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5. First, the article cites that all the major sites listed in the OP
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 11:55 AM
Apr 2024

had increased subscriptions during the covid time when they dropped paywalls.

Second, it doesn't logically follow that corporate media become state-run media when they drop paywalls. I don't know how you can conclude that at all.

Third, this writer actually said that, even though America isn't in a pandemic emergency, media should still consider that the nation is in a zone of unprecedented danger to democracy, and so it should temporarily suspend its paywalls. Considering the profit levels of media, esp the Washington Post and NYT, they can well afford a temporary paywall suspension that is in their long term freedom of press interests.

Who's going to pay reporters' salaries? NT mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2024 #1
That's why they charge for multigraincracker Apr 2024 #3
Set up a system where non-locals can by a generic subscription to access Wonder Why Apr 2024 #16
How do they stay afloat. RandySF Apr 2024 #2
First, the article cites that all the major sites listed in the OP ancianita Apr 2024 #5
That makes no sense. Progressive dog Apr 2024 #4
Not to you. But ancianita Apr 2024 #6
"Have you seen the profit margins of corporate media?" mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2024 #7
Obviously dropping paywalls will Progressive dog Apr 2024 #9
Not obviously. ancianita Apr 2024 #10
Exactly Progressive dog Apr 2024 #11
Not exactly. ancianita Apr 2024 #12
So temporarily money losing companies will lose Progressive dog Apr 2024 #14
Your argument is with Stengel, not me. He and I believe that corporate media, if they're honest, ancianita Apr 2024 #15
Just fire more reporters or cut their salaries Progressive dog Apr 2024 #17
You're swallowing the corporate hype. Corporate media can afford who/what they want and you know it. ancianita Apr 2024 #19
No I'm following published facts. Progressive dog Apr 2024 #20
Expanding the digital divide. usonian Apr 2024 #8
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make 'em drink. hunter Apr 2024 #13
Interesting line of thought. Thanks. ancianita Apr 2024 #18
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