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27. Thanks, because of your post I went and read all of it
Sun May 1, 2016, 05:14 PM
May 2016

and some of the background links too.

For example, this one:


Rearming for the apocalypse

AMERICANS ARE IN near-panic over the danger posed by Islamic terrorists. That danger, however, pales beside an emerging new one. President Obama has proposed a frighteningly wrongheaded plan to “modernize” our nuclear arsenal at the unfathomable cost of about $1 trillion over the next 30 years. Terror will never reach even 1 percent of our population. Nuclear “modernization” increases the prospect of true devastation.


Besides these grave dangers — global proliferation, accidental war, and nuclear terror — there is another: national bankruptcy. Obama’s project is ruinously expensive. Admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, calls it “spending ourselves into oblivion.”


Nuclear weapons are useful for deterrence only. The United States has more than enough for that purpose. Investing huge sums in a new arsenal will not protect us from tomorrow’s threats. Most depressing, the proposal for this investment comes from a president who campaigned on a pledge to reduce and seek to eliminate nuclear weapons — and who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his apparent sincerity. Keeping our country safe requires agile thinking, not reliance on policies shaped for a bygone age.

To respond to your post, I think the way to reach people, when campaigning, about the need to focus on domestic needs rather than the needs of empire, is to focus on the money. If the people of this country had someone pounding the military (and all its many associated agencies and costs) expenses into their heads, repeatedly and obstinately, they'd respond.

So why hasn't Bernie been pounding this message? I'm pretty sure he is fully on our side here, but has trimmed his messaging to a few targeted items that were chosen early in the campaign. Why? It might just be smart strategy on his part. Or it might be that he knows where the lines are, and doesn't want to be a martyr. I take heart from his debate statement, which he was ridiculed for, that the greatest security threat facing this nation is global climate change. Exactly right, he gets it.
Yep! bkkyosemite May 2016 #1
I find no fault with that line of thought. LiberalArkie May 2016 #2
Is it true that one of the original financiers of the DLC were the Koch Brothers? n/t Triana May 2016 #3
Yes, it is true. zentrum May 2016 #7
+1 dreamnightwind May 2016 #25
What you want will never be achieved as long as you start with today's party. jtuck004 May 2016 #4
Reading this excerpt gives me the creeps, it seems to promulgate the tired meme of FDR=Communist 2banon May 2016 #5
Agreed. And 'communism' and 'socialism' are two different things. Lodestar May 2016 #9
exactly In fact, that's where many of us on the Left are. 2banon May 2016 #13
That's right... ReRe May 2016 #21
Me too. The Dems were quite different until the Cvil Rights movement AlbertCat May 2016 #15
Bill Clinton did the same thing, and furthered Reagan's policy legacies. 2banon May 2016 #17
No more endless war... I'm in! SalviaBlue May 2016 #6
All Current Indications Are That The Democratic Party Is Dead And Buried - Resurrection Not Possible cantbeserious May 2016 #8
The love that dare not speak its name--- BlancheSplanchnik May 2016 #10
You can trace this back at least as far as the Palmer Raids TBF May 2016 #11
Yawn. stopbush May 2016 #12
Yawning is all Hillary supporters do these days. AlbertCat May 2016 #16
Comfortable lead in every statistical metric, stopbush May 2016 #20
Well, Albert, I've noticed Bernie fans are posting fewer yawning comments these days. Nitram May 2016 #24
k&R!!! Down with the Vichy Dems Katashi_itto May 2016 #14
Bernie is depending on you! baldguy May 2016 #18
clinton is not a new democrat oldandhappy May 2016 #19
There is a group called the New Democrat Coalition. Many of our Congress belong to it, along with djean111 May 2016 #26
A Star Load from Lodestar - from a Baby Boomer.... Clifton May 2016 #22
K&R ReRe May 2016 #23
Thanks, because of your post I went and read all of it dreamnightwind May 2016 #27
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