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Mazel Tov SoCalMusicLover Nov 2014 #1
I bet they'll move to another state...get married and start a new life SummerSnow Nov 2014 #3
okay ...weird SummerSnow Nov 2014 #2
...and Michael Brown will never be able to experience the same. .. Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #4
That's a fair age gap. I have so many snarky comments running around in my head, it's MADem Nov 2014 #5
There is nothing wrong with the age gap wheniwasincongress Nov 2014 #7
Why would you think I think women "break down?" Wow, some of the comments here are MADem Nov 2014 #46
Dur your comment about retirement age? wheniwasincongress Nov 2014 #48
Don't you realize that people who work in the "uniformed" professions are often retirement-eligible MADem Nov 2014 #49
Why would you make the joke about the woman's age? Demit Nov 2014 #8
Who is joking? MADem Nov 2014 #45
My girlfriend is 23 Reter Nov 2014 #58
Of course YOU do. You're getting all that youth and beauty. MADem Nov 2014 #62
You're the one who had snarky comments running around in your head. Demit Nov 2014 #60
I WAS thinking about her pension, and his being unable to find work. Justifiably, too. MADem Nov 2014 #61
You know what the other problem is? People who aren't clear. Demit Nov 2014 #64
You're the one who keeps hollering at me. If it's not such a big deal why do you keep MADem Nov 2014 #65
WTF? 840high Nov 2014 #20
What are you confused about? nt MADem Nov 2014 #50
And if he were 37 and she was 29, no one would say a thing Lurks Often Nov 2014 #23
I'd say "He's too YOUNG for her!" MADem Nov 2014 #44
Exactly KinMd Nov 2014 #56
See post 44. nt MADem Nov 2014 #63
My ex-wife was 9 years older JonLP24 Nov 2014 #66
It's not miles (because that, within a decade anyway, is a function of personal health MADem Nov 2014 #68
Our childhoods were very similar JonLP24 Nov 2014 #69
How are you doing these days, post military? MADem Nov 2014 #70
I actually have been to the Phoenix, VA JonLP24 Dec 2014 #71
VA is a mixed bag--when it's good, it's very very good, but when it's bad... MADem Dec 2014 #73
The travel pay fraud is actually commited by the service members JonLP24 Dec 2014 #75
Hell, they should hire you to audit the system! MADem Dec 2014 #76
The "close to retirement" angle is what struck me. haele Dec 2014 #77
If she retires at 40, she's close to retirement! MADem Dec 2014 #78
Life goes on as normal damnedifIknow Nov 2014 #6
seems to be on purpose samsingh Nov 2014 #25
37 is Spring Chicken PeoViejo Nov 2014 #9
maybe a way to move KKK & book & movie rights' funds to her name thus avoiding civil suit. misterhighwasted Nov 2014 #10
A spouse cannot be compelled to testify Ineeda Nov 2014 #11
Absolutely! alcina Nov 2014 #12
That is true Ineeda. Wilson has been carefully guided through the whaty if's misterhighwasted Nov 2014 #13
Wilson has been given an enormous coddlling advantage from day one. misterhighwasted Nov 2014 #14
That Was The First Thought I Had And You Beat Me To Posting It..... global1 Nov 2014 #16
I thought that it ruled out any communications prior to the marriage. VenusRising Nov 2014 #19
Two different immunities. Geoff R. Casavant Nov 2014 #35
Oh, okay. VenusRising Nov 2014 #38
Exactly..so if anyone 's at odd with their spouse.. KinMd Nov 2014 #57
That was my thought as well. blackspade Nov 2014 #32
Transfer of Assets nuptials? Earth_First Nov 2014 #15
How is this any any way LBN? savalez Nov 2014 #17
News of his marriage wheniwasincongress Nov 2014 #22
Apparently he does not think he'll have to go on trial. Third Doctor Nov 2014 #18
there is nothing uncertain heaven05 Nov 2014 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2014 #24
It isn't gossip, it's confirmed wheniwasincongress Nov 2014 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2014 #30
You're missing the point wheniwasincongress Nov 2014 #37
Unfortunately, Michael Brown will never be able to Cleita Nov 2014 #26
and the young man he killed will never be married Lint Head Nov 2014 #27
So far this has turned out to be a pretty good year for Wilson Blue_Tires Nov 2014 #29
Could be a way of preventing her from..... blackspade Nov 2014 #31
Whoop, there it is. nt MADem Nov 2014 #47
Unless she was at the scene of the shooting while it happened KinMd Nov 2014 #55
Unless he confided to her JonLP24 Nov 2014 #67
What do you bet . . . OldRedneck Nov 2014 #33
Will the newly couple mainstreetonce Nov 2014 #34
I wondered who'd marry him - LiberalElite Nov 2014 #36
Nice comment Iamthetruth Nov 2014 #39
Guess away because you have no idea about my mind nt LiberalElite Nov 2014 #40
No I don't Iamthetruth Nov 2014 #52
Two bloated pensions draining tax payers. Dawson Leery Nov 2014 #41
LIVE inside coverage of what's going on RIGHT NOW in Ferguson, MO Luxadvector Nov 2014 #42
No Bankers died in the incident... nikto Nov 2014 #43
Gross. Darb Nov 2014 #51
Congrats IronLionZion Nov 2014 #53
What is this, the Social Register? WTH cares? WinkyDink Nov 2014 #54
Wonder how long VA_Jill Nov 2014 #59
George Zimmerman's Estranged Wife: ''He's Like A Ticking Time Bomb'' DeSwiss Dec 2014 #72
The only aspect of this that is news, is the fact that Darren Wilson's life will go on. Michael AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #74
Run Barbara RUN! irisblue Dec 2014 #79
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