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Screw you DPRK Burf-_- Dec 2014 #1
talk about not being able to take a joke! uhnope Dec 2014 #18
This is all Sony's fault. chrisa Dec 2014 #2
Excuse me? Beaverhausen Dec 2014 #17
Sony is not a "victim." They're careless, chrisa Dec 2014 #24
the FBI melm00se Dec 2014 #39
Interesting. Maybe it wasn't Sony's fault after all. chrisa Dec 2014 #41
The thousands of employees whose private information is now public are certainly victims Beaverhausen Dec 2014 #42
it has in the past, unfortunately. chrisa Dec 2014 #43
The attackers were going to attack no matter what. BadGimp Dec 2014 #44
I personally believe that it is some disgruntled IT workers that did it. LiberalArkie Dec 2014 #3
I agree Crabby Appleton Dec 2014 #15
Might be, but interesting that North Korea says the hackers did the right thing, greyl Dec 2014 #32
well that is one way to get me to a movie Kalidurga Dec 2014 #4
LOL! Politicalboi Dec 2014 #5
If I were Sony, I'd release the movie, for free, via streaming. And I'd encourage everyone to watch msanthrope Dec 2014 #6
They're going to have packed theaters for this movie. joshcryer Dec 2014 #8
I bet whoever headed IT security is long gone now from Sony. What a horrible feeling that must RKP5637 Dec 2014 #10
Like this? AngryDem001 Dec 2014 #34
It makes me even more likely to see the movie yeoman6987 Dec 2014 #7
Perhaps a clever ad campaign for the film? RKP5637 Dec 2014 #9
It actually would be quite clever if the FBI wasn't involved. VScott Dec 2014 #12
They would have to be nuts for that. I went RKP5637 Dec 2014 #16
OK I'll go see the damn movie olddots Dec 2014 #11
"All the world will denounce the SONY." WilliamPitt Dec 2014 #13
. name not needed Dec 2014 #14
Doesn't make any sense. They say "Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures bloomington-lib Dec 2014 #19
Thats pretty wild. Rhinodawg Dec 2014 #20
I bet they just increased it box office attendance. OneCrazyDiamond Dec 2014 #21
They're giving this movie a ton of free publicity. NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #22
SONY hackers revealed ... GeorgeGist Dec 2014 #23
For a second, I thought that Fats Domino. BlueJazz Dec 2014 #28
That's hilarious! Iwillnevergiveup Dec 2014 #35
He found his thrill! MADem Dec 2014 #36
BREAKING : Carmike cinema chain pulls movie from their theaters bullwinkle428 Dec 2014 #25
OMG...we have finally become a nation of weak-kneed fraidy cats.... VanillaRhapsody Dec 2014 #27
First American actor believed to portray Hitler in film... whereisjustice Dec 2014 #26
And they call themselves "Guardians of Peace" nt dflprincess Dec 2014 #29
all your base are belong to us d_r Dec 2014 #30
Too big...FAIL WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2014 #31
This has Turd Dung Ill all over it ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2014 #33
Any & ALL theater chains who cave should be... SkyDaddy7 Dec 2014 #37
Down with this sort of thing! kentauros Dec 2014 #38
The GOP at it again. Darb Dec 2014 #40
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