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6. Sorry, you left out a lot. The boomer generation was the last one to get in the street and...
Wed Sep 13, 2023, 10:07 AM
Sep 13

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demonstrate and protest against the proto-fascist of the Reagan era. Why the Black Panther Party of California went to the state capitol armed when Reagan was governor to protest the brutal treatment Black people were experiencing from the Oakland Police Dept.

There were the Students for a Democratic Society, there were all the anti-war groups of the New Left movement of the '60s, there was Abbey Hoffman and the Yippies/the Chicago Seven trial resulting from the huge anti-war protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968.

The emerging environmental consciousness movement resulted in "Earth Day" in 1970, the last year of the decade. Credit has to go where credit is due.

The progressive Boomers fought back all right and perhaps that's why the wealth was still shared...and much of the protesting was against the conservative side of the generation itself, the young republicans who sided with Reagan, as did some unions surprisingly, and became the Newt Gingrich's Project for a New America Century faction of the '90s that further expanded the wealth and power transference upward into the W Bush years of the early 2000s.

Sad to say the generations that came after the Boomers, the GenXers and Millennials didn't follow the protest tradition of young boomers. The young , present-day Zoomers get it though, thank God.

K&R BeyondGeography Sep 13 #1
I never understood why the unions supported that scum Raygun Farmer-Rick Sep 13 #2
It had a lot to do moniss Sep 13 #5
i joined the carpenters union in 78 mopinko Sep 13 #57
Yes indeed and moniss Sep 13 #59
I never understood why any union members ever voted Republican. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 13 #24
Kinda like how ANY women vote for repugs. Ferrets are Cool Sep 13 #58
Yes! Nt Grumpy Old Guy Sep 13 #60
Because Raygun kow-towed to the air lobby saying he would kill Amtrak: Hiawatha Pete Sep 13 #34
In 1980 my dad was a aircraft mechanic at United Airlines. Mr.Bill Sep 13 #39
Cuz like other scum.. raising2moredems Sep 13 #51
I never understoody why ANYONE supported Reagan Skittles Sep 14 #64
Heartsick KNR niyad Sep 13 #3
Millennials, you are cleared to land Aviation Pro Sep 13 #4
I like that! You are cleared to land liberalla Sep 13 #17
Sorry, you left out a lot. The boomer generation was the last one to get in the street and... brush Sep 13 #6
I worry about the laws that will be passed prohibiting protests if any GOOPER gets an opportunity. Evolve Dammit Sep 13 #33
Oh yeah, we have to push back as hard as we can against... brush Sep 13 #38
Good assessment and gives me hope. Thanks Evolve Dammit Sep 13 #52
Excellent job on that mini-history lesson. brakester Sep 13 #47
Thank you, fellow traveler (let's see who get's that reference). I too am proud of... brush Sep 13 #48
It wasn't just young Republicans siding with Reagan. progressoid Sep 14 #61
Did you not notice I said progressive boomers also protested against the opposing faction... brush Sep 14 #62
This was the time when manufacturing was replaced by service based economy question everything Sep 13 #7
Well, that makes a lot of sense. Is never heard that angle discussed before. nt 1WorldHope Sep 13 #11
Neoliberalism by Reagan and Thatcher BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 13 #19
WELL-PUT! brakester Sep 13 #49
The worst part is that America never had a plan for the day that those changes would come... keep_left Sep 13 #27
Yup - I think this is a major part of the downturn for American workers. erronis Sep 13 #29
Manufacturing here was just replaced by cheaper labor elsewhere. It still exists, just not here. SharonAnn Sep 13 #35
Well written piece. Pinback Sep 13 #8
You don't know how bad I feel that... ananda Sep 13 #9
I will support in every way cilla4progress Sep 13 #10
Reagan has been out of office 35 years MichMan Sep 13 #12
But the Senate was controlled by Republicans thucythucy Sep 13 #18
Reagan couldn't have passed any legislation without it passing the House first MichMan Sep 13 #23
My partner was in the House gallery the vote on the first Reagan budget was passed; thucythucy Sep 13 #42
You forget Clinton and the (D) party adopted "reaganism" BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 13 #50
I think that's quite the oversimplication. thucythucy Sep 16 #66
This is NOT bashing BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 16 #67
The "Reagan revolution" is still with us wryter2000 Sep 13 #21
I'd like to see "trickle down doesn't work" KS Toronado Sep 13 #32
Amen wryter2000 Sep 13 #40
No, I was lucky to work in a good paying industry KS Toronado Sep 13 #41
Oh, we got "trickled on" all right... AZ8theist Sep 14 #65
K & R Great post! FakeNoose Sep 13 #13
Thanks for the link! geardaddy Sep 13 #26
The white middle class had it pretty decent before Reagan, indeed. TygrBright Sep 13 #14
for any who doubt this mindset of "destroy for all, put back again just for us" willamette Sep 13 #28
Heartbreaking article about the effects of civic racism. (nt) Pinback Sep 13 #43
Good dose of reality. Can't blame it all on the boomers, at least... brush Sep 13 #36
In no way was this the case BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 13 #37
Thoughtful piece. The 'younger' generation have tremendous challenges in front of them - BUT NoMoreRepugs Sep 13 #15
Thank You for your suggestion NoMoreRepugs! Bears repeating (ALL CAPS mine): George McGovern Sep 13 #20
Don't forget..... 90-percent Sep 13 #16
Not all Boomers were DownriverDem Sep 13 #22
Indeed! Don't lump THIS boomer, OR my boomer husband in on that. calimary Sep 13 #53
Even back then it wasn't difficult to see what they were doing SouthernDem4ever Sep 13 #55
Probably because that's what they WANTED to be true. calimary Sep 13 #56
I have said the same thing to my adult kids on several occasions. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 13 #25
K&R bluestateboomer Sep 13 #30
Excellent primer on what the fuck happened. Native Sep 13 #31
Like Bill-O liked to say, "American capitalism is about winners and losers" czarjak Sep 13 #44
Just to clarify TexasBushwhacker Sep 13 #45
I hope Reagan is rotting in hell orangecrush Sep 13 #46
So much truth here samplegirl Sep 13 #54
There were so many of my generation that stayed quiet, sadly mntleo2 Sep 14 #63
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