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Is there a list of places affected? Timez Squarez Feb 2014 #1
Always seemed pretty good as far as Mall Food goes. marble falls Feb 2014 #2
their pizza does not taste good at all, it almost has no taste to it JI7 Feb 2014 #3
wow you have bad taste in pizza wilt the stilt Feb 2014 #7
dominoes is better than papa johns and papa johns is better than sbarro, but they all suck JI7 Feb 2014 #9
And Dominoes is basically Kelvin Mace Feb 2014 #16
Nah benh57 Feb 2014 #21
I had it as airport food once and agree it's tasteless wordpix Feb 2014 #18
I've had it and it's not great pizza . . . brush Feb 2014 #24
Too bad. The one my family and I sometimes go to in Maine is fine. And it always seems pretty busy. RBInMaine Feb 2014 #35
Hard to believe what people outside New York... JackRiddler Feb 2014 #44
I think this might say more about the malls than about the pizza Maeve Feb 2014 #4
That, and the pizza market is totally saturated Brother Buzz Feb 2014 #20
True, but not at malls Renew Deal Feb 2014 #30
Sbarfo's is closing 155 stores!?!? DeSwiss Feb 2014 #5
The margin on pizza is 90%. Cheapest thing you can make KurtNYC Feb 2014 #32
Bingo.... sendero Feb 2014 #34
The one near me in Maine is fine. Actually quite good. May depend on location. RBInMaine Feb 2014 #36
The one near me in Maine is fine. Maybe some differences between locations. ??? RBInMaine Feb 2014 #38
They are the closest to NY Pizza in Florida HockeyMom Feb 2014 #6
Read post 24. Sbarro's is not close to typical NYC pizza. nt brush Feb 2014 #25
Born, raised, and spent 28 years in NYC HockeyMom Feb 2014 #42
I don't have to tell you brush Feb 2014 #43
No pizza is bad pizza* Inkfreak Feb 2014 #8
Too bad shenmue Feb 2014 #10
I was just debating on whether I should try Papa J's new.... Left Coast2020 Feb 2014 #11
Papa GOP John. I'll pass. TeamPooka Feb 2014 #15
I just had Papa John's Cheeseburger Pizza yeoman6987 Feb 2014 #19
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2014 #12
They just closed one in the busiest mall in Century City CA. What's their excuse for that one? nt TeamPooka Feb 2014 #13
I'm sorry to hear that, more jobs lost. Beacool Feb 2014 #14
sbarro v papa john v pizza hut Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #17
Best to worst: 1. Sbarro, 2. Pizza Hut, 3. Papa John Renew Deal Feb 2014 #29
They are a franchised business too, so some small business people will be taking a bite. n/t DebJ Feb 2014 #22
their pizza was terrible anyway n/t JesterCS Feb 2014 #23
The one near me in Maine is fine. For some reason there may be differences between locations. ??? RBInMaine Feb 2014 #37
Mostly in mall food courts? liberal N proud Feb 2014 #26
There are some on the street in NYC Renew Deal Feb 2014 #28
When in New York, one should eat New York Pizza liberal N proud Feb 2014 #31
I agree Renew Deal Feb 2014 #39
That's sad Renew Deal Feb 2014 #27
This has everything to do with the destruction of the middle class Moliere Feb 2014 #33
Never heard of them. Sounds like that's a good thing JimDandy Feb 2014 #40
I like their spaghetti and meatballs mainer Feb 2014 #41
I saw one in Moscow in 2002. kwassa Feb 2014 #45
No Sharro Pizza for Texas? Loaded Liberal Dem Feb 2014 #46
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