Mnemosyne Apr 2014 #5
If you are STILL a republican randys1 Apr 2014 #2
an enemy of the u.s., us the people, and of the land. hopemountain Apr 2014 #18
Dirty Commie Propaganda! onehandle Apr 2014 #3
We need to get those GOP bums lovemydog Apr 2014 #4
!!!!! this. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2014 #10
They just loves them some billionaires. stage left Apr 2014 #6
Well,what do you expect. Wellstone ruled Apr 2014 #7
Vote Republican. Vote for Corporatocracy. Auggie Apr 2014 #8
fucking repukes. god fucking dammit. BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2014 #9
Why can't we sue for the cost of the Iraq war Tribalceltic Apr 2014 #11
Greedy evil people. gademocrat7 Apr 2014 #12
I wish someone would put a fifteen second commercial on TV transmitting these simple facts. MADem Apr 2014 #13
The GOP make me sick n/t PumpkinAle Apr 2014 #14
EarlG, the DNC needs to hire you to do ads for them. Brigid Apr 2014 #15
To quote another DUer... classof56 Apr 2014 #16
not to nitpick, but when did 1 x 10 = 12? snooper2 Apr 2014 #17
Must be some added funding in the bill - geckosfeet Apr 2014 #21
Possibly a rounded number? Jokerman Apr 2014 #27
the fact that they are not willing to hopemountain Apr 2014 #19
I suspect so. A bunch of sick bastards they are. Beyond the cut from child geckosfeet Apr 2014 #20
Thom Hartmann just quoted this pic of the day. chknltl Apr 2014 #22
Cool! EarlG is famous! Brigid Apr 2014 #23
Well those republiCONs are probably "pro-life" IronLionZion Apr 2014 #24
this pisses me off SO much! DesertRat Apr 2014 #25
, blkmusclmachine Apr 2014 #26
They're not fetuses so they won't care anyway SummerSnow Apr 2014 #28
This is a special case. Kablooie Apr 2014 #29
thanks EarlG Cha May 2014 #30
Shame, shame, shame on these filthy rich bastards. SoapBox May 2014 #31
Good information johnstyle May 2014 #32
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