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Almost funny coming from such an egregious candidate. Amazing he knows the word. dutch777 Jun 23 #1
Thinking the same! Freddie Jun 23 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author eppur_se_muova Jun 23 #22
I'm surprised he can pronounce it. louis-t Jun 23 #23
Or He Greekus GreenWave Jun 23 #45
Ask him to spell it. mpcamb Jun 23 #86
Lawyers use the word egregious all of the time and we know he has so, so many lawyers. Just my guess on how he iluvtennis Jun 23 #44
Yes, my first thought as well PatSeg Jun 23 #48
Probably Doesn't. GB_RN Jun 23 #53
He Doesn't Have the Skill to Count the Syllables in a Bigly Word Like That The Roux Comes First Jun 23 #55
Even worse than horrible Milwaukee? Ocelot II Jun 23 #2
Way to charm the biggest city in a crucial swing state. Dulcinea Jun 23 #62
Probably some big city in a swing state. ShazzieB Jun 23 #71
Right, keep GOING! elleng Jun 23 #78
Is this word even in samplegirl Jun 23 #3
If he's not using a teleprompter, bet he's got flunkies holding cue cards Warpy Jun 23 #24
Ear pieces are getting less conspicious, maybe even wireless? Attilatheblond Jun 23 #37
Wireless signals can be interfered with sdfernando Jun 23 #69
That could be a LOT of fun Attilatheblond Jun 23 #72
Let's face it. "Voter fraud" is a dogwhistle for letting "those people" vote. Girard442 Jun 23 #4
Yes. . .non straight, non-WASP voters are always commiting voter fraud to the Group Of Perverts right wing AZLD4Candidate Jun 23 #13
Let's back up..."so they used Covid to cheat"... agingdem Jun 23 #58
Arrogant New Yorkers dissing Philadelphia are EXTREMELY unpopular in Philadelphia bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #5
I think it's... 2naSalit Jun 23 #12
I would be saying "Fine, our police will be elsewhere. Provide your own security and crowd control" ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 23 #57
There are times when he sounds like Jerry Lewis to me... MiHale Jun 23 #6
I hear the same thing when he talks and yes it sounds like Jerry Lewis ! kimbutgar Jun 23 #56
DJT is the only political candidate that insults the people who come to his rallies. n/t Jacson6 Jun 23 #7
Except for a handful who live in NE Philly and South Philly BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #10
Beauty. mahina Jun 23 #73
No wonder he thinks Philly is egregious! ShazzieB Jun 23 #77
"Has he badmouthed Detroit or Atlanta yet?" BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #80
Thanks! ShazzieB Jun 23 #85
philly as 80% Blue in 2020. riversedge Jun 23 #79
Egregious" Paladin Jun 23 #8
Oh, lordy. Who gave him a Word A Day calendar? tanyev Jun 23 #9
Someone must have used that word around Trump in the previous 8 hrs captain queeg Jun 23 #11
"egregious" applies to actions, not places nuxvomica Jun 23 #15
Best line ever Farmer-Rick Jun 23 #46
Thank you! His misuse of language, written... 3catwoman3 Jun 23 #63
and his knowlege on the history of that place sux. it was the birthplace of this nation for crying out loud. AllaN01Bear Jun 23 #16
He also tried to get one of the city's casino licenses BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #21
Is that a building or just a giant, broken drill bit stuck in the ground? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #27
Looks like BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #47
That reminds me of pulling taffy with my siblings when I was a preschooler Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #51
Well remember that is just a snapshot rendering BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #54
Never having an original idea, I take this as Trump alluding to the fake story from 2008 underpants Jun 23 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author underpants Jun 23 #18
I made a vow to never watch Trump speak again, so I have to ask: how badly did he mangle the word? sop Jun 23 #19
I normally mute whenever ANY source (TV or radio) play him "talking" BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #25
One silver lining to being Deaf. I have to make an effort to hear his voice at all with headphones and suchlike. ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 23 #59
I have my TV set for closed-caption BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #65
Trump's transcribed words make absolutely no sense whatsoever. sop Jun 23 #76
I guarantee that if someone asked them what he just said BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #81
Lol you should see autogenerated captions on YT ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 23 #89
I've seen those too BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #90
Between Trump and Bobert MuseRider Jun 23 #20
Presidential campaign consists of insulting as many US cities as possible. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #26
Voting procedures are his point. His explanation is odd. jimfields33 Jun 23 #30
His explaination is odd, how? You think Biden won Pennsylvania only because of "voting procedures"???? marble falls Jun 23 #39
I have no idea his thought jimfields33 Jun 23 #64
What would his concern be about the voting process if he didn't feel his election was stolen? His ... marble falls Jun 23 #87
His point is to be as nasty and insulting as possible. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #43
"Voting procedures are his point. His explanation is odd." BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #49
I love how he goes to these cities to tell his crowd how much they suck, and the local MAGAts Wingus Dingus Jun 23 #28
'Egregious' as if TSF knew the word on the Teleprompter Traurigkeit Jun 23 #29
Pardon Me, Sir or Madam, But Does TSF Stand for "The Sh*t Face? Could You Please Tell Me What This Acronym Stands For? panfluteman Jun 23 #33
TSF the sick f*ck UniqueUserName Jun 23 #41
TSF references the way Biden described Trump in a conversation Attilatheblond Jun 23 #42
What President Biden calls that homunculus in privare Traurigkeit Jun 23 #61
As a Malignant Narcissist, Donald Trump Takes Everything Personally: panfluteman Jun 23 #31
Trump incites violence and then, of course, blames others. twodogsbarking Jun 23 #32
I'd love to see how his aides write these big words for him. COL Mustard Jun 23 #34
TFG lying publicly is what's egregious. marble falls Jun 23 #35
Stray dog shits on rug, film at 11... The Unmitigated Gall Jun 23 #36
Where is Egregia? SarahD Jun 23 #38
"You're taking away my right to run for president!" jmowreader Jun 23 #40
Trump thinks "egregious" means "too many Black People." Martin68 Jun 23 #50
Awww wryter2000 Jun 23 #52
Mr. "I know words. I have the best words" doesn't know how to use this one properly... 3catwoman3 Jun 23 #60
He meant to call Philadelphia "dangerous" Ritabert Jun 23 #66
Thank you, because while it's a technically Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #92
"So horrible and so beautiful in so many ways... I go there to watch..." Blue Owl Jun 23 #67
Milwaukee, Philly, any swing state city Prairie Gates Jun 23 #68
Considering Jilly_in_VA Jun 23 #70
Now available! The new drumpf dictionary, only $99! truthisfreedom Jun 23 #74
That oughta help him 🤔 sandyd921 Jun 23 #75
That's quite a campaign strategy Diaper Don's got going there. blue neen Jun 23 #82
'STUPID" is still ''STUPID.' (sarcasm) Stuart G Jun 23 #83
Holy shit, Donnie! That's three syllables! bif Jun 23 #84
Watch the people behind him... looking at phones, watching the monitor.. bored IcyPeas Jun 23 #88
Philly gave him an "Unwelcome Rally" BigmanPigman Jun 23 #91
All the other issues with this insult aside, Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #93
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