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10. I wonder what % of these folks will vote 3rd party......
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 09:57 AM
Jun 24

Last edited Tue Jun 25, 2024, 02:02 PM - Edit history (1)

....thereby making the climate situation even worse. All of their energy should be going to reelecting Joe and getting more Democratic candidates elected! Such misguided fools. Makes me wonder about the ties to China and Russia. Code Pink I believe has CCP support too. Mind boggling. .................................

Because disrupting a golf tournament is easier and safer than actually doing anything about the climate Walleye Jun 24 #1
And how will this fight climate change?? Rhiannon12866 Jun 24 #2
I'm doing basically nothing to change our system Voltaire2 Jun 24 #3
Golf is a dying "sport," and a suitable metaphor for the climate change FakeNoose Jun 24 #4
Yes valuable property. jimfields33 Jun 24 #6
Your analysis is flawed PJMcK Jun 24 #7
Langston Golf Course, Washington, D.C. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 24 #14
Wow you couldn't be more wrong about it. And I've only golfed once in my whole LIFE oldsoftie Jun 24 #20
And you've probably missed the groups of 20-30-and-40-somethings who all play pickleball now FakeNoose Jun 24 #21
Pickleball doesnt take away from golf; different styles. Golf is more popular than ever. oldsoftie Jun 25 #33
The Potential of Turfgrass to Sequester Carbon and Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions LeftInTX Jun 25 #30
Winning hearts and minds. Oopsie Daisy Jun 24 #5
Protesting at what is literally a green area. JohnnyRingo Jun 24 #8
Lol. Golf courses are generally environmental disasters. Voltaire2 Jun 24 #9
Golf courses claim to be green Farmer-Rick Jun 24 #15
I wonder what % of these folks will vote 3rd party...... wolfie001 Jun 24 #10
Code Pink usually votes Green Party or Cornel West etc. LeftInTX Jun 25 #35
Lawn grass is the largest crop in the US. twodogsbarking Jun 24 #11
Frustration and anger can make you do crazy sh*t. SleeplessinSoCal Jun 24 #12
They're trying to save the planet. zanana1 Jun 24 #13
I agree Farmer-Rick Jun 24 #16
And this accomplished absolutely none of that. oldsoftie Jun 24 #19
Exactly. It's supposed to get attention. zanana1 Jun 25 #34
Well this type of stunt will just sell another 10000 F150 trucks. oldsoftie Jun 25 #36
OK. You can win. zanana1 Jun 26 #37
What they're doing is guaranteed to backfire. cab67 Jun 24 #24
What are they "doing"? LeftInTX Jun 25 #31
Instead of just doing things to attract attention... CaptainTruth Jun 24 #17
"Delaying the finish"? I had the tournament on TV while making dinner. JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 24 #18
Golf requires a full day dedicated to the game The Wizard Jun 24 #22
that showed 'em! cab67 Jun 24 #23
ok this is way better than their stupid art vandalization prodigitalson Jun 24 #25
That's next. In the US, they will probably glue themselves to tarmacs and freeways. LeftInTX Jun 25 #32
these idiots hurt their cause moonshinegnomie Jun 24 #26
I hope they figure out the best way to combat Climate Change in the US walkingman Jun 24 #27
I get the feeling that an overzealous security person/bodyguard is eventually going to take out one of these protestors. LudwigPastorius Jun 24 #28
Seriously? How is that helping their cause? tornado34jh Jun 25 #29
That was a stupid stunt and accomplished nothing. Dave Bowman Jun 26 #38
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