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5. That was the plan
Fri Jul 12, 2013, 09:43 AM
Jul 2013

all along. Ummmmmmm, Russia the land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Didn't I read an article where a jailed whistle-blower died in prison.

Probably unreadierLizard Jul 2013 #1
Agreed. n/t Laelth Jul 2013 #3
Pussy Riot will rot in jail while Snowden eats caviar uhnope Jul 2013 #43
Wrong. Asylum is a guaranteed human right. Coyotl Jul 2013 #4
Except when bully Uncle Sam doesn't want someone to have it. n/t Cleita Jul 2013 #13
Wrong. The USA is a member of the UN. Coyotl Jul 2013 #20
Since when did the US ever pay much attention to the UN. Cleita Jul 2013 #24
But seemingly the US only recognises sections it wants to recognise dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #32
Guaranteed by whom? It is normal for passports to be confiscated or revoked pnwmom Jul 2013 #33
Except for non-political crimes hack89 Jul 2013 #34
Except thats for those fleeing persecution. cstanleytech Jul 2013 #46
He's straight so he has nothing to fear. nt hack89 Jul 2013 #2
Thank goodness! DCBob Jul 2013 #6
Straight, White, Christian, Loves Authoritarian Capitalism dbackjon Jul 2013 #21
Here, here. dawn frenzy adams Jul 2013 #55
Yup. Fearless Jul 2013 #23
That was the plan Iliyah Jul 2013 #5
Misleading subject line.............. George II Jul 2013 #10
Go back to the OP Coyotl Jul 2013 #15
I did... George II Jul 2013 #58
RT News Snowden wants asylum in Russia, ready to meet condition not to damage US dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #7
Putin is thinking "Oh shit" - or perhaps "nice bargaining chip." nt hack89 Jul 2013 #9
Putin already offered him asylum providing he didn't release the information he had. Cleita Jul 2013 #14
Do you think Snowden can keep his mouth shout? hack89 Jul 2013 #17
If he's granted asylum, he needs to meet the terms or have it revoked. Cleita Jul 2013 #22
So why should Putin let Snowden use him like this? hack89 Jul 2013 #25
Who knows but now you are speculating. Cleita Jul 2013 #26
I just have to laugh at anyone who trusts Putin and puts his life in his hands hack89 Jul 2013 #28
Oh, he's desperate all right. Our government has put a vise grip on him. Cleita Jul 2013 #30
Sure its speculation however Snowden was willing to freely give China classified information cstanleytech Jul 2013 #47
Easy for him to stop damaging the US. The media already has all the stories heh. BenzoDia Jul 2013 #18
I suspect that it's what could be called hollow. Igel Jul 2013 #56
I'm sure that makes Anna Chapman very happy nt MrScorpio Jul 2013 #8
Temporary asylum according to USA Today dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #11
He probably needs to do this just to...... Bonhomme Richard Jul 2013 #19
There is fact mention in one of the news links above dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #37
Didn't Russia recently Iliyah Jul 2013 #38
They're the same as the US dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #39
The YouTube LIVE feed has more now Coyotl Jul 2013 #12
NOW,,,,,,, Cryptoad Jul 2013 #16
The only place logistics will let him reach at this point. onehandle Jul 2013 #27
I dont think they will. cstanleytech Jul 2013 #48
Until the release of Edward #Snowden's statement press reportage should be treated with caution. Coyotl Jul 2013 #29
What, he's not enjoying his stay at the airport? Beacool Jul 2013 #31
Bitter much? former9thward Jul 2013 #42
My wishes? Beacool Jul 2013 #45
So you must think it was ok Scooter Libby was given a get out jail card, right? cstanleytech Jul 2013 #49
Accuracy is so hard to find on the internet. former9thward Jul 2013 #51
Convicted "only" for lying yes however he did reveal Plames name cstanleytech Jul 2013 #57
An anonymous poster knows more than the special prosecutor. former9thward Jul 2013 #59
exactly right. uhnope Jul 2013 #44
he doesn't give a shit , it's all about HIM HIM HIM JI7 Jul 2013 #54
this is probably the safest and most practical thing for him to do Douglas Carpenter Jul 2013 #35
Yes, he has been forced into this position by the U.S. avaistheone1 Jul 2013 #36
Ohhh, so now revealing to China that the US had managed to penetrate computers in China cstanleytech Jul 2013 #50
Statement by Edward Snowden to human rights groups at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport Coyotl Jul 2013 #40
The US will not have to worry about extradition of Snowden for he will be spied and they will not Thinkingabout Jul 2013 #41
Question : Did Snowden work for NSA BEFORE Obama took office? benld74 Jul 2013 #52
he can rot blue cat Jul 2013 #53
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