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16. I've read that Wall Street and the usual players like the Chamber of Commerce don't have control
Sat Sep 28, 2013, 09:00 PM
Sep 2013

of the monster now. Instead, it's Heritage, Jim DeMint the front runner, Koch Brothers, etc, and those types of money bags. That makes it much scarier to me, because they have all the money in the world and they don't even have to be rational about what they do to the country. Look what Adelson was prepared to spend to own his players in the last election. This is a crowd of evil f....rs.

It's mind boggling to think a whole nation full of working schmucks can sit here with everything they have at risk again because of this selfish hate mongering crowd is willing to push us all off the cliff because they hate the black guy. It makes you wonder if they are all wealthy. My story's no worse than any others and better off than many, I'm sure - but I retired after working 43 years - not a big amount of anything, widowed, and straining to try to get my granddaughter through college (daughter is disabled). I'm seventy now and don't have the time, money or strength to start over.

I heard somebody say how many times do the Republicans have to threaten to burn the house down before we know they really ARE arsonists?? I really get upset, then just incredibly blue.

The plutocrats are trying to put the far-right genie back in the bottle YoungDemCA Sep 2013 #1
They've lost control leftynyc Sep 2013 #7
Rethug Response busterbrown Sep 2013 #2
Is this Keating the same cosmicone Sep 2013 #3
No, that was Charles Keating, Jr. HuskiesHowls Sep 2013 #11
Thank you. Just the last name gives me nausea. And McCain, projectile vomiting. freshwest Sep 2013 #23
No, Charles Keating wasn't a senator he just was the banker. alp227 Sep 2013 #12
Can't someone DO something? AlbertCat Sep 2013 #4
Rich Rethugs with huge stock holdings golfguru Sep 2013 #5
Exactly.. sendero Sep 2013 #19
The problem is that defaulting on the debt will hurt ALL of us! Duppers Oct 2013 #25
That is pure humbug! golfguru Oct 2013 #26
are you not reading DU & news? Duppers Oct 2013 #27
Federal employees ALWAYS get full back pay golfguru Oct 2013 #28
reducing the U.S.' fiscal troubles would be much easier pscot Sep 2013 #6
The Golem will do what the Golem will do. No use crying about it. Kablooie Sep 2013 #8
They're going to insist WE concede durablend Sep 2013 #9
Rep. Issa did just that when he told a reporter 3x "How dare you" when the kiranon Sep 2013 #20
You'd figure Wall St would have learned their lesson the first time around Snake Plissken Sep 2013 #10
"the political stalemate in Washington" PSPS Sep 2013 #13
Maybe the R's in the House Dyedinthewoolliberal Sep 2013 #14
GOP strategy: One more step and I take out the whole room, starting with myself! nt Javaman Sep 2013 #15
And their strategy works flawlessly Snake Plissken Sep 2013 #18
Before 9/11 nobody thought someone would hijack a plane to slam it into a building. AlbertCat Sep 2013 #24
I've read that Wall Street and the usual players like the Chamber of Commerce don't have control summerschild Sep 2013 #16
Just another bad investment made by Wall Street remember these idots caused the crash in 2008. gordianot Sep 2013 #17
Suuuure they do. blkmusclmachine Sep 2013 #21
You broke it, you bought it. DeSwiss Sep 2013 #22
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