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39. DOJ should do like they did to Hunter Biden. Once Assange hits U.S. soil, renege and charge him anew.
Tue Jun 25, 2024, 12:46 PM
Jun 25

Or watch, they'll expedite his sentencing, unlike the feet dragging we've all had to endure for the human shart!

I would not say the JA has gone free. Jacson6 Jun 24 #1
Time served quaint Jun 24 #2
He's done some serious time plus his hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy. I get why they did this in ... marble falls Jun 24 #13
Per the NYT's, it's in the Marianas because it's closest to Australia. That's where he's returning. LeftInTX Jun 25 #31
Passport Old Okie Jun 25 #36
Yes, but he will not need a passport to get into Australia because he won't be flying commmercial. LeftInTX Jun 25 #38
Why would Australia revoke his passport? Violet_Crumble Jun 25 #43
The national security state couldn't admit that it was all just retribution for Gaugamela Jun 24 #3
Wouldn't think that one of Trump's ratfuckers would be supported here... NT AZSkiffyGeek Jun 24 #6
I was being sarcastic. By "we" I mean the status quo powers that be. Gaugamela Jun 24 #8
Maybe he'll die quickly ... I'm OK with that FakeNoose Jun 24 #4
I hope he lives a long live for his two toddlers womanofthehills Jun 26 #49
Here is one more paragraph IbogaProject Jun 24 #5
he better not simply pick up where he left off..... getagrip_already Jun 24 #7
This. orangecrush Jun 24 #9
This is great news hueymahl Jun 24 #10
He is a blogger and a hacker. cab67 Jun 24 #11
He was part of the Russian conspiracy Pototan Jun 24 #12
Yes he was... and many can't see that. TY Cha Jun 25 #41
He's not a journalist expressing first amendment rights! He's a criminal! PortTack Jun 24 #14
He is nothing of the sort orangecrush Jun 25 #44
Anybody besides me remember the rape allegations and investigations niyad Jun 24 #15
I do soldierant Jun 24 #17
I am not saying they did, just about what an all-around scumbag he is. niyad Jun 24 #21
Oh, yes. Definitely. soldierant Jun 24 #22
It wasn't rape IbogaProject Jun 25 #23
Perhaps you should read up on the allegations, since there was more than one niyad Jun 25 #24
Well, now, that's really too bad. soldierant Jun 24 #16
Julian Assange agrees to guilty plea in exchange for release, ending years-long standoff - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC Rhiannon12866 Jun 24 #18
He should have been sentenced to have to work for Trump for 10 years. LudwigPastorius Jun 24 #19
Assange left a trail of destruction of people who believed Wikileaks was a righteous cause Hekate Jun 24 #20
I agree! 100% LeftInTX Jun 25 #30
He is a Russian stooge orangecrush Jun 25 #45
very disappointing how many people follow state repressive line supporting prosecution cloudythescribbler Jun 25 #25
I don't get the 180. He was a hero of sorts here. I left DU live love laugh Jun 25 #33
I don't know about others, but my opinion hasn't changed. ... Hekate Jun 25 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Jun 25 #40
Nope orangecrush Jun 25 #46
Would have been better if the sentence had been nominally longer than RockRaven Jun 25 #26
His allocution must be a truthful account of how Putin was involved c JT45242 Jun 25 #27
Good job President Biden OutNow Jun 25 #28
Post removed Post removed Jun 25 #29
All the kooks are happy: LeftInTX Jun 25 #32
Yuck. Green 3rd party Asshole Cornel West Lies about Joe Biden. Cha Jun 25 #42
Julian has always seen himself as a freedom of information warrior. Aussie105 Jun 25 #34
Caged Bird By Maya Angelou Beringia Jun 25 #37
I'd fly him to Ukraine orangecrush Jun 25 #47
He is heroic Beringia Jun 26 #48
DOJ should do like they did to Hunter Biden. Once Assange hits U.S. soil, renege and charge him anew. ffr Jun 25 #39
Julian Assange helped Trump become president, red dog 1 Jun 26 #50
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