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Fri Aug 1, 2014, 07:24 AM Aug 2014

Israeli Soldier Feared Kidnapped in Gaza, Military Says [View all]

Source: NBC News

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An Israeli soldier was feared kidnapped in Gaza on Friday, the military said. In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces said "initial indication" suggested that the solider had been seized while taking part in an operation to decommission a tunnel belonging to militants. The IDF said the apparent abduction occurred about 90 minutes into a 72-hour cease-fire that had been announced by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and United States Secretary of State John Kerry late Thursday. Under the terms of the truce, Israel was able to continue operations to destroy tunnels that were behind its territorial lines. The IDF did not immediately say whether the soldier was captured in Israel or Gaza.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/middle-east-unrest/israeli-soldier-feared-kidnapped-gaza-military-says-n170276

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Israeli army confirms capture of Israeli soldier near Rafah azurnoir Aug 2014 #1
Under the circumstances the soldier was taken.............. Old Vet Aug 2014 #2
what chains? off who or what? azurnoir Aug 2014 #3
If you think Israel was brutal before.............. Old Vet Aug 2014 #4
an enemy soldier Billy Budd Aug 2014 #6
There was supposed to be a ceasefire in effect leftynyc Aug 2014 #7
I have a question -what does "unconditional" mean? azurnoir Aug 2014 #9
I wonder how Hamas is expected to communicate news of a ceasefire to all of its members Orrex Aug 2014 #18
Every mosque has a loudspeaker. candelista Aug 2014 #41
How would they make them listen? Ash_F Aug 2014 #83
you assume Billy Budd Aug 2014 #42
Maybe you will believe Ban ki Moon. Rhinodawg Aug 2014 #43
cite him...link Billy Budd Aug 2014 #46
Not sure who broke the cease fire ? Rhinodawg Aug 2014 #47
Hamas has announced leftynyc Aug 2014 #71
Israel forgot Billy Budd Aug 2014 #63
Clearly an appropriate response was a massive artillery barrage of the entire neighborhood. Ash_F Aug 2014 #65
Which would be why leftynyc Aug 2014 #72
Post removed Post removed Aug 2014 #55
Did you seriously just say that? Aerows Aug 2014 #67
"Kidnapped"? - I believe the word is "captured" hatrack Aug 2014 #5
No, Palestinians are "captured," because they're evil aggressors. Orrex Aug 2014 #8
Oh, forgot - he wasn't an IDF soldier, he was a 6th-grade girl going to gym class hatrack Aug 2014 #16
That is indeed the correct terminology Scootaloo Aug 2014 #54
Then perhaps from now on, Israel needs to be more willing to "capture" nt Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #56
Not really much of a military if your soldiers keep getting kidnapped. Crowman1979 Aug 2014 #10
What a ridiculous statement leftynyc Aug 2014 #73
That IS what they are doing MFM008 Aug 2014 #78
Egypt delays Gaza talks after Israeli soldier kidnap bemildred Aug 2014 #11
Israel breaches truce, kills scores in Gaza bemildred Aug 2014 #12
Let me get this straight Orrex Aug 2014 #17
Actually, when Hamas bombs civilian Iraeli towns, Israel will ALWAYS defend itself by striking back. Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #57
I'm sure that Hamas would line up in a field for Israel's convenience if a field were available Orrex Aug 2014 #69
Hamas claims responsibility for capture of Israeli soldier in Rafah bemildred Aug 2014 #13
Saudi King Abdullah criticizes lack of internation action against Israeli 'war crimes' in Gaza bemildred Aug 2014 #14
Gaza cease-fire collapses; Hamas captures solider; fighting fierce bemildred Aug 2014 #15
This is not going to be good oberliner Aug 2014 #19
I don't know what Hamas thinks except for what I read. bemildred Aug 2014 #21
I'm not saying they are correct, mind you. nt bemildred Aug 2014 #22
Here, something like this: bemildred Aug 2014 #23
Right oberliner Aug 2014 #24
They want all the leverage they can get. bemildred Aug 2014 #25
Another way to get leverage oberliner Aug 2014 #27
Hey, you asked what I thought. bemildred Aug 2014 #48
I hear ya oberliner Aug 2014 #49
Thank you. Your articles are informative. nt Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #58
Thank you, that's what I try to do. nt bemildred Aug 2014 #60
It got them thousands of prisoners back last time. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #34
Do you think that is the plan this time? oberliner Aug 2014 #35
Why not? And the captured soldier looks to be a high value target, to boot. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #37
I don't think Israel would respond favorably oberliner Aug 2014 #44
surely you jest nt shaayecanaan Aug 2014 #77
White House condemns "barbaric" Hamas attack Baclava Aug 2014 #20
Barbaric, you say? Unlike the mass murder of Gaza civilians? Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #36
Revolting propaganda. I don't think I like this alternate reality stranger81 Aug 2014 #38
But when Hamas kills civilians (including children) in Israel, you don't seem to notice. nt Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #59
Hamas has kiled 3 civilians in Israel during this conflict. Israel is creeping up on 1500. stranger81 Aug 2014 #64
I didn't say it - the White House did Baclava Aug 2014 #40
No blaming you, Baclava, for the one-sided pronouncements of the White House. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #70
Soldier captured alive by Hamas fighters is a British Israeli cousin of Israel's defense minister n2doc Aug 2014 #26
I guess they better not keep him in a school or hospital. Oh wait... hmmm L0oniX Aug 2014 #28
kidnapped? was he snatched off the playground see-saw? frylock Aug 2014 #29
Kidnapped is not what we call a capture in war time. jwirr Aug 2014 #30
So why doesn't Israel fire a missile at where they think the kidnappers are??? W T F Aug 2014 #31
UN chief blames Hamas for breaking cease-fire Baclava Aug 2014 #32
Uh-oh.... Rhinodawg Aug 2014 #33
First the UN, now - "Kerry Condemns 'Outrageous' Gaza Truce Violations" Baclava Aug 2014 #39
Ban ki moon..Kerry... White House Rhinodawg Aug 2014 #45
I think what has to be destroyed Billy Budd Aug 2014 #50
Another DU talking point busted leftynyc Aug 2014 #74
The word is captured not kidnapped. hrmjustin Aug 2014 #51
President Obama blames Hamas Baclava Aug 2014 #52
Who else is there to blame but the very people who started this, continued this, and who are Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #61
So if Israel ends Hamas leadership Aerows Aug 2014 #68
I'm good with Fatah leftynyc Aug 2014 #75
someone just said MFM008 Aug 2014 #53
The ceasefire was off as of the moment Hamas decided it was off through their violent actions. nt Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #62
I hope he is unharmed. Or else, it will be bad for everybody. /nt Ash_F Aug 2014 #66
Did I wake up in an alternate reality? politicman Aug 2014 #76
More than 1,000 civilians had been killed by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine oberliner Aug 2014 #80
really?????? politicman Aug 2014 #81
I just meant that it could escalate the violence Ash_F Aug 2014 #82
Hope they keep him somewhere safe from Israeli bombs like a hospital or a school... Exultant Democracy Aug 2014 #79
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