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He said without a shred of self-awareness nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #1
I'm in, so slam that door! jonthebru Jun 2013 #3
Yet another example of a Zoeisright Jun 2013 #2
"What ladder?" MurrayDelph Jun 2013 #36
Thanks to all those Ronald Reagan/Bush41/Nader/Bush43 voters we have this court graham4anything Jun 2013 #4
Still blaming Nader mikeysnot Jun 2013 #25
Didn't you hear the news..."there's no difference between the parties" n/t maxrandb Jun 2013 #27
There is not a big enough hell for the likes of Thomas hlthe2b Jun 2013 #5
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #6
lots of people died so he could get that job.... madrchsod Jun 2013 #7
He doesn't remember those heroes and doesn't want us to remember them either. Boomerproud Jun 2013 #35
Bulwark Against Anarchy??? RobinA Jun 2013 #8
Does that mean that if the mob supports racism we should then consider race? Renew Deal Jun 2013 #12
He never had it! Mickju Jun 2013 #20
What galls me about Thomas is that Greybnk48 Jun 2013 #9
Thomas' nomination to replace Marshall is also one of the reasons Chakab Jun 2013 #14
GHWB only looked sane compared to his son. mikeysnot Jun 2013 #26
True, but I've seen a baffling amount of deference Chakab Jun 2013 #30
Yeah but only a pawn was acceptable. /nt Ash_F Jun 2013 #22
Sez the beneficiary of it.... VA_Jill Jun 2013 #10
Couldn't that standard cut both ways? Renew Deal Jun 2013 #11
Of course he did, no surprise there. blkmusclmachine Jun 2013 #13
In Thomas' view that means the state can only consider race "to provide a bulwark against anarchy, summerschild Jun 2013 #15
Slappy, Shut you Mouf Wolf Frankula Jun 2013 #16
From the former chairman of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission n/t kirby Jun 2013 #17
Uncle Thomas strikes again KamaAina Jun 2013 #18
He's clueless. rug Jun 2013 #19
The arrogance never ceases to amaze me. hamsterjill Jun 2013 #21
Many of us in the black community believe Clarence Thomas to be an "Uncle Tom"... Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2013 #23
Agree. Just amazing that this creature replaced Marshall Katashi_itto Jun 2013 #29
It is absolutely DEVASTATING to me. I live in Maryland and used to work for the state legislature. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2013 #32
Well Spoken! Katashi_itto Jun 2013 #33
And this is who replace Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #24
one of the rare times he actually speaks and he places his foot square in his mouth. nt Javaman Jun 2013 #28
Did you say TOM-ass? Hubert Flottz Jun 2013 #31
Without Reagan's affirmative action DFW Jun 2013 #34
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