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44. Oh it's in...
Wed Dec 18, 2013, 06:19 PM
Dec 2013

North-fucking-Carolina. This part is the bitter coldest story regarding the hospice stories. If I ever decide to make a trip to North Carolina, I'll make sure it's drive-through in less than a day!

Is North Carolina becoming hell? I've been there, and it's really pretty, but Squinch Dec 2013 #1
Every day of the week, strange and horrid decisions are made in hospitals truedelphi Dec 2013 #10
nursing shortage means the right credentials are nearly all that matters yurbud Dec 2013 #13
After taking care of my paralyzed father for 4 years FrodosPet Dec 2013 #68
The same sort of scenario was reported on in the movie Sicko. Skeeter Barnes Dec 2013 #21
18 months ago Diego_Native 2012 Dec 2013 #28
I'm glad to hear you were taken care of and I hope things continue to improve for you. Skeeter Barnes Dec 2013 #33
So glad things went well for you! My daughter is in hospital now at UCSF in SF, CA... deurbano Dec 2013 #49
UCSF rms013 Dec 2013 #51
Thank you! deurbano Dec 2013 #82
Short answer: YES! We've been taken over by the Koch brothers, and it started in about 2009. loudsue Dec 2013 #72
merry christmas . . . SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2013 #2
That was a horrible thing to do to any sick person! In_The_Wind Dec 2013 #3
wondering who actually wrote the discharge orders? FarPoint Dec 2013 #4
I wondered that too ninjanurse Dec 2013 #17
Another thing.... FarPoint Dec 2013 #29
I've read several articles about it. Some in the hospital questioned his being kicked out. He was okaawhatever Dec 2013 #41
There has to be a discharge order by a physician or FNP. FarPoint Dec 2013 #47
There was definitely a release order signed. That isn't in question. He didn't go AMA. The hospital okaawhatever Dec 2013 #53
Great if you could find the links. FarPoint Dec 2013 #55
why are you defending the rapacious hospital? I've had to deal with hospitals with sick relatives Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #71
I'm seeking more information. FarPoint Dec 2013 #75
Point taken. I just think victims of malpractice already have deck stacked against them Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #86
Agreed... FarPoint Dec 2013 #87
Well, the story says he "would not talk or move" dixiegrrrrl Dec 2013 #52
Thats a really, really dumb nurse if that is indeed the case... FarPoint Dec 2013 #54
Don't know what to say Bradical79 Dec 2013 #5
kick for truth Blue_Tires Dec 2013 #6
what death panels PatrynXX Dec 2013 #7
Sue those motherfuckers into poverty. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #8
How about stripping the certification from that shitstain "nurse"? Systematic Chaos Dec 2013 #9
Someone had to write the discharge orders....either a FNP, PA or Physician.... FarPoint Dec 2013 #30
More than I'd trust somebody who made up their mind on the basis of such a thin article. Warpy Dec 2013 #34
No, the patient wouldn't respond to requests. Whether the physician thought it was an act of okaawhatever Dec 2013 #46
Yes, extremely hard on both the taxi driver and his mom. Warpy Dec 2013 #56
From the lawsuit csziggy Dec 2013 #62
Ummm, I'm almost certain.... paleotn Dec 2013 #38
why do we have to find this in an english newspapers--can't our news outlet cover anything..... dembotoz Dec 2013 #11
I noticed that too. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #16
here is another link from an Atlanta TV station Beaverhausen Dec 2013 #19
Well, we wouldn't want to waste the space. After all, the media need to reserve tblue37 Dec 2013 #50
Disgusting isn't it warrant46 Dec 2013 #76
English papers seem to be a lot better avebury Dec 2013 #64
And the Daily Fail at that too! mwooldri Dec 2013 #88
WTF! that is crazy! n/t bobGandolf Dec 2013 #12
Guess what color A'Darrin Washington was? KamaAina Dec 2013 #14
So you believe this is a racial hate crime? FarPoint Dec 2013 #32
No, I believe a white patient wouldn't have been treated like shit like that KamaAina Dec 2013 #36
So, you know the race of the nurse to be white or being a nurse not black? FarPoint Dec 2013 #37
The race of the nurse is less important than that of the security guards KamaAina Dec 2013 #39
Have I got a job for you! FrodosPet Dec 2013 #69
Proof?? (nt) paleotn Dec 2013 #40
Proof?? I said, "I believe..." KamaAina Dec 2013 #45
I believe your belief is entirely well-founded. Someone absolutely despised him for no good reason Judi Lynn Dec 2013 #48
A hospital in the Napa Valley turned my (white) mother out to die, and a second almost did. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #57
But the security guards would not have shoved her into a taxi. KamaAina Dec 2013 #60
Judging by how hard the hospitalist was trying to convince everybody she was an IV drug user LeftyMom Dec 2013 #61
He wasn't shoved into a taxi. dgibby Dec 2013 #65
Maybe her daughter was there to protect her onpatrol98 Dec 2013 #80
If that white patient was broke I believe the system would treat them like shit........ Burma Jones Dec 2013 #83
I am not sure WTF to say... idwiyo Dec 2013 #15
More evidence CFLDem Dec 2013 #18
The hospital is Cape Fear Valley Hospital. They had another death a month earlier by a security okaawhatever Dec 2013 #20
"... community owned so it's not a profit thing." greiner3 Dec 2013 #24
The post that stated 'affluent county" was referring to a similar incident in Marin County okaawhatever Dec 2013 #59
I live near there. I would never ask to go there, unless Hissyspit Dec 2013 #25
I have heard about this hospital VA_Jill Dec 2013 #26
"Cape Fear Valley" - the name is like something from a horror movie. nt bananas Dec 2013 #35
Yep. You're right. The movie Cape Fear was filmed nearby and the Cape Fear river and cape fear okaawhatever Dec 2013 #58
Doesn't sound as if they have any standards whatsoever about whom they hire, Judi Lynn Dec 2013 #42
Where are the superhumans who can and should become nurses all hiding? FrodosPet Dec 2013 #70
See my post above VA_Jill Dec 2013 #85
He wasn't moving because he was dying. stage left Dec 2013 #22
Maybe he was already dead. TexasProgresive Dec 2013 #23
He should have had more respect for others after he died. It's so damned sad. Judi Lynn Dec 2013 #43
There's that wondrous social network the GOP raves about, where are you, Huckabee? nt mother earth Dec 2013 #27
Huh? Kelvin Mace Dec 2013 #31
Oh it's in... TRoN33 Dec 2013 #44
Can a nurse disharge a patient? I thought a doctor had to do that. nt Incitatus Dec 2013 #63
Dishonor! Evil! burnsei sensei Dec 2013 #66
Motherfuckers! lonestarnot Dec 2013 #67
put the dead person in the cab... quadrature Dec 2013 #73
Motherfuckers.. PyroManic Dec 2013 #74
This man was dying JustAnotherGen Dec 2013 #77
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #78
The hospital should loose its accreditation liberal N proud Dec 2013 #79
Recommend jsr Dec 2013 #81
according to the article, the hospital had been treating him for ten years. one would think they niyad Dec 2013 #84
Now, now, they just gave him a cab ride to heaven, is all. grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #89
I'm a nurse, I live and work in NC, and Cape Fear Butterbean Dec 2013 #90
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